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  • Star Thing Apotheosis


    Time for a bit of a ramble about Star Wars and Star Trek, and how the two seem to have become each other. Over time, Star Wars has become more Star Trek-y and Star Trek has become more Star Wars-y. I wonder where it will lead? Download

  • A Nebulous Doom


    Ever get that feeling like the clock in your head is speeding up and the seconds are ticking away faster and faster because you’re not working on something RIGHT NOW? I certainly do. Incidentally, if you’re curious about the awesome and entertaining Geologic Podcast, which I mention early on, it can be found at http://www.geologicpodcast.com/.   […]

  • Filling in the Gaps


    I’m fascinated with the way our brains fill in the gaps about people and things when we use social media. So I’ve decided to ramble about it for a bit.

  • The Fred Friendly RPG


    At a time that the concept of role-playing had mostly been thought to be the purview of actors and psychiatrists, some folks thought of a different application. No, not Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, but television producer Fred Friendly. The Fred Friendly Seminars got well-known experts together to discuss major issues of the day by […]

  • Whovolution


    I ramble for a bit about how the people behind Doctor Who may not have changed as much as we might think at first. I also talk about why old Classic Who fans like myself shouldn’t worry so much about the differences between the old series and the new one. Even though we had a […]

  • Snowpocalyptic Schadenfreude


    I was snowed in for a while last week and got to look on as people went mad trying to deal with it. It was as strange as it was entertaining. Download

  • Ganymedian Folderol


    I am not dead! I just went to a party held by my author friend Kierce Sevren (check out her blog HERE) and it was DELIGHTFUL. Here’s a thing I recorded beforehand. It was horribly early in the morning and I think I must have been too close to the mic, so apologies for the […]

  • Interview: Starla Huchton – NEMESIS and New Adult Fiction


    The multi-talented Starla Huchton and I have a rambly conversation about her Sci-Fi Romance novel NEMESIS, the New Adult category of fiction and what’s going on with genres in general. Starla’s web site with links to her current projects (writing, voice work and ALL THE THINGS) can be found HERE, and her book cover design […]

  • Interview: Charles White – A High School Floor Plan For RPGs


    Fabled Environments is in the midst of a new Kickstarter campaign! This time their objective is to create a complete floor plan of a high school for use with tabletop RPGs. I talked to Charles White about the Kickstarter, the creation process and possible future projects. Check out the Kickstarter HERE. Download Music by Kevin […]

  • Interview: Valentine Wolfe – Once Upon a Midnight


    Victorian Chamber Metal band Valentine Wolfe are working on a collaborative project called “Once Upon a Midnight.” The project includes both an album and a graphic novel, each of which takes a look at the afterlife of Edgar Allen Poe, as interpreted through his stories and poems. The Kickstarter for this project can be found […]

  • Transcribageddon


    Hey folks – things are changing! This is an audio-only update, so feel free to listen below or download the MP3 file to hear me ramble about what’s going on. Download

  • Write or Else!


    I’ve been on a crusade of late. Well, maybe “crusade” is too strong a word. “Quixotic Jaunt” might be a better description. The last few months I’ve been focusing a great deal of attention on getting my various projects done, or at least making significant progress on them. To that end, I’ve begun doing this […]

  • And Now an Interview with Charles White


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: Today I am talking to Charles White of Fabled Environments. Hello, sir! CW: How are you? JR: Good! How’s it going? CW: Not too bad, not too bad at all. JR: So first off, tell us a little bit about Fabled […]

  • And Now an Interview with Jenn from the Jennisodes


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: I am talking to Jenn from the Jennisodes. Hello! J: Hi! JR: So I see that you are in the midst of a Kickstarter. J: I am. The grueling part of a Kickstarter – right in the middle. JR: And this […]

  • And Now an Interview with Matt Forbeck


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: I am talking to author and game designer Matt Forbeck. Hello, sir! MF: How are you doing, Jim? JR: Good, good! Good to have you on here. MF: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it! JR: Of your many projects that […]

  • The Godzilla Theory of Cinematic Quality


    One day I found myself sitting in a movie theater watching something abysmal. I can’t remember what it was, exactly, but a moment of inspiration came to me as I found myself almost about to fall asleep for the thirteenth time. “You know what this movie could use?” I asked no one in particular. “Godzilla.” […]

  • And Now an Interview with Eloy Lasanta


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: I am talking to Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games and we’re going to be talking about his game Part-Time Gods. Welcome, sir! EL: Hello everyone! JR: First off, for anyone who might not be familiar, tell us a little bit […]

  • Don’t Kill My Buzz, Man!


    As you may have noticed from the audio of the monologue at the end of my previous post, I’m a fan of caffeine. The problem, though, is that the further I creep into that thing which, for the sake of argument, we’ll call my thirties, I find that I’m becoming more a fan of the […]

  • It’s Coming!


    Hey, folks! I’m making a little entry here to let you know that I have a book coming out and it has just gone into pre-order! The book is called Abduction Etiquette and it contains about 50 or so monologues that I wrote to perform at open mic nights at coffee houses and the like. […]

  • I Can Quit Whenever I Want


    I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of World of Warcraft lately. I’m sure if a cyber-cop pulled me over on the Information Superhighway and gave me a virtual breathalyzer test I’d be several points over the legal WoW limit. Why am I so captivated?  What is it about this game that’s got me wondering if […]

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