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Half-crazed, introspective discourse on speculative fiction, gaming, social media and general geekery.


  • Podcast Addiction


    Hello, my name is Jim and I’m a podaholic. “Hi, Jim!” I’ve been addicted to podcasts since some time in 2008.  I’m not sure exactly when I started.  It’s all become a kind of blur, really.  I still remember that fateful day when that guy on the street corner waved an iPod at me and […]

  • Running Around Pretending to be Vampires


    “There’s a large group of people in the park all wearing black.  They must be dangerous!” No, we’re not.  We’re just playing a game. Thankfully, the stigma associated with live-action role playing looks to have diminished a bit over the years.  I play in a Vampire: the Requiem LARP with about thirty to fifty people […]

  • Another Blog? What am I THINKING?!!


    A very good question!  Don’t I already have TWO other blogs and a couple of podcasts to do?  It’s not as though I’m exactly overflowing with free time.  And why on Earth should I want to add a new blog to the millions already out there — surely it’ll have even less impact than pouring […]

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