Inner Monk

My life, my journey, my thoughts, and my story.

The Monk

The Monk is a cautionary tale of madness, horror, lust and despair. Father Ambrosia, the most pious and venerated monk in all of Madrid is held as a paragon of virtue. But after...

Seth Monk

Seth Monk is a Boston native whom, after spending 8-years as a Buddhist monk, traveled the world to learn and refine his understanding of meditation and mindfulness. He currently...

Monk Media

So you want a website? We explore how communication technology should serve humanity not the otherway round!

Joe Joey

Podcast by Joe Joey

Monk An' Cronk

Monk an Cronk get together to chat about all things Man. We discuss life and all its intricacies.We host guests that bring a real life perspective to problems we all feel.Check us...

The Black Monk

Doctors and kind relations will succeed in stupefying mankind, in making mediocrity pass for genius and in bringing civilisation to ruin.Kovrin is a gifted man, well educated....

The Monk: A Romance

Newly arrived in Madrid, Leonella and her niece Antonia visit a church to hear the sermon of a celebrated priest, Ambrosio, and while waiting tell their story to two young men,...

Pirate Monk Podcast

A weekly podcast produced by members of the Samson Society


An ALA Notable Book, Joe has earned critical acclaim nationwide, and Larry Brown has been compared to great Southern writers such as William Faulkner and Eudora Welty. In the...

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