Discovering a New Galaxy

Learn about astronomers who made an important discovery.

The Winning Recipe

Aunt May and the unnamed narrator attempt to bake a cake for a cake contest but they wind up talking themselves into eating it themselves.

Stuck by Luck

When a boy's lucky rabbit foot drops into a vase on display in an art gallery he's left attached to the vase during the auction.

A Sea Turtle's Quiet Miracle

One summer night the author and her daughter watched as a mother sea turtle came ashore to lay her eggs.

Dogs at Work

Dogs have many ways to show that they are "man's best friend."

Sensational Sea Babies

Profiles several marine creatures including squid, horseshoe crab, seahorse, and others as babies and adults.

Why Does a Woodpecker Peck?

Learn three good reasons why woodpeckers work so hard to drill holes in trees.

The Secret of the Strange Flower

How Charles Darwin discovered a moth he never saw.

Flying Galaxies

New evidence that two of the satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way are new arrivals.

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