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Diva Weekly Strategies for Success. Each Week with the Queen Diva Robbie Motter,who is known as the Master Connector and Networking Queen.She and her dynamic guests will share many stories, tips and resources for marketing, PR, Speaking, SHOWING UP, and great opportunities to help you soar your business to greatness.


  • Meet Shelly A Munoz, Award Winning Educator, Actress, Author and more!

    09/04/2020 Duration: 29min

    Shelly A Muñoz is an award-winning educator, 20 years in the classroom,, staff development instructor,&Golden Bell award winner twice. She teaches teach science from 5th- 10th grades and has been chosen for many prestigious opportunities, Space Camp for Educators ( Honeywell ) Zero G's ( Northrop Grumman) NASA Ambassador and MAVEN ambassador, EarthWatch Ambasador, National Geographic Educator, just to name a few.  Shelly has authored several educational journals is featured in the newly released NSTA STEM Challenges and Academic Success. She delivered conference keynotes, workshops, and presentations in 10 states, Asia and Europe. She is a STEM consultant, educational literacy consultant for Digi-Tells and has appeared on numerous television shows and newscast promoting literacy, science education,  Shelly's books, include the newly released " The Journey of the Dragonfly, " You, Me & the Kitchen Sink~ the Joy of Single Parenthood", Shell~a~brations and Glitter~tudes- How to Manage Anything". She ha

  • Meet Gillian Larson, Speaker, and Founder-CEO of Reality Rally

    08/04/2020 Duration: 30min

    Gillian Larson has never satisfied her appetite for adventure travel and challenge despite her wide array of experiences throughout her 73 years. She is competitive by nature and loves any challenge & feels as though she was a perfect fit for the game of SURVIVOR, she applied over 8 years, 15 times, went to 2 Open calls & had 3 interviews & never gave up.She always believed she would one day be selected & was, for Survivor filmed in Gabon Africa.Her   Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Retired after working as a registered nurse for 41 years in many fields she now devotes her time to making a difference in people's lives where she can. Speaking engagements, charity work, community networking, Medical Crew for Susan G Komen and producing Reality Rally for Michelle’s Place, Cancer Resource Center.  Survivor gave her a spring board to do good. She is involved in many fund raising events, has organized many and developed Reality Rally Inc 501c(3) which is a trademarked fund raising n

  • Dame Shellie Hunt,Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Int Speaker, & More

    07/04/2020 Duration: 30min

    Dame Shellie Hunt is Founder and CEO of the Women of Global Change, Success is by Design LLC, ReMake MY Life LLC, Phoenix Flight Films, and multiple other companies. She is a Global Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, International Speaker, author, and TV executive producer. In 2014, the special honor of knighthood was bestowed upon Dame Shellie Ann Hunt by the Order of St. John. She is the proud recipient of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama, along with the 2013 Humanitarian Award at the World Congress Center. Additionally, The Women of global Change has received awards for special recognition of service by three sitting US Presidents.  As the First Lady of Entrepreneurs, she has served well over tens of thousands of women and children worldwide in communities and outreach programs. Shellie served on the national board of National Women’s Political Caucus, hosted the 2014 EMMA Awards, is a lead mentor in the Billionaire Adventure Club, and is an expert for Forbes.com. Her other appeara

  • Meet Rosalie Duong

    06/04/2020 Duration: 31min

    Rosalie Duong Immigrated to America from Vietnam at a young age, shea8ended high school & college in the US then went on to join corporate America. . Caught by the motherhood bug in 2004, she retired to start her family. Dylan will be 16 this year . Kayla just turned 13, practices her ballet 5 days a week and loves to sing. Married to Dennis,, they are also bossed around by 2 rescued Maltese/Yorkie studs, Sushi and Tootsie. But it was challenging for Rosalie to be a full-time mom,she discovered & immediately fell in love with the Direct Sales industry.she was a top producer at all the companies she was with and earned many incentatives  from them. At the present she is living her dream building a home-based business around what she loves FASHION! Like most working mothers, comfort,Time & ease have become the most important factors in pulling her wardrobe together on a daily basis.  And this is how RD Fashion Obsessions was born in 2017 where she merges her many businesses under one brand to

  • Meet Shelly Rufin MSHS, College Planning Consultant, Publisher, Author/Speaker

    05/04/2020 Duration: 45min

    Shelly appreciates, and shares with listeners, educating the public the importance of beginning college planning as early as 8th grade, helping parents help their kids prepare for high school, college and beyond. With almost three decades of college planning, speaking, and most importantly, real-life in-the trenches college experience and knowledge, her view is radically different. Her passion for helping kids pursue their dreams, may it be vocational, certificate, community college or attending an Ivy League university.  Shelly has served as a Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships with U.S. based colleges for fifteen years . As Founder/Owner EDFIN College Planning Experts for twenty-eight years s. EDFIN has four locations San Diego, Temecula, Orange County and Los Angeles.   Through her EDFIN College Planning Prep Programs & EDFIN TV/Radio Show, her expert knowledge of twenty-seven years in Federal and State regulations & local policies makes her the best in her field. She mentors 6th throug

  • Meet Shelly Rufin, MSHS, College Planning Consultant, Published Author/Speaker

    04/04/2020 Duration: 01min

    Shelly appreciates, and shares with listeners, educating the public the importance of beginning college planning as early as 8th grade, helping parents help their kids prepare for high school, college and beyond. With almost three decades of college planning, speaking, and most importantly, real-life in-the trenches college experience and knowledge, her view is radically different. Her passion for helping kids pursue their dreams, may it be vocational, certificate, community college or attending an Ivy League university.  Shelly has served as a Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships with U.S. based colleges for fifteen years . As Founder/Owner EDFIN College Planning Experts for twenty-eight years s. EDFIN has four locations San Diego, Temecula, Orange County and Los Angeles.   Through her EDFIN College Planning Prep Programs & EDFIN TV/Radio Show, her expert knowledge of twenty-seven years in Federal and State regulations & local policies makes her the best in her field. She mentors 6th throug

  • AnGele Cade Founder/CEO Executive On The Go!

    03/04/2020 Duration: 31min

    AnGele is the founder and CEO of Executive On The Go responsible for guiding the strategic direction, client engagement, and promoting Executive On The Go as the partner of choice for business formation, marketing services and advisory strategy!   AnGèle is a woman with many dynamics. First and foremost, AnGèle is a family woman. She is married to the love of her life and has a wonderful son whom she adores and just like you AnGèle does her best for her family.  AnGèle Cade is living out her passion as a platform speaker and mentor helping others. She has been booked at mega events with thousands of attendees, she even opened for Chris Gardner and Les Brown. AnGèle has networked with some of the world’s most influential people including President Bill Clinton. AnGèle is living her passion and she wants to help you live yours. AnGele can be reached at acade@execonthego.com 

  • Meet Katherine Setzer a very talented Greeting Card Artist and more!

    02/04/2020 Duration: 31min

    Kathrrine Setzer is known as Katherine the Great! She has had a lifelong love with the subject of Art since the age of four years old drawing and designing clothes for her Barbie dolls. High school through college, she chose to sculpt clay making such challenging sculptures as Egyptian masks, life-size head of an African woman, recirculating Egyptian pool/bath of the Great Sphinx, and other creative items. Then sketching, life drawing, painting, collage work, stage design, stage makeup and making costumes; apprenticing for the Arizona State Treater Department and the Arizona Ballet Costume Department.  Then making a ”copy” of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco’s wedding gown with a skirt improvement (making a both the long skirt of the gown with a change of an additional short skirt for dancing) for her to wear at her own wedding. The major influences upon Katherine’s flare for design came from her Mother and in turn, from her Grandmother.  Tutoring with foreign-born fashion designer, Galina, also profess

  • Meet Kathleen Ronald, “Business Growth Architect”

    01/04/2020 Duration: 31min

      Kathleen Ronald, “Business Growth Expert”, an internationally renowned speaker-trainer, an unparalleled networker, an award winning business consultant and poet, a contributing best-selling author and the founder of Speaktacular. Kathleen has more than 30 years of experience providing custom, inspirational keynotes, training seminars and consultancy to Fortune 500 companies, small business, and professional associations. She also appeared on The Doctor’s and The Dr. Phil show! Kathleen was honored with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service. Kathleen excels at helping people expand their profits, productivity and peace! With an electrifying, comedic style, she delivers empowering programs that not only motivate but also produce bottom-line results. With a lifelong reputation for uniting people and building communities, she has founded successful networking groups, Fortune 10/10 (a women’s investment group), and WOW

  • Meet Dr Sharron Stroud, Speaker, Author and Spiritual Leader

    31/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Dr. Sharron Stroud is a woman dedicated to serving the planet. The slogan "Think Globally and Act Locally" would describe what she has been about for the past 44 years.  She is an author, professional speaker, and a spiritual leader. She has served the New Thought movement for 44 years as a spiritual leader. Dr. Stroud has serves as the Spiritual Leader of Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs, CA. since 2001. She also serves as the Dean of the Institute of Successful Living. Dr. Stroud is the President Elect of  The International Foundation for World Peace and Research, in which she travels all over the world lecturing at Universities and Institutions of  Learning.   Most recently at the Cultural Arts Festival in India in January, The International Congress on Art, Science, Communication and Technology in Edinburgh, Scotland, Madonna University in Nigeria, Africa, the University of Istanbul Medical Center in Turkey, The University of  Zagreb in Croatia, The University of African and Orient

  • Robbie Moss Manning & Alyce Berard -Writers & Producers -Born to Sparkle

    30/03/2020 Duration: 30min

    Robbie, known in the entertainment world as “JustRobbie,” has a lifetime of experience in the Performing Arts including dancing, singing, and acting. She earnedher degree in Theater Arts from Pepperdine University. Robbie’s love of performance led her to a variety of rolesin live theater, film, and television. As a Musical Theater Director, she brought her multi-faceted expertise to hereager students, passing on her enthusiasm for the arts. Robbie’s talent for story-telling led her to a contract withDisney as a Story Analyst/Editor, collaborating on a variety of books and film scripts. One of her featured projects, a tribute to Errol Flynn,can be found on display at the Smithsonian Institute.Robbie’s current passion-project is an original collaboration with best friend and business partner,  ALYCE HASKELL BERARD A driving love for the arts has influenced Alyce her entire life. In addition to multiple roles in theater performances, she studied music, including piano and guitar. Her dance background in

  • Meet Carl Dean Wilson - Big Supporter of Women GLobally

    27/03/2020 Duration: 31min

      Carl  Wilson was born in Oakdale, LA and was the son of a pastor, and his mom worked in the school district for 35 years.  He has 3 other siblings, three girls and one boy.  Carl played sports in high school and basketball at Gambling State University for three years, he graduated in 1990. Carl came out to California to manage Wal-Mart stores in several southern California stores, and also worked with other retailer> He also bexame the, food and beverage director for Dove Canyon Country Club (Orange County). He left corporate world and started his own company CDWILSON events. Wedding planning, caterer, promoter of events 20 years in business. Carl started a platform and event called ALL Women Rock In 2018. Carl’s vision is to continue to travel around the world recognizing and honoring women from all walks of life who have made an incredible positive impact in their communities and ultimately the world. All Women Rock is an anthology spearheaded by Master Impresario Carl Dean Wilson Jr. to celebrate an

  • Meet Tammra Graves,A direct Sales dynamic Leader whose team is always at the top

    25/03/2020 Duration: 29min

    Tammra Graves came from a Corporate background in finance and marketing to begin her direct sales Career in 1999. She started her career with Park Lane Jewelry in 2004, and in February 2017 was promoted to the position of Field Director. Here she works on enhancing the lives of her team as well with other leaders and teams around the nation, sharing all that is Park Lane! Her organization has consistently been a Top Organization in Park Lane for the past 16 years she has been with the company. She has been a keynote speaker and Executive trainer at many of the Park Lane National Conventions. Her personal story of "How Park Lane has changed her life" was featured in Empowering Women Magazine in 2007. She was voted by her peers, the executive managers in the company, in 2011, as the "Heart of Park Lane Recipient." She is the only Executive to be selected to serve on two Advisory Boards, 2013 & 2015. Recipients are selected by the home offic staff, the LeVin faqmily and the National Directors, She now se

  • Meet Deborah Thorne -The Information Diva America's She..E.O....not CEO Coach

    24/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Deborah is an award-winning, international Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She helps motivated women, of a certain age who are ready for their next act, to reduce their learning curve as they clarify, find tools and set priorities, so they can transition from employee to entrepreneur, creating income-generating businesses not glorified hobbies, always encouraging them to do business like a woman, not like a man... She E.O. …not C.E.O.TM Her service brands include: • 30 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep, training participants to become information empire moguls • Entrepreneurial Women of Faith book collaborations for women of all faiths, designed especially for first-time authors • Get Your Book Done Now!, a system for authors to write and publish their books in 90 days • These Women Mean Business! Trade Explorations, exploring opportunities to do business internationally while traveling, next stop Vancouver Canada, September 2020 • The Leverage Conference for Speakers, Authors and

  • Meet Action Coach & Motivational Speaker Angeline Benjamin

    23/03/2020 Duration: 30min

    Angeline Benjamin is a Motivational Speaker, Action Coach with Results.  Angeline believes in making a difference in people’s life through mentoring, coaching and motivating others and her audience. She is  the oldest child of six children came to California when she was 18 years old together with her sister. They attended Marywood High School to learn English and preparing themselves to attend college. Angeline was accepted at the college of Notre Dame with an academic scholarship. Angeline started her career as a food microbiologist for Hunt Wesson Foods, and worked for 3 other large companies, the last being Taco Bell Corporation where she spent18 years. There she discovered her passion as a coach and trainer for franchisees & restaurant management. Prior to retiring  she was a Food Safety Officer traveling the whole United States. After retiring she started her consulting company focusing on Food Safety and Quality.,  In 2013,she was introduced to Nerium’s anti-aging cream that changed how she look

  • Meet Robbie Motter, A woman that everyday touches lives.

    21/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Robbie Motter’s longtime leadership role in the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) underscores her generous giving of time and talents to mentoring women of all ages, from all ethnic backgrounds and from all professional levels. She has served as NAFE’s Western Regional Coordinator for almost 28 years. And two years ago she took on the additional responsibility of managing NAFE’s Global region. As Global Director she oversees local NAFE networks and members in 50 states. NAFE is the largest business women's organization in the U.S. and is headquartered in NY. Ms. Motter wears the hats of a marketing expert, public relations consultant, certified National Speaker, Certified Business/Life coach as well as television and radio talk show co-host.  She transferred more than 25 years’ worth of corporate experience into focusing on empowering women across the country in the business community including nonprofits. In 2017 she launched a 501 c3 nonprofit GSFE (Global Society Female Entrepreneurs) th

  • Met Joan E Wakeland, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur & nafe director

    20/03/2020 Duration: 32min

    Joan Wakeland-Taylor is the Director of the Hemet and Riverside, CA, affiliate of the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), and she has dedicated herself to the networks and the success of her NAFE/GSFE members. Joan was born in Jamaica, West Indies and graduated in 1964 as a pharmacist from the University of Technology in Jamaica, West Indies, and then she owned and operated three pharmacies there. After moving to the U.S., she spent many years in the corporate world where she made presentations on a daily basis to doctors and pharmacists, nurses and other medical personnel She is also is currently a sales representative for a Medical device machne that is changing lives. Also addition to NAFE, Joan is an Advisory Board member for GSFE (Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs) a 501 c3 non profit formed in 2017 and is the President of the GFWC Menifee/Sun City Woman’s Club and a member of the Menifee Valley Lions club. She also does many things to support veterans through the Valley Resource Ce

  • Meet Kimberly Anderson, Who is a Transformational Coach and Business Creative

    19/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Kimberly Anderson company is Aphrodite Enterprise Inc.  She has an amazing event she is planning for 2020 it's called "Unleash Your Inner Goddess"   Kimberly Anderson is an Intuitive Transformational Coach and Business Creative, she helps women understand that their limiting beliefs and past experiences don’t define them, they are lessons to build from.  Teaching women to understand and trust their intuition is a profound tool in their success.  With her inspiring stories of life experience and delightful humor, she has the ability to shift people out of old beliefs and habits, to find inner wisdom and into a positive energy flow.  Helping to tap into and pull out your innate gifts and talents, Kimberly will help you when your stuck or inspire you to create the business you’ve always dreamed of. Kimberly can be reached at 951-757-7753, kimberlyacoaching.com, kimberlycanderson5@gmail.com  

  • Meet Ingrid Kern - Author of "Triumph"

    12/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Ingrid was born & raised in Vienna, Austria. She was modeling throughout Europe, did a play in Vienna, & had some small parts in a couple of movies until she moved to New York at age 30, where she got married. After being a wife for 17 years she realized that she had given up her identity and needed to start all over again. She moved to Los Angeles in 1996 managing the back office for a dentist, moved on to Family Ford downtown & after a couple years ended up in Real Estate, also managing a couple of buildings. Starting in 2008 she participated in the Senior Games for 4 years in track & field earning a bronze and a silver for California. Nationwide, she came in 6th and 7th. During the years of rigorous training she finally connected to the physical pain her father afflicted on her. She was abused by her father when he first set eyes on her at age 3. Her saving grace was that he passed away when she was almost 18 and she felt free. Ingrid reconnected with Poetry, after which she wrote "What

  • Meet Dynamic Entrepreneur; Diana Londyn

    25/02/2020 Duration: 31min

    Diana Londyn is originally from Pittsburgh , Pa. & proud to be part of the "Steel City"“ &"Steelers Nation" culture. Following graduation of High school,she headed to Clearwater, Florida. During the Tampa Bay years, she studied at St. Pete JC & University of South Florida. USF offered the International Student Exchange program. she traveled to 11 countries, when she returned she did a paper for her class..  After the voyage, Fred Astaire Studios attracted her to waltz her way to instructing ballroom dance. .The glitz & glimmer of of the entertainment aura her to move to California. Estelle Harman’s workshop, one of top choices iwhere Ms. Londyn pursued Drama Studies. She attended several other Colleges , Orange Coast, Coastline & Cal State Fullerton, & she achieved her Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television & Radio artists status with the credits that were earned. The lifestyle brought lots of laughs, yet at the same time an era of the possible casting after

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