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Weekly information for people looking to start, grow and accelerate and Win with their Shopify store without being too techy. Your host Caroline Balinska has over 12 years experience in eCommerce and will dive deep to get the best advice, help, strategies and EPIC WOW knowledge from Shopify app creators, business and marketing experts. It's not hard if you have the right advice to build a successful online shop so you can lay back, leave the rat race and create a lifestyle you love! No fluff and no smoke and mirrors, just the real actionable advice that will have you WINNING WITH SHOPIFY!


  • Why Your Shopify Store Needs PR - with Matt Bird

    01/10/2018 Duration: 42min

    Matt Bird from discusses winning PR strategies for your Shopify store. Whether you are wanting to be the face of your company, or if you just want your company's light to shine, Matt discusses all options. In this episode Matt also discusses the link between SEO and email marketing when it comes to your PR. "I'm gonna say this, I'm going to say probably 99 percent of businesses missed their pr opportunity because they just don't have the time. They'll get to it later and then the time passes and that news becomes old news. It's like, oh shoot, I should've put press release out on that." for the transcript and show notes. Support the show (

  • Unmissable Lessons From a 5x Store Owner - Michael Jackness

    24/09/2018 Duration: 56min

    If you are still not sure what to sell or not sure if you're selling the right products, Michael takes you through how he has chosen his last 3 niches, based on 2 existing businesses he has. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: ** Michael teaches you how with a little bit of effort, the simple way to take it to the next level and how this can make a huge difference to your sales. This is not rocket science, but it all about having a stragety, a plan to build a business. Show notes: Catch Michael on his podcast Ecom Crew His brands:,, & Mike's Recommended Apps Rewind - Backups | One Click Upsell | Zipify Pages Support the show

  • The importance of your words when selling products online

    17/09/2018 Duration: 32min

    Today I have Jemma Porter here. Over the past six years she has been a copy writer for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zalando, Boden, Louis Vuitton and Mothercare. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: ** Each brand has their own way of selling and today Jemma will explain how she must create product descriptions based on the brands personality. Jemma teaches you what is important and why, she explains product descriptions, your about page and refunds page. Support the show (

  • The Power of Pinterest - You Are Missing Out On Sales!

    10/09/2018 Duration: 01h07min

    Pinterest offers Shopify store owners the ability to get THOUSANDS of new leads daily without spending a cent! Pinterest has told us over 200 million searches are happening monthly on Pinterest. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: ** Kathryn will teach you that Pinterest is a powerful search engine that offers your potential customers a chance to see your products. In this jam packed interview Kathryn covers everything you need to know about setting up a successful Pinterest account. You can have a million views on your products within months and with the help of the Pinterest community you can be selling more and growing your "raving fans" list. Learn which products you need to promote more often, how to create images and what all those data points mean. Support the show (

  • How to increase conversions by up to 20% by only fixing your images

    03/09/2018 Duration: 24min

    Holly Cardrew from Pixc is here today to explain how just by editing and taking better images you can increase conversions by 20% and lower your return rates. Holly is the founder of the app Pixc and she created this app after realising just how important images are for an ecommerce store. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: ** Holly answers all the questions you have about product images. Find out about sizes, shapes, photo backgrounds and the number of images you need per product. Support the show (

  • Want to run a FB ad? Don't start until you listen to this

    27/08/2018 Duration: 35min

    So many Shopify store owners try facebook ads and fail after being told throw $5 a day at it for $100 a day returns.... Well most have worked out it doesn't work like that! Here are 8 very important tips before expecting a high ROI from your Facebook ads. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

  • Creating Your eCommerce Master Plan - Don't Do It Without This!

    20/08/2018 Duration: 42min

    Chloe Thomas from eCommerce MasterPlan is sharing the strategy she uses for building a successful store. Today she covers: The 1 spreadsheet you can't live without and a great free place to get free traffic and well as many other tips and tricks. Chloe is holding the eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit 2018. For free access visit: **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

  • eCommerce and The Unicorn Principle with Rafael Romis

    24/07/2018 Duration: 55min

    On today’s show I interview the eCommerce beauty branding master Rafael Romis. He discusses the “The Unicorn Principle” aka: A path to unlocking the unique value and brand proposition every company has that makes people give a damn. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: ** Selling online is not always as simple as people like to make it out to be. If you don’t have that "WOW new shinny object’ then you need to create it….Learn the tricks that the WOW brands use. Rafael has worked with HBO, Disney and Gloss, and he knows a thing or 2 about growing a brand online... We discuss working with influencers and how to stand out. Support the show (

  • Planning For Sales - 3 Research Strategies You Must Use

    16/07/2018 Duration: 36min

    Setting up shop could never be easier than with Shopify, but now we have to get the sales! Understanding where your audience and what they want is is KEY. Caroline walks you through 3 ways to research your business to help you get more sales. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

  • Why getting your first 1000 sales is so important and step 1 to making that happen  

    05/05/2018 Duration: 19min

    Why you only need to worry about your first 1000 sales now. The statistics you need to know to building your business. Why you should use Amazon's strategy in your own business. The first thing you need to do to get sales today. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

  • Everything you need to know about domain names with Andrew Allemann

    26/04/2018 Duration: 36min

    Andrew Allemann is leader in the field when it comes to domain names. Andrew is the owner of and in this episode I ask him everything you will ever need to know about your website URL. Learn how to get more traffic to your site just by buying a few more domain names! You will also learn all about the importance of choosing the RIGHT domain! AND how is it NEVER too late to change it. **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

  • How the GDPR will affect online shops with Jodi Daniels

    17/04/2018 Duration: 44min

    This is the biggest data privacy change to effect ecommerce stores in history and you could be fined MILLIONS if you get this wrong! Don't get fined due to your lack of understanding. Jodi Daniels of Red Clover Advisors explains General Data Protection Regulation in simple terms to help you get this right today! **Get the full transcript and show notes at: **Support the show (

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