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  • DISCUSSION: Two-Part Session Zeroes


    Sara and I talk about the value of taking Session Zero (a meeting that a tabletop gaming group holds prior to starting a new campaign) and splitting it into two separate sessions. There are a number of benefits to it! Especially for folks who record actual plays. — (I’m sorry to say Sara passed away … … Continue reading →

  • DISCUSSION: Puzzles, Riddles & Mazes


    A little while ago I got a hankering to record some discussions of geek and gaming-related things, and my friend Sara agreed to come along for the ride. In this episode we talk about puzzles, riddles and mazes in tabletop RPGs and how a GM might approach them in a way that’s fun for everyone. […]

  • Diving Twitchward


    In today’s podcast I talk about my recent leap into the media phenomenon that is Twitch streaming. I discuss some of the things I find interesting about the platform and how it’s affected my gaming habits.     Here, have some links: My Twitch Channel Monte Cook Games’ Channel Off the Table The Greyhawk Channel […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 8 – The Works of Douglas Adams


    Believe it or not, I’m finally wrapping up my series on canon! In this last entry, I talk about my favorite author, Douglas Adams and discuss the continuity between various versions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I also discuss the Dirk Gently series, the computer games Adams worked on and his nonfiction work. […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 7 – Terry Pratchett’s Discworld


    We’ve made it to Discworld! In this episode, I talk about the canon of Terry Pratchett’s fantasy-comedy series. I also wander off into another rant about the use and meaning of the word “multiverse.” This series has a huge number of books in it – they’re all in continuity with each other, and yet you […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 6 – H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos


    I have returned to continue rambling about canon! In this episode I talk about the Cthulhu Mythos and stumle over several nigh-unpronounceable names for entities whose merest concepts could drive an ordinary human mad. I also discuss how the nature of the Mythos makes it extremely difficult – perhaps even impossible – to nail down […]

  • Interview: James D’Amato – Dungeon Dome


    James D’Amato, creator of the One Shot group of tabletop gaming podcasts, stopped by to talk about his newest project, Dungeon Dome! Dungeon Dome will be presented to audiences as a series of matches between larger-than-life characters played out on the tabletop. It’s a delicious mashup of D&D and professional wrestling. If you haven’t heard […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 5 – The World of Darkness


    I ramble for way longer than I’d planned about the various versions of White Wolf‘s World of Darkness tabletop RPG titles. For the last quarter of a century, four (soon to be five) editions of WoD games have been released, along with two editions of games set in the alternate reality of the Chronicles of […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 4 – Star Trek & DC


    I misguidedly attempted to wrap up my canon series only to realize I had much more to say than I’d initially reckoned. Ahaha. So, here’s the next part, wherein I tackle two franchises: Star Trek and DC. I also tangent for a bit at the beginning into the recent Darkwing Duck controversy. I also make […]

  • Interview: KT Bryski – Six Stories, Told at Night


    The delightful writer and podcaster KT Bryski and I chatted about her recent release, Six Stories, Told at Night. The audio drama folds traditional French-Canadian folktales into a series of stories about the relationship between two young friends. Those stories are in turn folded into a third overall narrative. It’s excellent stuff and you can […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 3 – The Marvel Cinematic Universe


    Here we have the third part of my ridiculously long ramble about canon in popular media, this time focusing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I chat at length about some of the differences between the movies and the TV shows, the comics and all manner of other things as we continue to explore the question […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 2 – Star Wars


    Here’s the second part of my epically long pseudo-rant about continuity and canon in popular media. I love Star Wars, but in this episode I talk about why I think it’s best to err on the side of caution when chatting about its canon with fellow fans. For many folks, Star Wars is a build-your-own-canon […]

  • Does Canon Matter? Part 1 – Doctor Who


    I set out to do a quick talk about the role of canon in various fandoms and it turned into a massive lecture that I’ll have to split into multiple parts. So, here’s the first part, wherein I talk at length about the canon of Doctor Who (and quite possibly tick off some of my fellow […]

  • Interview: Charles White – Olympus, Inc.


    A few days ago I did a quick interview with Charles White about his crowdfunding project for Olympus, Inc. It’s the first foray into a full-blown RPG setting for his company, Fabled Environments, and it presents a very interesting take on Greek mythology – as seen through the lens of the modern world. The Indiegogo […]

  • Interview: John Wick & Rob Justice – 7th Sea, Second Edition


    My friend Michael Carlucci (of the Chaotic Neutral podcast) and I sit down and interview the developers of the second edition of the glorious fantasy Restoration-era tabletop RPG 7th Sea! We talk about the game’s origins, the ongoing Kickstarter for the new edition and the nature of the changes we can expect to see. We even take […]

  • Discussion: SCARAB 2016


    A few  weeks ago I went to the SCARAB Gaming Convention in Columbia, South Carolina. I had the opportunity to hang out in the media room with some of the folks behind the con along with a couple of gentlemen running some of its events. As it happens, some of them were fellow podcasters! We had a […]

  • Gamesmashery


    Let’s chat for a little while about the idea of using one kind of game to generate ideas for another. I go deep into gamer geekery this episode to explore the idea of creating scenarios for tabletop RPGs using other role playing games or even board games. In my ramblings I bring up a blog […]

  • You Can’t Make Me Laugh


    Society has changed a heck of a lot over the last half-century. I suspect we’re missing some element we used to have and that we’ve become more hollow and paranoid as a result. But when I try to figure out the exact cause of this problem, I can never quite put my finger on it. So […]

  • Discussion: ConCarolinas 2015


    After dealing with several life-altering bits of oddity over the last few months, here finally is a discussion I recorded with some folks a while back as a post-mortem to ConCarolinas this year. Of course, as you’ll hear, there’s already a bit of time-bending in our conversation (as none of us could quite recall what […]

  • I Am Not Dead


    A quick update to let you know I’m still among the living and to watch for more content soon! EDIT: If anyone is in any doubt about the subject of this post in future, it turns out my friend Chris has kindly provided us with a resource that we can check at any time around the […]

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