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In the tradition of Truman, John Adams, and Team of Rivals, the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning biographer of Charles Lindbergh, Maxwell Perkins, and Samuel Goldwyn...

Ronald Reagan

Lifeguard. Actor. President. Jelly bean fanatic? These are just a few things that emerging readers will learn about Ronald Regan in this beginning biography title about his life,...

Wilson Waffling

This podcast reflects the content of my blog where the themes for discussion are teaching, technology and, well, twaddle.

Pudd'nhead Wilson

In 1894, while enduring a period of personal turbulence, Mark Twain penned this fascinating tale set in the idyllic river community of his childhood. Alternating between comedy...

Durenda Wilson

Podcast by Durenda Wilson

William Wilson

Poe's eerie story of a strange doppelganger, with a classic twist at the end.William Wilson, from his early schooldays, is dogged and taunted by another boy of similar height and...

Jada Wilson

This is for me two Express my self

William Wilson

‘William Wilson’ is an 1839 short story by Edgar Allan Poe, set in London. The author explores the theme of the evil twin, as a precursor to later tales like ‘Markheim’ by...


The story opens with the narrator on his way home from the theatre one evening, when his attention is drawn to a crowd gathered around a road accident in the West End of London. A...

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