Sandra Haymon

Boomer Launchtime



Are you in your "Prime" yet feel "stuck?" Do you ever think about changing careers? Ever think about starting your own business yet not sure where to begin? Would you like to uncover your passion and earn a living doing what you love?Would you like to work from your home and have more time for yourself and your family? If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, you will want to join me and my special, Leta Russell, Business coach and Marketing Consultant. Leta is a Prime Time Woman with Passion and Purpose who's committed to helping other Boomer Women define their Passion, design their Plan, and Deliver their Profits. She started a home business 15 years ago where she marketed health and wellness products that were specifically targeted to her peers...those over 45 who wanted to slow down the aging process. In 2007 she and her husband moved to Australia for his career. At that time, Leta began to explore the world of Internet Marketing in order to grow her business globally. As a result, she has