Moments Of Awakening

What You Could Experience by Joining the REVELution



»»Do you find yourself saying stuff about life being too difficult, too heavy, too complicated?»»Are you wondering when adulting grew so tiresome, so messed up, so damn stoopid?»»Do you wish for more time spent laughing so hard you can't sit up straight and you're doing that crazy, mouth-gaping, tears-running, squeaky-wheezy-snorting laugh while holding your stomach?These complaints and yearnings have been bubbling in Angie K. Millgate and her clients a lot lately and she was seeing that transformational work had split into two options:Either: "get-down-get-messy-get-ugly-until-snot-runs-out-of-your-whole-face-and-you-hate-everything-about-your-life..."Or: "you-are-love-and-light-and-don't-need-a-body-and-just-ignore-all-the-crap-you're-creating-because-you-are-dwelling-only-in-the-Fifth-Dimension-so-none-of-this-matters..."Neither of them were working for her - or the people who were finding their way to her, looking for support, for a new way.So she asked a question: “How can I contribute to the transformat