Sandra Haymon

Am I Losing It or Can I Blame My Hormones?!?



Are you often moody, irritable, and impatient with those you love? Do you sometimes feel like you're 'losing it?'Do you laughingly say you're having a 'hormonal moment' yet know those'moments' are all too frequent? Do you get enough sleep, yet never feel rested?Do you often have difficulty just dragging through the day? Do you ever have hot flashes or night sweats? Have you ever wondered what symptoms are considered ‘normal’ during perimenopause and menopause, and whether women just have to ‘tolerate’ feeling bad during midlife? Do you look into the mirror and wonder what's going on with your body? Are you eating less and exercising more yet still gaining weight!? Would you like to know if there’s anything that could alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms? Have you ever thought about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but have heard too many scary stories? Have you heard the term ‘Bioidentical Hormone Therapy,’ but aren’t quite sure what that includes, or how it’s different from Hormone Replacement Therapy? W