From Head to Tail All About Horse Care

Are you crazy for horses? Do you dream about owning your very own horse one day? Are your walls covered with pictures of their beautiful coats and flowing manes? Horse fans...

Do Cows Have Kittens? A Question and Answer Book about Animal Babies

Do cows have kittens? Find the answer to this and much more in this book all about animal babies.

Animals in Spring

Baby chicks hatch. Frogs lay eggs. Ducklings waddle. Spring is here! Celebrate the season with lovely photos and a simple design that beautifully support early readers.


Presenting turtles, lizards, snakes, alligators, and crocodiles! Reptiles is a photo-filled animal-science reference book for young readers and browsers. Not only will kids...

All Kinds of Bikes Off-Road to Easy-Riders

One wheel, two wheels, or three? There is a perfect bike for every rider. Check out the range of bike styles and find the perfect one for you.

Search and Rescue Teams Saving People in Danger

When a boy is lost in the wilderness, it’s time for the experts to go to work. Curious readers can first learn how Search and Rescue teams prepare to search for lost people or...

Signing at School Sign Language for Kids

From the classroom to the lunchroom, take a trip around your school and learn to sign along the way. What's the sign for backpack? Or for clock? Learn helpful words for the bus...

Outrageous Football Rivalries

Fans of the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have been feuding for nearly a century. But which team has claimed more championships? The New York Giants had a big victory over...

The World's Worst Hurricanes

The winds pick up while heavy waves crash on the beach. A few hours later screaming winds and driving rain tear up the coastline. It's a hurricane! With winds reaching hundreds of...

First Source to Football Rules, Equipment, and Key Playing Tips

Prepare to hit the field. You'll be ready to punt, pass, and kick after learning all you need to know to play this fun fall sport.

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