Katlynn Brooke

I am woman, hear me read. Author Katlynn Brooke reads chapters and excerpts from her books and tells listeners a little about herself.

Justin Brooke

Podcast by Justin Brooke

Eagle Eye

Podcast by Philadelphia Eagles on 247Sports

Eagle Eye

The best Eagles coverage from the reporters and analysts of NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Auburn Eagle

The best free Auburn site on the Web

The Bronze Eagle

This is a romance set in France following the period of the Revolution and the expulsion of the Bourbons. Its central plot lies in the intrigues of their followers and those of...

Iron Eagle

Can a broken hero get a second chance at life and love?Once known as the Iron Eagle of the skies, Eli, a former military hero, now spends his time drowning his regrets in...

Sport Eagle

German Sports In English

Eagle Squad

Terror stalks the campus of a Minnesota university, where two professors working on classified military research have been brutally murdered. Student Karen Butler fears for her...


Seven years have passed since Orris, a mage of Tobyn-Ser’s Order, returned from the violent chaos of Bragor-Nal. The threat of attack from Lon-Ser has been eliminated, but the...

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