Take Your Pick of Disgusting Foods

Think of the grossest foods ever—and pick which one you're going to eat! Fun facts will keep kids reading, interested—and grossed out!

Sunshine Brightens Springtime

Who doesn't love springtime sun? Lyrical, rhyming text takes young readers on a journey with furry and feathery friends to experience spring sunshine.

The Life and Times of the First Americans

You may know of many Native American tribes, but there is more to their story. Learn about life in the time that the First Americans lived.


Jellyfish aren't really fish at all! These spineless sea-dwellers use their umbrella-shaped bells to swim, while their long tentacles sting prey. Learn what they eat and how they...

Mandrill Monkeys

Known for their funky noses, mandrills are colorful members of the monkey family. From food to homes to behavior, learn the facts on these land-dwelling monkeys.

Incredible Car Stunts

Some cars are pretty incredible. Car stunts? Even more incredible! Readers will be fascinated, educated, and astounded by some of the most amazing car stunts in recent history.

Hyenas Built for the Hunt

At about the height of large dogs, hyenas aren’t the world’s biggest predators. But they make up for their size with speed and stamina. A hyena can keep chasing prey for more...

Ambulances to the Rescue Around the World

Using action-packed examples from all over the world, this series introduces children to the work of emergency service crews. The series looks at the equipment, vehicles, and...


Readers will learn just how amazing jellyfish can be. The many species of this ocean invertebrate may not look like other undersea animals, but they have some amazing adaptations...

Beluga Whales

Swim along with beluga whales in the Arctic Ocean! These unique creatures love to talk. Learn what they eat and how they live in the big blue ocean.

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