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"Senti uma dor enorme na parte de trás da cabeça e apaguei. Não lembro se a chuva parou ou se Pit voltou a me ligar. Só sei que minha cabeça ainda dói muito e que agora...

Katherine Wentworth

Married at 19, Katherine had four years of happiness with her beloved Gerald. When he dies, she is left on her own to bring up a stepson, Simon, and her own little twins. She has...

Karl And Katherine

Friday Drive with Karl and Katherine4-6PM weekdays on 88.3 Southern FM.

Katherine Smith

Welcome to Katherine Smith, where amazing things happen.

Karl And Katherine

Friday Drive with Karl and Katherine 4-6PM weekdays on 88.3 Southern FM.

NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson

What do you want to be when you grow up? When Katherine Johnson was young, women weren't expected to go into the math and science fields. Johnson loved math, but she never thought...

Prelude by MANSFIELD, Katherine

One of the first books to be published by Leonard & Virginia Woolfs Hogarth Press, Prelude is among Katherine Mansfields most accomplished stories, inspired by her childhood in...

Katherine Inmmortal: O Início

Uma mudança total na vida de Katherine. Descobertas misteriosas, amores proibidos e muita magia envolvida. Depois de se mudar de Londres para Manhattan, a vida de Katherine...

Podcast De Katherine Andarcia

ALMA CELESTIAL un espacio dedicado a compartir experiencias del reino angelical, donde comparte mensajes de luz e inspiración. Podcast Producidos y Conducidos por Katherine...

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