Family Follies A Book of Family Jokes

Where did the ghost’s baby brother go during the day? TO DAY SCARE! These funny family jokes will have you saying, "Uncle!"

Dad's Shirt

Cole wants to be just like his dad. He even wants to dress just like his dad. The two get matching shirts, but something happens to Cole’s. What will they do about it?

Last in Line

Zelda Zipperelli hates her name! She always ends up last in line. Will Zelda's luck ever change?

The Zoo Band

The zoo has closed for the night. The grounds go quiet, but not for long. Who is making that magical music?

Bliss, Blueberries, and the Butterfly

Bliss and her mother have gone to pick blueberries. When Bliss follows a fluttering butterfly, she loses sight of her mother. Will Bliss find her way back?

Laughing Letters and Nutty Numerals A Book of Jokes About ABCs and 123s

Why is the letter A like a flower? BECAUSE A B COMES AFTER IT! You can count on these jokes about letters and numbers to make you giggle.

Danny's Birthday

It's Danny's birthday! He is six years old today. What will Danny get for his birthday?

Being Brave

Being brave can be difficult, because it means facing your fears. For some people, being brave means facing their fear of flying. For other people, it means facing their fear of...

Wendell the Worrier

Wendell worries about everything. He worries day and night. Will Wendell ever stop worrying?

Rudy Helps Out

Rudy loves to help his mom clean the house. After a full day of work, will Rudy have enough energy to play?

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