Jeffrey Gurian

Comedy writer/comic/author/radio personality/journalist Jeffrey Gurian brings you an inside look at the comedy world with interviews from the biggest A-list stars including Jimmy...

Jeffrey Deckman

Jeffrey Deckman is a spiritually driven leadership consultant and the author of The Bigger Know Principles of Leadership which will be published in the spring of 2017.

Jeffrey Reale

Podcast by Jeffrey Reale

Jeffrey Cannon Ii

Updates on how things are going with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Eugenides: Middlesex

In 2003, author Jeffrey Eugenides won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his novel Middlesex. Jeffrey Brown talks to PBS NewsHour correspondent Eugenides about the book and his...


Introduces some common objects that are brown in color including grocery bags, footballs, and teddy bears.

Jeffrey Rodriguez

Hey guys, I'm Jeffrey Rodriguez, also known as JROD4X. I'm a 24 year old Full Time Forex Trader and Entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, California. Tune in for Daily Forex Tips...

Jeffrey Dahmer's Dj

Enter the dark and weird world of Jeffrey Dahmer's DJ.


McGee Brown, the "emerging dean of participatory sports journalists," quits his job on a whim and finds himself in San Francisco. When he links up with his old friend Fillmore, a...

Jeffrey Frye

Funny raps and comdey voices lol

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