Axel Belmont, though a wealthy and much-respected botanist, occasionally takes a turn serving as magistrate in his rural corner of Oxfordshire. When the owner of a neighboring...


Isabelle West has learned the hard way how hard life can be when fate isn't by your side. For the last two years Isabelle has been slowly clearing the clouds of her past....

Axel Truedson

Podcast by Axel Truedson

Double-Axel Doubt

When Gabby's figure skating coach retires, she has to learn to skate with a new coach. But when her new coach pushes her to do a double Axel, Gabby is afraid her old injury will...

Axel Valladares

Un podcast hecho, por mi, para ustedes

Axel Lenixs

Welcome to the Axel Lenixs podcast, i talk about stuff happening in life. Mostly related to Horror,Funny and Gaming stuff. Sit back and have fun

Axels In The Attic

A unique series looking at lesser known and terribly interesting stories from skating history. Hosted by Allison Manley and Ryan Stevens.

Seals of Honor: Axel

Life was never boring, but, for Axel, things kick up a notch when he helps in an underwater rescue of a downed submarine that’s low on oxygen. What they find is nothing like...

Off Topic (kat & Axel)

Welcome to the Off Topic podcast, where Kat Stylez and Axel/Alex discuss everything from music, fashion, and social media!@stylebykat + @tru_axel

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