The Poor Clare

The story follows an unnamed young lawyer from London, reflecting on the extraordinary incidents which he experienced in his youth. The Narrator travels to Antwerp, and stays...

The Poor Clare

“The poor clare” is a dark novel with a Gothic atmosphere. Intertwine love thwarted and a family curse, which illustrate clearly the social tensions of Victorian...

Parson Kelly

“It is easy to guess that Mr. Lang has furnished the flavor of Stuart romance and the historical details of the political plotting, while to Mr. Mason is undoubtedly due the...


#Harry&Kelly with Harry Howard and Kelly Russo

Kelly Digital

Kelly Digital is in the seed stage of a network. The Pamphlet is the flagship show with the others soon to follow. The Pamphlet is a fusion of news and comedy host by Nick Kelly...

Chilling With Clare!

Welcome to Chilling With Clare! Join me as I discuss faith and positive lifestyles while we enjoy a variety of music. Morning Inspiration after 7a EST and Evening Wind Down after...

Clare Fm - Podcasts

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Kelly Cruz

Welcome to Kelly Cruz, where amazing things happen.

Kelly Reals

Realize everybody aint loyal

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