Where Is Zig?

Adventures of an insect all around the world.Shadows that pop up so you can discover …What animal is it?

Z1: Zoom

A visual adventure, turning each page, new worlds are revealed, mixing tropical environments, textures, colors, insects and Brazilian landscapes.

Dear Mutts: Dogs Of Unknown Ancestry

Mutts photographed in various states of Brazil, in their habitats

Ace In The Hole: Adventures Of A Naughty Black Cat

A black cat jumps in Brazilian landscapes. He is always bothered, touch the screen and it will appear like magic.

Visions Of The Hereafter ...that Comes After Lyfe Ends

Images of skeletons and human skulls in paradisiacal landscapes photographed in Brazil.

What Dog Is It ?

Shadows that pop up for you to discover…Shadows of dogs on pictures of IX and XX century doors and windowsThe doors and windows were photographed in Brazil in the states of...

What Animal Is It?

Shadows of animals with exotic scenery to inspire the imagination.

Flower Lady: Flowers And Colors

A macrophotographies ebook=, flowers at various stages in their natural environment, which favor the transparency of the colors and textures degradé never before perceived.

Beloved Invaders: Humans Or Insects?

The space shared between humans and insects of the Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro, An eBook of macro-photographs of insects, documenting man's intrusion into areas of insects and...

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