Adriel Reyes

Daily dose of Podcast Vlog like but not really because you Can't seeeee meeee!! So letscall it podlog HAHAHA..

Brandt Schneider

Podcast by Brandt Schneider

Adriel Grando

Pregações e reflexões sofre a fé cristã no ponto de vista de um jovem pastor.

Thoughts From Adriel

Spun off from the popular Adriel’s Curious City podcast, this is a stream of business strategy, philosophy, and learnings from an entrepreneur, investor, and failed comedian.

Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt Homilies

Homilies given by the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Greensburg at Masses throughout the four counties.

Let's Get Brandt Married

A married stand-up comedian (Andrew) tries to help his single stand-up comedian friend (Brandt) find a wife! They discuss strategies, behaviors, dating sites, and anything and...

Revival Now With James Brandt

A Christian, Holy Ghost filled, LIVE talk show dedicated to advance the Kingdom of God by boldly proclaiming the Word of God, praying for the sick and setting the captives free in...

Petticoat Commando, The by BRANDT, Johanna

In introducing the English version of this book I venture to bespeak a welcome for it, not only for the light which it throws on some little-known incidents of the South African...

In Führung Gehen Mit Stefan Brandt

Im Podcast "In Führung gehen" von Stefan Brandt dreht sich alles darum, wie neue Führungskräfte gut in die Führungsrolle starten. Es geht um Mitarbeitermotivation,...

The Picture in the House

When the narrator accompanies a withered old Yankee back to his house, he is intrigued by the many old curiosities he finds around it – including precolonial furniture. One of...

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