Following Special Diets

Allergies and special dietary needs cause people to eat different foods. Readers will learn about food, diets, and nutrition in this carefully leveled text. Colorful photographs...

Fuel the Body Eating Well

Eating good food keeps your body healthy and gives you energy. Every food group is important. What do you eat to stay healthy and strong? 

Get Up and Go Being Active

Being active is fun, and it makes you feel good. You can run, jump, or play. What are some other ways to be active and stay healthy?

Go Wash Up Keeping Clean

Keeping your body clean helps you stay healthy. Wash your hands, comb your hair, and wear clean clothes. What are some other ways to keep clean?  "Listed as a Common Core State...

Green Food Fun

Text and photographs describe common foods that are the color green. Includes a recipe.


If a classmate sends threatening e-mails to you, do you know what to do? Don’t worry if you don’t. This book is here to help! Learn tech-savvy ways to keep bullies out of your...

Meriendas saludables en MiPlato/Healthy Snacks on MyPlate

Snacks are yummy, quick, and healthy. Learn about how MyPlate helps kids make great food choices every day, including healthy snacks!

Calm Girl Yoga for Stress Relief

Having a hard time finding your inner "Calm Girl?" Set the stress aside with relaxing yoga stretches and holds. In no time you'll find a soothing escape to relax, stay calm, and...

Strong Girl Yoga for Building Strength

Are you looking to carve some serious muscle? Yoga can get you there. A combination of poses plus your own goals and determination will help you become stronger and healthier in...

Food Safety

Why is it important to wash your food and hands? What are bacteria? When should food be placed into the refrigerator? Look inside to find the answers to these questions and more....

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