Elaine Aki

I sing, I compose, I dream, I work, I learn, I live, I believe, I am now


Introduces some common objects that are brown in color including grocery bags, footballs, and teddy bears.


McGee Brown, the "emerging dean of participatory sports journalists," quits his job on a whim and finds himself in San Francisco. When he links up with his old friend Fillmore, a...

Andrew Coles

Podcast by Andrew Coles

Dc Cole

Just an audiobook narrator...narrating stuff...

Cole Sportz

By Cole Johnson: Author, Editor, Blogger, News Producer and Sports Host

Michelle Cole

A reckoning with life post depression

Natalie Cole

Before the daughter of Nat “King” Cole ever sang for an audience, she was lip-syncing in front of her bedroom mirror to the Supremes. Natalie Cole, the second of five children...

Elaine Lindsay Keep Breathing!

Hello there, It's Elaine,Lost a dear friend to suicide at age 16 and the ramifications of that loss turned into the gift that kept me living. Through some pretty dark shit... For...


This is about growing up and trying to figure IT out. Everyday gives us a new adventure, and as each day passes I feel as though no one really knows whats going on. So lets talk...

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