Moments Of Awakening

3 Secrets About Saying The "Right Thing"



Many people fear speaking up because they believe that they will hurt other people, so they stay silent, swallow their words, or disappear all together to avoid hurting another. Another commmon fear is that they will say the wrong thing and that, somehow, other people know how to say things better than them.On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will be drawing on her training as a crisis support team member for a national airline and her decade of experience in life coaching and energy healing work to share with you some of the statements you can use to speak your truth. She will share with you the 3 Secrets she has discovered over they years that lead into saying the right thing. For more information about Angie's work, visit her website: angiemillgate.comThe theme song of Moments of Awakening is "Groove Thing" by Leraine Horstmanshoff and is used with her permission. For more information about Leraine's music, visit her website: