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  • Discussion: The Hobbit – Book vs Movies


    To kick off 2015 I decided to do something a bit different: a roundtable discussion! There’s much to be said for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies, but how do major Tolkien fans feel about it? I was curious to find out, so I grabbed four people steeped in Hobbit lore and held a discussion full of delicious nerd rage. […]

  • Tales From Black Friday


    I thought I’d end up with no posts this month, but just as I was giving up hope, I stumbled across the hysterical brilliance of the #TalesFromBlackFriday hashtag and felt the need to share it.

  • Who the Hell Am I?


    or Man’s Crisis of Identity in the Earlier Half of the 21st Century This one’s a bit different from my normal ramblings, and is much more introspective than usual. I had something of an epiphany the other day after a slip of the tongue at our local Geek Gala that led me to remember something very […]

  • Pining for the Aughts


    I ramble for a while trying to put my finger on exactly what it is that bothers me about the way social media has changed since the late 00’s. UPDATE: Since recording this, I’ve gone ahead and joined Ello. Here’s my page for anyone who’s currently in the Beta and wants to look me up there and […]

  • Monty Pythontology


    In this ramble recorded a few weeks ago (way back in July – remember July?) I talk about going to see Monty Python Live (Mostly) and my relationship with Monty Python in general. And I digress. A lot.     Download

  • The Numenera Bifrost


    For the second year in a row, one of the other podcasts I’m involved with, Transmissions from the Ninth World, has been nominated for an ENnie Award! So I decided to ramble for a bit about the topic of that podcast, the tabletop RPG Numenera. I look at it as a game that could be […]

  • Monologue: Tour of Hell


    Once again a lot of craziness has been going on so I haven’t had time to put together a proper episode. So here’s another monologue! (Which, as it happens, appears in my book Abduction Etiquette!)

  • Time Tightens Its Grip


    I go on a reflective kickabout and talk about the increasing pressure to do fewer social activities in favor of getting creative work done. This is something that’s been bothering me a lot lately and I decided to talk about it in the hope of relieving a little bit of the pressure. As a result, […]

  • To Puzzle or Not To Puzzle


    I like puzzles. I also like tabletop role-playing games. But for the life of me I have yet to figure out a decent way to combine the two. I love the idea of throwing puzzles at a group of players when I’m running a game, but actually doing it has proven very challenging. Do players […]

  • Con Report: ConCarolinas 2014


    I talk for a while about my recent trip to ConCarolinas and how it smashed my brain about with its many wonders and diversions. Silent movies, alcohol and writing panels galore! (Recorded earlier this week when I was still a bit punchy.) Download Music by Kevin MacLeod

  • Archive Audio: The White Liner!


    I once again find myself trying to ski ahead of a deadline avalanche, so I didn’t have time to do a regular topic this week. So instead, here’s more audio from the vault! This is a faux commercial I came up with in broadcasting school to advertise a faux car. I hope it is to […]

  • Now Entering Headspace


    When I try to come up for a name for a fictional person, place or thing, it can sometimes take me quite a while because I don’t want to choose a name that’s already taking up a big chunk of the public’s mental real estate. In this episode I have a bit of a ramble about […]

  • Monologue: BASILISK!


    So, it seems I managed to utterly fail to prepare a topic this week, so here’s something from my audio archives: a monologue in which I try to sell you a DNA-altering protein drink. I hope it is to your liking! (DISCLAIMER: No basilisks, legendary or otherwise, were harmed in the making of this recording!)   […]

  • Interview: Stephen Hood – Storium


    For this blogcast’s 50th episode, I interview Stephen Hood, one of the creators of Storium, a new online storytelling game. It looks to be a project that will tickle the fancies of writers and gamers alike! It came to my attention when I saw huge numbers of writerfolk and gamerfolk from all over my social media talking about […]

  • My Personal Password Conundrum


    I have a bit of a rant about the use of passwords in the modern age. Perhaps I’m too set in my ways or perhaps I’m just weary of all the wonderful hoops the information age requires us to jump through. Thankfully, this episode is NOT password protected. Yet.     Download

  • Superheroic Anniversaries


    Batman and Superman have recently had their 75th birthdays, along with DC Comics. I decided to ramble for a while about my experiences with those two characters in particular and the effects their stories seem to have – on me, at least.           Download   VIDEOS! It seems I’ve managed to embed […]

  • Deadline Cascade


    Here’s an update of stuff I’ve got going on in the writing and podcasting worlds! I recorded this last Sunday evening and for the last few days I’ve been scrambling about finishing up the current project you’ll hear me discuss in this episode. I also mentioned a few publications my work has recently shown up in. LINKS! In […]

  • Not Everything Sucks


    Let’s have a little chat about negativity and why it’s not as great an idea as it seems.           Download

  • Deadlands and More Deadlands


    Sorry about the delay in getting this one posted, folks. This week I’ve been doing the literary equivalent of trying to ski uphill during an avalanche. So I’ve been a wee bit more distracted than usual. This time I’ve decided to geek out about Deadlands, a Weird Western role playing game. I talk a bit […]

  • Star Thing Apotheosis


    Time for a bit of a ramble about Star Wars and Star Trek, and how the two seem to have become each other. Over time, Star Wars has become more Star Trek-y and Star Trek has become more Star Wars-y. I wonder where it will lead? Download

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