Once in the White House, Andrew Jackson stood for the rights of common citizens, founded the Democratic Party, expanded the powers of the presidency, paid off the national debt,...

Amanda Lupton

My illnesses, the troubles getting help and a positive mindset

Amanda Carroll

Excerpts from nationally syndicated "The Amanda Carroll Show" with Daily Prayer, Get Your Brave On Stories, Minute from the Message, and more encouragement! Plus special episodes...

Amandas $#!% Show

A mix of randomness and comedy. Just me being me and flapping my gums!


A construção de um sonho chamando Amanda é o que vamos viver a partir de agora. Serão páginas de encontros e desejos, onde um casal desenha para suas vidas uma história de...

Jackson & Jackson: Unrelated

Adam and Dan - two Jackson's from Melbourne - examine the multi-faceted beast that is life, through the medium of a podcast.

Amanda & Wilma

Välkommen till Amanda & Wilmas podd!

As Told By Amanda

As Told By Amanda is a creative, lifestyle blog started by Amanda Smith. Amanda wanted a space to sit down with guest and discuss a topic that would inspire or teach her readers.

Green, Green Froggy

Children will learn colors and color words with rhyming words with this wonderfully narrated audio book. “I’ve learned my colors: green, red, and blue, yellow, purple,...

Joshua Jackson

Welcome to the Joshua Jackson podcast, where we take a look at Gods word through our weekly Sunday school lesson.

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