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Dr. Sandra W. Haymon, a licensed psychologist, earned her doctorate from Florida State University, and her master's and bachelor's degrees from Troy State University. Dr. Haymon helps individuals learn how to balance the challenges of Retirement & Caregiving. She has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs including ABC's Good Morning AmericaSunday, and CBS' Late, Late Night with Tom Snyder. Dr. Haymon's personal story, shared in Baby BoomersSandwiched Between Retirement & Caregiving, mirrors the story of millions who currently find themselves in this sandwich. Dr. Haymon is also the author of: My Turn: Caring For Aging Parents & Other Elderly Loved OnesA Daughter's Perspective (1996). She is a member of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Outstanding Young Women of America, Who's Who of American Women, and Cambridge Who's Who. She is also noted for her research on Work Addiction, which has been cited in more than twenty major newspapers in the United States and Canada. Since the release of her first book, she has become the most sought after speaker on the issues of Caregiving. Dr. Haymon was an invited guest speaker at two Annual Conferences for the American Society on Aging as well as the Georgia Hospital Association's Annual Conference. She has provided seminars for more than 100 organizations including: the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Valdosta State University, the Florida Council on Aging, the Florida Health Care Association, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals, Newton General Hospital, Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers of the Georgia Hospital Association, Florida State University, SOWEGA Council on Aging, and the Marine Corp Logistics Base, Albany, Georgiajust to name a few. She has also conducted seminars for several organizations in Chennai, India including: Sundaram Medical Foundation, S.I.E.T. College, and Help Age India. Visit Dr. Haymon's website at http://www.babyboomerssandw


  • Step By Step To Sold

    03/02/2011 Duration: 01h09s

    Planning on selling your house? Would you like to get $10,000-$15,000 more for ir? It DOES matter how you "show" your house. Using Feng Shui Kim Upstone will tell us how we can"stage" our homes so that we get thousands more when we sell it. If you'd like to know steps to take to "stage" your house so that it sells quickly and for much more $$$, you will definitely want to join us for this episode. Kim is the authour of Step ny Step to Sold, All I Want is Everything, Feng Shui for Special Needs, and her new book How to Have Extraordinary Relationships will be released in April, 2011! Kim is also the creator and owner of 'A New Day A New Vision.' Kim resides with her family in Scottsdale, AZ. Kim’s book Feng Shui for Special Needs is a free ebook, please send a request for a copy to all other books may be purchased at Amazon and at or with a portion of the proceeds from each book purchased at her website going towards her goal of buil

  • The Realities of Retirement...Are You Prepared?

    31/01/2011 Duration: 01h06s

    Millions of Americans begin each year with intentions of getting their financial life in order and making definite plans for their retirement. However, years come and go without much progress in those areas.For many it is the eleventh hour! If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are one of the 78 million Baby Boomers marching toward retirement.Approximately 10,000 Americans will turn 65 everyday for the next 18 years. Most of these will retire from their jobs yet only about 5% have sufficient retirement funds to maintain their current lifestyle.Although Social Security is intended to only be a ‘supplement’ to retirement income, many Americans depend heavily on their Social Security checks for survival. However, annual reports show both Social Security funds to already be depleted.Are you financially prepared for retirement? Will you have enough income to maintain your present standard of living?What will happen in the likely event that you will not able to draw your full Social Security benefits? The av

  • Feng Shui for ADD/ADHD and Special Needs Adults & Children

    11/01/2011 Duration: 01h28s

    Have you ever wondered exactly what Feng Shui really is? Would you like to restore balance and harmony in your home where there is chaos? Are there children or adults in your family with Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or other special needs? Would you like to be able to create calmness for them and for every one else in the home? Did you know that fast moving energy creates unsettled feelings as well as chaos and stress, while slow moving energy creates a heavy depressed feeling-one of being bogged down and lethargic? Did you know that Feng Shui can help you balance the energy in your home creating feelings of peace, serenity and calmness? Did you know that artwork, accessories, and electrical components impact the flow of energy in a room? Would you like to know how light, wind, water, the color of the room, and how the furniture is placed can help you achieve balanced energy? Did you know that clutter can be toxic and affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritua

  • Eating Less, Exercising More, and Still Gaining Weight!?!

    10/01/2011 Duration: 01h05s

    Do You ever look into the mirror and wonder what's happening with your body? You know you're eating less (because you count every calorie) and you're exercising more (because your friend makes you walk everyday)--yet you're still gaining weight. Have you ever wondered why your metabolism has gotten so slow? Have you ever wondered why it's harder for women to maintain their weight as compared to men (nature is a male chauvinist!)? Would you like to know why weight gain is usually around the midsection at midlife (no pun intended)? Would you like to know how to get rid of that extra weight and belly fat once and for all? If you answered 'yes' to even one of the questions, you won't want to miss this episode. Dr. Liz Lyster will be back to explain this mysterious phenomenon and give us tips as to how to lose this unwanted weight, look good, and feel great again. Dr. Lyster, is a gynecologist, author,and 'Women's Midlife Health Expert'. Her mission is to help women in midlife balance their hormones, lose weight,

  • Am I Losing It or Can I Blame My Hormones?!?

    03/01/2011 Duration: 01h01min

    Are you often moody, irritable, and impatient with those you love? Do you sometimes feel like you're 'losing it?'Do you laughingly say you're having a 'hormonal moment' yet know those'moments' are all too frequent? Do you get enough sleep, yet never feel rested?Do you often have difficulty just dragging through the day? Do you ever have hot flashes or night sweats? Have you ever wondered what symptoms are considered ‘normal’ during perimenopause and menopause, and whether women just have to ‘tolerate’ feeling bad during midlife? Do you look into the mirror and wonder what's going on with your body? Are you eating less and exercising more yet still gaining weight!? Would you like to know if there’s anything that could alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms? Have you ever thought about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but have heard too many scary stories? Have you heard the term ‘Bioidentical Hormone Therapy,’ but aren’t quite sure what that includes, or how it’s different from Hormone Replacement Therapy? W

  • Age Esteem

    28/12/2010 Duration: 59min

    Are you tired of society's relentless negative talk about age and aging? Would you like to feel more confident at any age despite a few wrinkles and lack of energy? Would you like to know some secrets to Age Esteem that you can practice immediately? Would you like to start the new year with a meaningful promise to yourself, and make 2011 your year of “Aging with Pizzazz?” My special guest, Bonnie Fatio, author, International speaker, and creator of Age Esteem will discuss all of these and more. Bonnie has spent over 20 years specializing in motivation and its power to influence positive change in individuals and organizations. Her latest book, AgeEsteem: Growing A Positive Attitude Toward Aging, empowers readers with inspirational anecdotes and practical advice. It is the catalyst for training programs in the US and Asia. Equally her CD, AgeEsteem, inspires and challenges listeners to LIVE their age with pizzazz. Bonnie has presented AgeEsteem at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland; World C

  • Your 2011 Media Blitz

    21/12/2010 Duration: 01h13s

    Do you ever wonder why some people get into the media and others do not? Would you like to avoid paying for expensive advertising & get Free media exposure? Would it surprise you to know that you are in the Media every single day without realizing it? Would you like to know how to speak effectively on media interviews? Would you like to gain insights into the mindset of journalists, editors, event organizers and audiences? Want to create Press Releases that get you booked with the media and invited back? According to the Powers that be-Technology is making Publishing extinct.Video Games & Applications are the new blockbusters.What's your APP going to be? If you would like to learn how to get more media attention, you need to hear every word from my special guest, Marie O'Riordan. An Award Winning Filmmaker, Marie has been working On-Air in Radio, and T.V. since she was just 13 years old. Quantum leaps in her career, which has spanned almost 23 years, have seen her report as a Journalist for CNN at ju

  • All I ever Want ...Is Everything

    14/12/2010 Duration: 58min

    Have you ever wished you could create a balanced life where happiness,love and gratitude are your constant companions? Have you ever felt that even with all that you have you are still missing something in your life? Would you like to find the missing piece? Do you believe that with each new day we can create a new vision for ourselves, our home, and our environment? Would you like to learn how?There are two primary choices in life; To accept conditions as they exist, Or accept responsibility for changing them." – Denis Waitley. If you want to regain control of your life and spirit, and find joy, love and peace no matter the circumstances, be sure to join me and my special guest, Kim Upstone. Kim is the owner of A New Day A New Vision which is not only the name of her company, but her life philosophy.In her book, All I Want Is Everything-a Guide to Love. Peace and Happiness Kim says,“I was on a swift moving river with no oars.I felt alone yet surrounded by people,unconnected and lost and asking myself how did

  • Jump Start Your Productivity.

    07/12/2010 Duration: 01h06s

    Many experts are now saying that multi-tasking is a myth and the corollary that "switchtasking" actually wastes time. So, would you like to break the multi-tasking habit so you can be more efficient? Would you like to know the top three tips for mastering productivity? Would you like to have greater efficiency in your company? Would you like to make yourself invaluable to your company/ your boss? Would you like to find more time to spend on your most valuable activities? Would you like to know the secret to getting an extra workweek or more every single month? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, you will want to be sure to join me and my special guest, Kerri Salls, founder of Breakthrough Enterprise. Kerri is known as the "Goal Achievement Expert." She helps high achieving business owners establish a foundation for growth to support their expertise and passion. Since establishing Breakthrough Enterprise in 1999, she's worked with clients around the globe who are ready to transform their exp

  • Boomer Launchtime

    30/11/2010 Duration: 59min

    Are you in your "Prime" yet feel "stuck?" Do you ever think about changing careers? Ever think about starting your own business yet not sure where to begin? Would you like to uncover your passion and earn a living doing what you love?Would you like to work from your home and have more time for yourself and your family? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, you will want to join me and my special, Leta Russell, Business coach and Marketing Consultant. Leta is a Prime Time Woman with Passion and Purpose who's committed to helping other Boomer Women define their Passion, design their Plan, and Deliver their Profits. She started a home business 15 years ago where she marketed health and wellness products that were specifically targeted to her peers...those over 45 who wanted to slow down the aging process. In 2007 she and her husband moved to Australia for his career. At that time, Leta began to explore the world of Internet Marketing in order to grow her business globally. As a result, she has