Moments Of Awakening

Being Guarded is Destroying Your Life



You've been feeling stuck, frustrated, and like any way you turn, you're trapped. It seems that, no matter what you do, you cannot move forward and it seems like you just keep sabotaging yourself.You want to reach out to people, or people to reach out to you, but for some reason it's just not working.You are so damn lonely and wanting to be in a relationship with someone and you're almost to the point where you're thinking that, pretty much, anyone will do, but even that isn't working. And you're still so lonely.These are some of the results you can experience when you've built a fortress to protect yourself. On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will share some of her personal journey with wall building and what she discovered while trapped in a prison of her own making. In going through that process herself, Angie has come to understand just how much courage it takes to go through it. She will share from her published book City of Certainty and the tools that are buried within it.For more information about Ang