Mr Goldy

Say goodnight with Jumpy Puppy and Friends! From acclaimed children’s storyteller Cornelius Addison comes another bedside tale starring the one and only Jumpy...

What Dinosaurs Left Behind

Fossil footprints led two boys to an important discovery.

Why Do Cliff Swallows Live Together?

Scientists have learned why these birds live in colonies.

Why Bears Sleep All Winter

Three bears find it hard to sleep because of too much noise.

A Special Smile

Margie learns how to share a special gift.

Game On!: 7-10 Split

Devin's pins keep ending up in a 7-10 split the toughest shot in bowling.

Looking Up

Jordan has to cover a player 4 inches taller than him on defense.

Game On!: Shutout

Jordan and his team focus on defense to beat a good team in floor hockey.

Little Mo

Little Mo's height is an advantage on the baseball field but then he grows taller.

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