Moments Of Awakening

Scary Monsters: Why They Show Up and What You Can Do About Them



You've committed to making a change and suddenly, you are faced with seemingly insurmountable fear. Dark, shadowy, and usually hidden creatures show up, bare their fangs, and growl horrifically. You quake in your boots and cower away from the claws that swipe through the air. There are monsters all around you and you are terrified. The more scared you get, the bigger these monsters get, and the more difficult it is to move forward, toward your dreams and goals. You are confused about why they are there and want to hide from their fierce presence. You want them to go away. You want them to leave you alone. Maybe you try different things like hiding beneath your covers, numbing out through substances, or denial. No matter what you do, when you open your eyes, those creatures are still there, staring at you with snarling faces and growling voices, getting ever bigger and ever scarier.On today's show, Angie K. Millgate will be talking about these terrifying aparitions and the reasons they appear. She will share h