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  • Answering Machine Flashback


    I was going through the contents of an old disk and stumbled across some answering machine messages that I’d recorded and done some audio editing on back in the 90’s – sort of an early example of me playing around with audio from some of the earlier strata of my life. And I thought it […]

  • And Now an Interview with Joel Kinstle


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) When I went to ConCarolinas this year I got a chance to sit down and talk to Joel Kinstle, VP of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the makers of Deadlands and Savage Worlds.  The interview was for one of the shows I do on […]

  • Why I Need a Doctor


    Download   I think I’ve just figured out why Doctor Who is so important to me these days. I know, it’s shocking – a geek like myself being a fan of Doctor Who.  I’ve been one since I was about seven years old.  I’d been hearing for years about that odd, British, science fiction show […]

  • Publication News


    Hey, folks! Just wanted to let you know about a few things of mine that are seeing the light of day. A couple of my monologues were recently published in Main Street Rag, which is a local magazine.  It’s the first time any of my monologues have seen print and I am very excited about […]

  • And Now an Interview with Jennifer Hudock


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: Welcome to jimyesthatjim.com, the blog that continues to exist in spite of itself. For those who are listening or reading this I am online with Jennifer Hudock, who is the author of Goblin Market. The thing that I find most interesting […]

  • Online Gestalt Entities


    I’m about to get into a topic that might tick a few folks off.  You see, this is going to be about something that is fairly commonly done on the internet (in fact, a number of my friends do it) but that I’m not too fond of myself.  Just know that if you happen to […]

  • Living or Dead?!


    It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show, Living or Dead?! Here’s how the rules work: I’m going to name some celebrities and it’s up to you to tell me if they’re still living or if they’re dead! Ready? Here we go! Rodney Dangerfield (Answer: Dead. Though he may still be moving around a bit.) Andy […]

  • A Quick Status Update


    So, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted an entry in a little while. Don’t worry, folks.  I still love you.  I am not seeing other blogs behind your backs.  But unfortunately I got buried under what I can only characterize as a Mountain of Year-End Work.  And so, some of my ongoing projects […]

  • Serve Your Fairies Golden Brown


    Here’s a little suggestion I have for writers of fantasy and horror: fairies should be terrifying. They are not your friends.  They will not whisk you away to a wondrous magical land where you’ll never grow old and you can play happily in golden fields and under the lollipop trees for eternity.  What they’re more […]

  • And Now a Look at Mad Scientist University


    What with Christmahannukwanzaayuladanivus coming up, people have begun scrambling about like ants in a recently-stomped sandbox searching for original-looking gifts to buy.  As it happens, I have a suggestion on that front. Not too long ago I got the opportunity to try out a very interesting game called Mad Scientist University.  It’s been available from […]

  • The Confession of a Talismaniac


    I discovered the board game Talisman back in the 90’s, when it was just coming out with its 3rd edition. I had a bunch of friends – henceforth known as “pushers” – who initiated me into the ways of that game with its 2nd edition. We only played once or twice but that was enough […]

  • And Now an Interview with J.C. Hutchins


    (The audio of this interview is available at the bottom of this post!) JR: Welcome to the experience that is Jim – Yes, THAT Jim, the blog that is constantly stumbling over itself trying to figure out what it is. JCH: I’m just glad I actually know who “that Jim” actually is now! JR: I’m […]

  • Personal Branding (Yeeee… Ha?)


    Howdy, partners. I expect some of y’all are curious about the art o’ Personal Brandin’.  Step on up to the fire-pit and grab a hot iron, if you think you’re ready.  It takes a brave one to do it, but once everybody sees that there emblem on you, the folks’ll flock to you like a […]

  • A Quick Announcement… and a Retraction


    Hey, folks! Just in case anyone might still be wondering, no, I was NOT really hacked!  That last blog entry was a promo.  So, no need to worry about that! Just wanted to record a quick update and let you know that I shall be conspicuously absent for the next few days because I am […]

  • The Evils of So[ CONTENT OVERRIDE: KILROY2.0 IS HERE!!! ]


    Something has been seriously bugging me lately.  I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but have you noticed something peculiar that’s started to happen when they stick an animated character into a film? I thought I was imagining it at first, but after the most recent batch of summer blockbusters, I realized […]

  • Do I Want to RSVP for the Marvel/Disney Wedding?


    So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so I’m sure you heard that Disney purchased Marvel Comics. For the most part this doesn’t bother me too much. These kinds of things happen all the time. I understand that Disney has many departments and isn’t necessarily the evil empire a […]

  • The Grinder vs The Showboat in RPGs


    Here’s a question that comes up from time to time when I’m playing role-playing games.  Is it better for your character to have a mechanical advantage on its character sheet or to have a non-mechanical advantage gained through role-playing with NPCs and interacting with the plot? I realize that with a question of that level […]

  • Thought Without Thinking


    Whenever I talk about my own thought process, I feel as though I’m about to attempt an impossible task.  After all, it’s not possible to talk about what a maze looks like from the outside when you’ve never been outside the maze, is it?  It’s like trying to see the top of your own head […]

  • Why I Use Emoticons


    Do you do a lot of texting?  E-mailing?  Tweeting?  Facebooking?  Livejournaling?  Other web-related things? I do a fair amount of all that and more and I freely admit that I make use of emoticons.  You know, those little symbols people make out of their keystrokes to show that they’re smiling    :), winking ;), frowning

  • Kicking the Tires on 4th Edition D&D


    The amount of vitriol being spewed all over the place over the most recent edition wars going on with Dungeons & Dragons – even more than a year after 4th Edition’s premier – is mind-boggling, but I try not to let it affect me. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “4th Edition ISN’T Dungeons […]

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