A Priori Knowledge And Other Philosophical Works

Five classic works of modern analytic philosophy. What is an intention?Kant's EthicsPhilosophical KnowledgeA Priori KnowledgeAnalytic Truth vs. Formal Truth

The Myth Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is female privilege. It is to be understood in political, as opposed to psychoanalytic, terms.

Jesus As Sex Object: And Other Papers On Sexuality And Psychopathology

Papers on autism, OCD, borderline personality disorder, bureaucratism, psychopathy, and sexual psychopathy.Table of contents:Why Star Trek was Such a Good Show: A Freudian...

Teoría Del Apego Y Enfermedad Mental (spanish Edition)

El principio básico de la teoría del apego es que los apegos emocionales de una persona influyen en las formas en que el individuo trata las situaciones problemáticas. Y la...

Notes From The Digital Underground

Discussions of psychopathy, psychopathology, bureaucracy, etc.

The End Of Non-virtual Education

virtual education has to happen. it looks as though concerns about physical hygience will be the precipitating cause of this long overdue revolution, but the reasons for virtual...

What Is Analytic Truth? A Dialogue

In this dialogue, it is made clear what analytic truth is, why such truths exist, and what their role is in the acquisition of knowledge.

Two Kinds Of Mental Illness

Someone afflicted by mental illness is neurotic if he sees his symptoms as symptoms and psychotic if does not. A neurosis is therefore an 'ego-dystonic' mental illness, meaning...

Weakness Of The Will Is About Not Having A Fixed Set Of Values

Weakness of the will is primarily about a conflict between two possible identities and only secondarily about a given course of action. A non-Judas does not become a Judas ‘in a...

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