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In creating a long-lasting Legacy of Love, your hostess, Angie K. Millgate, brings to the airwaves her gifts of writing, healing and visioning as a means to spread Love across the planet. She will share with you tools she has used to heal herself and others, as well as the ways she has developed a strong sense of who she is and how she has come to love that woman. Her ability to open up to vulnerability creates a safe space wherein you can find the parts of yourself you may have misplaced so that you are able to begin healing. Her commitment to transparency sometimes produces a rawness that is unscripted and unplanned but is, at all times, what is happening in each moment. Join her and find yourself Awakened. Appreciation of her gifts can be sent to: Angie K. Millgate - P O Box 521883 - SLC, UT 84152 The Moments of Awakening willtouch your heart... inspire your mind... and awaken your soul. Open the door to areas in your life you may have never accessed before and let the Moments of Awakening create space where you can discover new options and unleash your power to create the life you truly desire to live.Find "Moments of Awakening" on iTunes at:


  • What You Could Experience by Joining the REVELution

    08/04/2016 Duration: 30min

    »»Do you find yourself saying stuff about life being too difficult, too heavy, too complicated?»»Are you wondering when adulting grew so tiresome, so messed up, so damn stoopid?»»Do you wish for more time spent laughing so hard you can't sit up straight and you're doing that crazy, mouth-gaping, tears-running, squeaky-wheezy-snorting laugh while holding your stomach?These complaints and yearnings have been bubbling in Angie K. Millgate and her clients a lot lately and she was seeing that transformational work had split into two options:Either: "get-down-get-messy-get-ugly-until-snot-runs-out-of-your-whole-face-and-you-hate-everything-about-your-life..."Or: "you-are-love-and-light-and-don't-need-a-body-and-just-ignore-all-the-crap-you're-creating-because-you-are-dwelling-only-in-the-Fifth-Dimension-so-none-of-this-matters..."Neither of them were working for her - or the people who were finding their way to her, looking for support, for a new way.So she asked a question: “How can I contribute to the transformat

  • Ask Questions, Receive Clarity, and Be Empowered

    16/02/2015 Duration: 29min

    Looking for support?Longing for someone to listen to you and help you uncover your answers?Seeking clarity?NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!Angie K. Millgate will delve into her intuitive nature and open up to the universe to channel empowering messages and provide clearings for the energy blocks she sees within your questions so that you may discover your own answers and create a path forward into a life you want to live..To participate in this free experience, send an email to Angie's email with your story, question, or situation you're seeking clarity on and then listen in live or to the archives any time after the show airs at: Moments of Awakening"... it is always rare to find someone who possesses a genuine gift. Angie K. Millgate does indeed possess that gift. She is highly intuitive, empathic even, and her overall spirit is friendly, warm and inviting." - past client

  • Being Guarded is Destroying Your Life

    30/05/2014 Duration: 29min

    You've been feeling stuck, frustrated, and like any way you turn, you're trapped. It seems that, no matter what you do, you cannot move forward and it seems like you just keep sabotaging yourself.You want to reach out to people, or people to reach out to you, but for some reason it's just not working.You are so damn lonely and wanting to be in a relationship with someone and you're almost to the point where you're thinking that, pretty much, anyone will do, but even that isn't working. And you're still so lonely.These are some of the results you can experience when you've built a fortress to protect yourself. On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will share some of her personal journey with wall building and what she discovered while trapped in a prison of her own making. In going through that process herself, Angie has come to understand just how much courage it takes to go through it. She will share from her published book City of Certainty and the tools that are buried within it.For more information about Ang

  • Scary Monsters: Why They Show Up and What You Can Do About Them

    23/05/2014 Duration: 29min

    You've committed to making a change and suddenly, you are faced with seemingly insurmountable fear. Dark, shadowy, and usually hidden creatures show up, bare their fangs, and growl horrifically. You quake in your boots and cower away from the claws that swipe through the air. There are monsters all around you and you are terrified. The more scared you get, the bigger these monsters get, and the more difficult it is to move forward, toward your dreams and goals. You are confused about why they are there and want to hide from their fierce presence. You want them to go away. You want them to leave you alone. Maybe you try different things like hiding beneath your covers, numbing out through substances, or denial. No matter what you do, when you open your eyes, those creatures are still there, staring at you with snarling faces and growling voices, getting ever bigger and ever scarier.On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will be talking about these terrifying aparitions and the reasons they appear. She will share h

  • 3 Secrets About Saying The "Right Thing"

    16/05/2014 Duration: 29min

    Many people fear speaking up because they believe that they will hurt other people, so they stay silent, swallow their words, or disappear all together to avoid hurting another. Another commmon fear is that they will say the wrong thing and that, somehow, other people know how to say things better than them.On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will be drawing on her training as a crisis support team member for a national airline and her decade of experience in life coaching and energy healing work to share with you some of the statements you can use to speak your truth. She will share with you the 3 Secrets she has discovered over they years that lead into saying the right thing. For more information about Angie's work, visit her website: angiemillgate.comThe theme song of Moments of Awakening is "Groove Thing" by Leraine Horstmanshoff and is used with her permission. For more information about Leraine's music, visit her website: