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  • WGP 011: Connecting with Nature – the Original Social Network

    03/10/2015 Duration: 28min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Connecting with Nature: I'll explain the importance of relationships and connecting with others I'll talk about the different types of natural connection that nourishes your bodymind Finally, I'll share some simple and effective relationship and nature rituals you can put into action to grow your natural social network CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN All life came from a single cell billions of years ago. Now this cell wasn't alone for long as it soon multiplied into a community of cells. Over time this community of cells adapted and evolved and grew and developed into all the different life forms we see today. Human beings are social creatures. We live and we love and we fight in communities. Wanting to be with other people and feeling a connection with another person is built into your DNA going way back to that very first cell. Now if you think about it how do we punish someone who's already in prison? Solitary confinement. This is where peop

  • WGP 010: Nutritious Movement as Medicine

    30/09/2015 Duration: 29min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Movement: I'll explain how movement is one of the most essential nutrients for your body I'll talk about how a lack of movement affects your health Finally, I'll talk about the different types of movement that your body expects and how to increase your consumption of real movement nutrition CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN Movement is life. Life is movement. If you're not moving you're not living. Movement nourishes your body and mind. Your body and mind are actually one and the same. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Dr Dan Siegel defines the mind as the following: "The mind is an embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information." Your mind is embodied within your entire being, your whole body, cultivating the many different life processes happening within. From your left pinky toe to your right ear lob. Whenever I refer to your body I'm also referring to your mind and vice versa. So you can think of your body and mind as one en

  • WGP 009: Digestion – How to Eat Real Food

    27/09/2015 Duration: 25min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring a topic I'm very familiar with Digestion: I'll explain how proper digestion works and its many different stages I'll talk about poor digestion and how it can affect your health Finally, I'll give some digestion rituals that you can practise to increase the absorption and usage of the nutrition and energy and information you get from eating real food CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN Digestion can be broken up into two main phases. First is the psychic phase. Second is the physical phase. The first phase deals with your mind, with your emotional and mental state and the choices you make when it comes to eating. So what you choose to eat, when you choose to eat, how you choose to eat, and the whys behind each choice are the beginning of your digestive process. I will focus on the second phase of digestion in this episode the physical phase and there are many different stages. Remember from a previous episode that your enteron, your alimentary canal,

  • WGP 008: A Real Food Manifesto

    24/09/2015 Duration: 32min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring once again my favourite topic Real Food: I'll share which fake processed pretend food-like products you should never eat... ever I'll be offering a master list of real foods that you should be eating plenty of on a regular basis Finally, I'll explain how to best use this real food manifesto for your individual goals CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN Remember the definition I gave in the previous podcast describing what real food is. "Real food is any organic and natural plant or animal that fuels and nourishes the human body with energy and nutrition." Well the first group of foods I'm about to share now are the exact opposite because they are not food, but are marketed to you as being food. You should never and I mean ever intentionally buy, store at home or work, eat or even think about including these fake processed pretend food-like products in your diet and your life. No human, no mammal, no animal, no plant on this planet should be consuming

  • WGP 007: Food Nutrition – What is Real Food?

    21/09/2015 Duration: 51min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring my favourite topic Real Food: I'll explain what real food really is and its different nutritional components I'll talk about how eating real food and fake food affect your health Finally, I'll share how to recognise real food and simple ways to make it a part of your holistic healthy and happy lifestyle CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN What is real food? If I were to sum it up in one word -- QUALITY. Quality food makes for quality humans, which makes for a quality planet, which makes for quality soil, which makes for quality plants, which makes for quality animals, which makes for more real quality food and here we have the circle of life. If I were to use a few more words real food is any organic and natural plant or animal that fuels and nourishes the human body with energy and nutrition. Now if I were to use some poetic words to define real food it'll go a little something like this: Real Food Lived on the Earth In the Sky Under the Sun Rea

  • WGP 006: Water is the Elixir of Life

    18/09/2015 Duration: 39min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Water and Hydration: I'll explain what water is and what it does in your body I'll talk about how not getting enough water affects your health and the importance of water quality Finally, I'll give some simple tips on how to know if you're dehydrated and how to improve your hydration and overall health CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET YOU LEAN You cannot survive a week without water making H2O one the most important nutrients for your body. Water covers around 70% of planet Earth. Your body is about 30% solid and 70% water. Also, your blood has a similar amount of salinity as ocean water. Isn't it amazing how similar your physical body is to that of the Earth? I mean it's as if you and Mother Nature are intimately connected and ultimately come from the same place. Well I think it's an awesome idea. Anyhoo... Water comes in three well-known forms or phases -- liquid, solid, and gas -- but there is also a fourth phase of water called Exclusion Zone, EZ wate

  • WGP 005: Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

    15/09/2015 Duration: 41min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Sleep: I'll explain why you need sleep and how it works for you I'll also talk about what happens when you don't get enough sleep and how that works against you Finally, I'll share some simple and effective sleep rituals that you can practise for better health and wellness CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET LEAN In the previous podcast I talked about how oxygen is our primary nutrient. Well I believe sleep is our second most important nutrient or at least on equal footing with water, food, and movement. Before we dig in let me make a distinction and explain the difference between what I cal quality restorative sleep (QRS) and long restless sleep (LRS). So QRS is when you go through the usual five stages of sleep, which are stages one, two, three, four, and rapid eye movement (REM) and this is considered one sleep cycle before it goes back to stage one again. Each cycle lasts on average 90 minutes and you should have four to five sleep cycles every night, so

  • WGP 004: How to Breathe for an Awesome Life

    12/09/2015 Duration: 33min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Breath and Breathing: I'll explain what breath and breathing do for the body I'll talk about how the way you breathe determines the stress in your body and mind Finally, I'll give some practical tips on how to retrain yourself to breathe deeply and fully for optimal health and wellness CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET LEAN Breath is life. Air is life. Oxygen (O2) is your primary nutrient. You can last a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but you can only last a few minutes without oxygen. When we breathe in we're breathing in life and energy. The O2 we inhale nourishes our lungs, heart, blood, and finally the rest of the body. When we breathe out, when we exhale, we remove waste products from our body such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and even fat! Okay we don't literally breathe out fat, but it has recently been shown that as we burn fat over 80% of the leftover products from fat burning becomes CO2, which we exhale, while the rest of it turns

  • WGP 003: How Stress is Making You Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    09/09/2015 Duration: 23min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring Stress: I'll explain what stress is and the different types of stress I'll talk about how stress affects the body Finally, I'll give practical tips on how to reduce stress in your life CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET LEAN Stress is defined as placing pressure or tension on an object. What most people don't realise is that there is such a thing as good stress. This is called eustress, e-u-stress, eustress. The difference between eustress and stress (or distress) is determined by our own perception of the stress. For example imagine two people riding a rollercoaster. One person experiences stress and the other experiences eustress. While one person experiences pain, anxiety, and worry the other person experiences, pleasure, joy, and excitement. Same pressure. Same tension, but different experiences different perceptions of that stress. One has distress (or stress). The other has eustress. My point here is that everything that happens to us is not good or b

  • WGP 002: Being in an Attitude of Gratitude

    06/09/2015 Duration: 16min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring what it means to be in an Attitude of Gratitude: I'll explain what gratitude really is I'll also explain why everyone should be practising gratitude in their lives everyday Finally I'll talk about a few different ways to practice being in an attitude of gratitude CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET LEAN What is gratitude? Let me read what Professor Google says. The definition of gratitude: "The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." Alright so thanks and appreciation, sounds pretty standard. Now I like to give these two quotes of what I think gratitude really means. This is from Melody Beattie: "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." And this from Wayne Dyer: "Change the way you look at things and the things you look

  • WGP 001: What is the Difference Between Conventional Mainstream Medicine and Holistic and Functional Health?

    03/09/2015 Duration: 45min

    In this podcast I'll be exploring two healthcare models -- Conventional Mainstream Medicine (CMM -- the main one that's used in western societies today) as well as Holistic and Functional Health (HFH): I'll talk about how each model works and what they are We'll go over the negatives of each as well as the positives Finally I'll talk about which healthcare model you should use for particular health issues CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO GET LEAN CMM. This includes your standard medical doctor, surgeon, regular dentist and all the specialities in between such as cardiologist, neurologist, oncologist, immunologist, gynaecologist, and all the other specialists and experts that are involved in this model. This model you can really call a disease-care model instead of healthcare and the reason I say that is because it's mainly focused on diagnosing and treating symptoms and diseases. If you go to your doctor with a problem they normally give you something or suggest surgery to remove the problem.

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