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  • ana036: Post-Libertarianism | A Strategy for Libertarian Communities?

    27/05/2023 Duration: 01h48min

    We grapple with the recent “Post-Libertarian” vs. “Lolbert” schism in the broader liberty movement. Are libertarian principles antithetical to achieving a libertarian society? Use hashtag #ana036 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more----   Intro What is Post-libertarianism? Are we Lolberts? Discussion A schism in libertarianism: Post-libertarians vs Lolberts The Covid response – Threats of authoritarianism are no longer theoretical Ease of putting draconian measures in place The message of liberty isn’t enough. People aren’t interested in our kind of freedom They will never leave you alone Pete Quinones – the "actually records podcast episodes" strategy The Not Racist throat clear Zoning is racist The left runs right to the bottom of the slippery slope Class issues as race issues We solved racism Post-libertarianism – What’s it all about? Mostly about racism LOL Former libertarians more focused on pragmatism Lolber

  • ana035: Citizen of Nowhere Part 3 | Immigration is a Public Space Issue

    21/06/2022 Duration: 01h38min

    We “rap up” our long lost “Citizen of Nowhere” series, and apply our theory of public space to present a unique perspective on the immigration debate. Can Hoppean principles justify open borders? Use hashtag #ana035 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at   ----more----Intro A fancy “shout out” to old school rap group Endz n Meanz Discussion We started the conversation on immigration, then lost interest Lions of Liberty Debate on Open Borders – Dave Smith vs. Spike Cohen. “Recent” for us means “within the past 12 months or so” Tim’s Public Space theory We want to challenge the one thing Dave and Spike agreed on – exclusive private ownership of public space In a libertarian society, there should be public spaces where the owners can’t exclude people without cause Episode 19 – bad audio, “like reading the dictionary” Hoppe – Of Common, Public, and Private Property Ground our theory within Rothbardian/Hoppean theory Outline Owne

  • ana034: Designing Liberland | Tim's Porcfest 2021 Speech

    12/08/2021 Duration: 01h52min

    Tim presented our entry to the Liberland International Design Competition at Porcfest 2021. His talk covered: The geographical and political history of Liberland Site and ecology, ground conditions, flooding Energy, Water, Wastewater Infrastructure Transportation Our proposed site layout Blockchain based development incentivisation and infrastructure DAO’s THE LIBERTARIUM Q&A Download Slideshow (PDF) Our entry to the Liberland Design Competition (download PDF) Use hashtag #ana034 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment. View full show notes at   ----more----Intro (1:55) Liberland is not developable land… Our entry to the Liberland design competition We submitted an engineering report to an architecture design competition Honourable Mention Award Porcfest NHExit venue Over 2,000 people Some real heavyweights Shout outs A 2 hour conversation about privatizing public space (who would listen to 2 hours of.. oh wait) Winner

  • ana033: Tim Battles Town Hall | Tom Woods Interviews Tim | Short Term Rental Ordinance

    12/03/2021 Duration: 02h28min

    We released episode ana027: 11 SPOOKY Fears about Short Term Rentals | ASSUAGED! on Halloween in 2019. Hours later, there was a multiple homicide at an Airbnb renter’s Halloween party in Orinda, CA. Tim wrote a blog post discussing this incident with a view towards understanding what went so wrong. In November 2019, Tom Woods interviewed Tim about the Orinda shooting and the broader topic of short term rentals. This was a more succinct presentation of our earlier episode, but they also covered some new ground. Since then, Tim has spent over a year arguing against new regulations on short term rentals in his home town in Maine. At the same time, he renovated his basement into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for short-term rental in a race against the clock. This episode starts with Tim’s interview on The Tom Woods Show, and then Tim reveals all the gory reality of small town politics. We close out with some profound lessons learned for libertarian principles and strategy. Use hashtag #ana033 to reference

  • ana032: HVAC vs. COVID: Will Schools Spread Airborne Infection? | with Goshe and Joe from Angineering.Tech

    20/08/2020 Duration: 02h25min

    If COVID-19 is airborne, will it spread in classrooms? Can HVAC systems reduce this risk, or will they spread it through entire school buildings? Goshe King and Joe Green are HVAC engineers and the voices behind the Angineering Tech podcast. We have a detailed technical discussion covering: Biomechanics of the virus (aerosol vs. droplet spread) Anatomy of an HVAC system How ventilation and filtration can reduce probability of infection UV and HEPA air purifiers Can schools be retrofitted with effective systems? Operational strategies for HVAC systems Masks – what can they do, and what can’t they do? Joe’s crackpot theory Use hashtag #ana032 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Definitions, Acronyms, and Jargon ACH – Air Changes per Hour; how frequently the entire volume of air in the room is circulated through the ventilation system. 2 ACH means that the air is replaced every 30 minutes (60/2), 6

  • ana031: Liberland Design Competition 2020 | Daniela Ghertovici Interview

    14/07/2020 Duration: 01h23min

    Want to design a libertarian micronation?  Daniela Ghertovici, Founder and Director of ArchAgenda LLC, joins us to discuss the Liberland Design Competition 2020, which she is curating. Daniela is also curating the Free Private Cities Architecture Symposium on July 18, 2020. It's a free online event with no less than three former Anarchitecture guests: Patrik Schumacher, Titus Gebel, and Scott Beyer. Register now at We can't mention Patrik Schumacher without talking about parametricism, which ArchAgenda LLC was established to promote. Patrik is Daniela's PhD advisor, and together with Lars Van Vianen they are launching Use hashtag #ana031 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Intro  Liberland "Greenfieldism" (building a new system) as a third alternative to political action (changing an existing

  • ana030: The ABC's of Market Urbanism | Scott Beyer Interview

    26/06/2020 Duration: 01h22min

      "Market Urbanism is the intersection of urban issues and free market philosophy."   We interview Scott Beyer of the Market Urbanism Report to introduce the ideas of Market Urbanism and discuss a broad sweep of issues in housing, transportation, and governance.   Use hashtag #ana030 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment   View full show notes at   Intro   Contrition Joe's urbanism crash course Tim met some OG Market Urbanists Scott Beyer and the Market Urbanism Report Demystifying urbanist jargon Market Urbanists are down in the trenches We are explicitly ideological, Scott is more pragmatic Urban issues have a natural affinity for libertarian solutions - becuase they work Three broad categories - Housing, Transportation, and Governance The Anarchitecture Podcast All-Star Game (details in links below)   Discussion   What is Market Urbanism? Cross between free-market policy and urban issues Theory - how would decentralized priva

  • ana029: Hospital Space is Inhibited, so Public Space is Prohibited

    16/05/2020 Duration: 01h28min

    How does a quarantine affect public space? Why aren’t there enough ICU beds? Tim reflects on his experience designing hospitals to explain why the US healthcare infrastructure may be ill-equipped to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Spoiler alert: It’s far from anything resembling a free market. This stress on the healthcare system has been used to justify unprecedented restrictions on the use of government-owned public space. How would private owners of public space manage infection risk in a stateless society? Use hashtag #ana029 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Discussion Our recording schedule is a victim of daylight savings time Tim’s history with healthcare infrastructure Peak vs. average capacity Myopic medical experts Tradeoffs between deaths from the virus and deaths from economoc destruction Unique challenges of the COVID-19; patients on ventilators and ICU for weeks Three constraints Ro

  • ana028: Anarchitecture 101 | John Ellis Interviews Tim

    29/01/2020 Duration: 01h57min

    John Ellis is a student in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is also, arguably more auspiciously, a long-time Anarchitecture Podcast listener. Tim has been working with John over the past few months as an advisor for his thesis project. John was recently given an assignment to record a podcast for one of his classes, and interviewed Tim in a wide-ranging discussion which John's class will be forced to listen to. Use hashtag #ana028 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more----Intro Tim has been advising John on his thesis project for his Masters in Architecture Degree. This is also a good "101" level introduction to the Anarchitecture podcast. Tim gives a summary of some topics we have covered to date for any new listeners. Discussion John showed our website to his class. Scorn ensued. Tim's path to architecture Creative multidime

  • ana027: 11 Spooky Fears About Short-Term Rentals | ASSUAGED!!!

    31/10/2019 Duration: 02h25min

     Tim rents his home as a short-term rental on summer weekends. Why is this so scary to everyone else?  We discuss eleven fears about short-term rentals, one of which is legitimate. Fear not, we have a non-governmental solution for that one. All others will be #ASSUAGED!!!  11 Fears About Short Term Home Rentals Fear #1 - Home rentals hurt a town's "character" Fear #2 - Home rentals make housing less affordable Fear #3 - Home rentals are unsafe Fear #4 - Home rentals are not in compliance with building codes Fear #5 - Home rentals are not licensed and inspected as lodging places Fear #6 - Home rentals are preparing and serving food without a license Fear #7 - Home rentals are not ADA / FHA compliant for accessibility for people with disabilities Fear #8 - Home rentals do not have adequate insurance Fear #9 - Home rentals are not paying taxes Fear #10 - Home rentals are unfair competition to hotels Fear #11 - Home rentals are creating nuisances Use hashtag #ana027 to reference this episode in a

  • ana026: Music of Anarchitecture | Joe on Sounds Like Liberty

    05/09/2019 Duration: 01h12min

    Joe was interviewed on the "Sounds Like Liberty" podcast about: The music of Anarchitecture Podcast Our band The making of "Theme from Friends Against Government" How naming our band killed our faith in democracy (and might get us in trouble someday) 5 (or 10) albums that everybody needs to hear Check out our band "Diametric" at, where you can stream our music and find links to spotify, itunes, and several other platforms. Use hashtag #ana026 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Intro Intro to Sounds Like Liberty - Nicky P and Lizzie The Launch Pad Media Free Markets Green Earth We do our own music The Bad Joke Trumpet and the Uh Oh Tuba The Friends Against Government Podcast - bringing new friends together Our musical history Pulling the family card to shanghai our bassist Songs for libertarians "Woulda Coulda Shoulda" - the #nocoiner anthem "Romance of R

  • ana025: Free Private Cities | Titus Gebel Interview

    18/07/2019 Duration: 01h09min

    We interview Titus Gebel, the Founder, President and CEO of Free Private Cities Inc. Free Private Cities is working towards building new, greenfield cities using a model of individual bilateral contracts between each citizen and the city owner/operator. In his book, "Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete for You," Titus describes why and how Free Private Cities should be developed. Use hashtag #ana025 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Intro The Free Private Cities Concept Individual contracts A simple idea, with profound consequences Autonomy from the host nation Real World prototypes: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore Unique forms of urban development Patrik Schumacher - Market Based Urban Order Open to market experimentation Competing service provider models Incentives to cover maintenance costs Book: Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete for You by Titus Gebel Discussio

  • ana024: Stroads to Destatalization | Chuck Marohn Interview Breakdown

    20/06/2019 Duration: 57min

    We expand on some of the more challenging issues raised during our interview with Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns in episode #ana023. Use hashtag #ana024 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Intro "The thing that we're concerned about is the coercion, not the government per se." Discussion Strong Towns - more pragmatic, less ideological "You don't need to be open-minded when you have all the answers" What actions can you take? Start at Strong Towns. Libertarian approaches tend to strengthen towns and cities The Movie Theater Conundrum revisited Minarchism - The belief that the government is inherently, throughly, and incorrigibly incompetent and corrupt, and that the one issue most important to them can only be addressed competently and justly by the government If you want resilient, incremental, bottom-up development, empowering government to pick winners and losers is a bad idea The revocation clause Incentivi

  • ana023: Strong Towns for Libertarians | Chuck Marohn Interview

    18/05/2019 Duration: 01h27min

      Chuck Marohn's "Strong Towns" philosophy has been a huge influence on our thinking. has grown from a personal blog into one of the most influential urbanist movements in America, with thousands of members and millions of readers worldwide.   Strong Towns is common sense, yet iconoclastic: Cities and towns need to manage their finances responsibly, and develop their infrastructure accordingly.   While Chuck's prognoses may sound pessimistic, he believes that positive changes must happen at the level of the local community, rather than chasing easy money from Wall Street and Washington. This is an approach that we can get behind.   Chuck's forthcoming book "Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity" is available for pre-order, and will be released on October 1st, 2019.   Use hashtag #ana023 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment   View full show notes and links at ----more----   Intro   Tim met Chu

  • ana022: AGENDA 21 Doesn't Exist | Free Market Nature Preserves | Who's Down With PPP?

    01/05/2019 Duration: 01h02min

     We expand on some of the AGENDA 21 topics raised in episode #ana021. We expand on Smart Growth, libertarian approaches to preserving nature, and Public-Private Partnerships.  Use hashtag #ana022 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment  View full show notes at ----more----   Intro #ana021 was like drinking from a fire hose. This episode is smooth sippin'. Discussion Revisiting Smart Growth Rosa Koire - Throws out the baby with the bathwater A better criticism of Smart Growth, from Strong Towns Smart Growth is planned growth? Babcock Ranch, FL - The first 100% solar city Agenda 21 doesn't exist? Libertarian approaches to preservation American Prairie Reserve (APR) Are the Rockefellers still relevant? Economic power vs. coercive power - gutting local ranching industries The Totality of Morality Putting price on the land Federal lands - preserved for resource extraction Bison will always be cattle to me Federal land reclamation movement

  • ana021: AGENDA 21!!! | Friends Against Government

    19/04/2019 Duration: 02h12min

    We join the Friends Against Government Podcast for a "Conspiracy Court" trial of UN AGENDA 21. From Smart Meters, to Smart Growth, to Smart Cities, to Smart Deer, how afraid should we be? This episode is Not Suitable for Work, or really for any self-respecting human being. Use hashtag #ana021 to reference this episode in a tweet, post, or comment View full show notes at ----more---- Intro The @CarCampIt bump The Friends Against Government Podcast Cryptids, Cryptoanimalia, Cryptozoology, and... Dark Tom Woods? Conspiracy Court New Theme Song More singing than is really called for The real Fake Michael McDonald Yacht Rock Michael McDonald - The Godfather of Rap Facetious Humor Discussion Introductions The Dan Carlin Release Schedule Earth Sandwich Dark Tom Woods The Pinnacle of All Engineering - the SALES ENGINEER Free Staters, Pre-Staters, and De-Staters Lake Effect Snow Skiing - "I know you're a fan of Backcountry" CONSPIRACY COURT UN AGENDA 21 - the

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