Hidden Gold

Brock’s best friend is dead – suspected murder – so he heads to Weston, Colorado looking for answers and finds too many… and a pack of trouble besides.

The Bretnall Feud

Two young men, vindictive and spiteful toward each other, are disowned by their family. They discover that they were survivors of an epidemic and were subsequently adopted. This...

The Singing Sands

A story of the age-old lust for gold that captures the hearts of men, and the relentless forces of nature for which even greed is no match.

The Big Trouble

A trio of Western tales about opportunity, Custer and the 7th Cavalry, and a Ute’s battle to protect his land from the white men.

Nights of Terror

Night guards are being killed at a ranch by a mysterious gigantic beast in the title story of this collection.

Death Rides this Trail

Jake Breslin brought his family west to homestead. When he's killed in a saloon brawl, his 16 year old son Dirk, Dirk's brothers and sisters, and their mother decide to meet the...

The Man at Gantt's Place

The explosion almost deafened Lew. He did not hear or feel the bullet...One man stands between the ranchers and the land they need. Their first step — kill his son.Can the...

The Woman on the Stage

The Placer Palace casino is the biggest money-maker in Lodgepole...and the owner's been plugged. Now the vultures are circling; gamblers, hustlers, a beautiful blonde and the...