Temperate Deciduous Forests Lands of Falling Leaves

Why do maple and oak trees drop their leaves in the fall? What other animals share the forest with chipmunks, deer, and snakes? Hike through this book, and find out what makes...

Home on the Earth A Song About Earth's Layers

Sing a song of science! You know the song Home on the Range. Sing along with new words that explain the basic materials that make up our planet.

Snack, Snooze, Skedaddle How Animals Get Ready for Winter

There is more than one way for animals to prepare for winter. Some, such as mice, foxes, and moose, simply tolerate the cold. Of course, black bears hibernate, but chipmunks, wood...

Do Pelicans Sip Nectar? A Book About How Animals Eat

Who dives for food, and who traps food? Who hunts in packs, and who picks food using their tongue? Dig in to find out how animals eat.

Do Crocodiles Dance? A Book About Animal Habits

Who takes dust baths? Who wallows in the mud? Who basks in the sun? Try to pick up on the unique habits of different animals.

There Goes the Water A Song About the Water Cycle

You know the song “Pop Goes the Weasel.” Sing along with new words that explain how our planet’s water cycle works.

Wetlands Soggy Habitat

What lives in a wetland besides flamingos, ducks, and other birds? How do plants survive in the soggy soil? What jobs do wetlands do? Wade into this book to find out what makes...

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