Sandra Haymon

Jump Start Your Productivity.



Many experts are now saying that multi-tasking is a myth and the corollary that "switchtasking" actually wastes time. So, would you like to break the multi-tasking habit so you can be more efficient? Would you like to know the top three tips for mastering productivity? Would you like to have greater efficiency in your company? Would you like to make yourself invaluable to your company/ your boss? Would you like to find more time to spend on your most valuable activities? Would you like to know the secret to getting an extra workweek or more every single month? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, you will want to be sure to join me and my special guest, Kerri Salls, founder of Breakthrough Enterprise. Kerri is known as the "Goal Achievement Expert." She helps high achieving business owners establish a foundation for growth to support their expertise and passion. Since establishing Breakthrough Enterprise in 1999, she's worked with clients around the globe who are ready to transform their exp