"app"-tastic Apps!!!

Each week we will be giving the pros and cons of different apps available for your phone. Each week is a different category.


Animation enthusiast and youtuber of the Blue Artisan channel I like to make videos expressing my fondness for animation and showcase a podcast on animations that we enjoy.

Partnerships - Llc

Covers recent cases, rulings, regulations, and legisation dealing with partnerships, LLCs, and similar pass-through entities.

Northstar Big Book

Big Book study (approx. 30 min) of Experience, Strength and Hope

Soundline LLC

Educational resources for the promotional product professional

Expanse Llc

Expanse LLC focuses on getting your message to potential clients and customers with a Target Networking plan using Power GroupsCreated with the support of Social5 a National...

App A Day

App a day is a podcast that tells you all quick synopsis of a new app which might have flown under the radar and could be pretty cool.

Awesome Apps

Each day, Riley Walz from PodAddict will sit down and review an 'Awesome' app for iOS. Apps of all sorts and categories you will love. Each episode is published daily and is under...

App Gangster

A good place to get ideas on phone apps is in social forums that target mobile users and developers. Many ideas as well as complaints are found in these forums. The complaints...

Apps & Websites

Join us to talk about all things Web Applications and software development. We help our audience better understand the world of applications, websites and how to get their app...

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