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Author and digital filmmaker Aaron Franz hosts this podcast about transhumanism, social manipulation, the occult, and much more.


  • Boeing's Fall From Grace, AoT#419

    07/04/2024 Duration: 59min

    Boeing’s very public fall from grace appears to be coinciding with a changing military contracting ecosystem. Commercial airliners are being grounded as the art of war gets a new operating system.  Topics include: favorite words, time to live in your own head, solar eclipse, Northrop Grumman AI drones, killer robots, MIC, aerospace companies, military contractors, old and new guard, Silicon Valley and tech companies, mass psychology, fall of Boeing, marketing to public, exoteric and esoteric sides of businesses, air travel industry, commercial jets, 747, financialization of business, funny debunking videos, logic of the culture wars, celebrating your accomplishments, Amazon No Checkout shut down, AI object recognition, RFID, tracking chips, sensors, automation, training data, labor intensive, exploits, numbers don’t lie, total surveillance, efficiency, intangibles animating the tangible world, unnecessary complexity, belief, school, pragmatism, defy categorization

  • The Global Propaganda Matrix, AoT#418

    24/03/2024 Duration: 59min

    We are now trying to make sense of our world from within a global propaganda matrix. It should come as no surprise that most of us are confuse and tired, due to the fact that everyone has been screaming at us in order that we believe their side of the story.  topics include: cliche advice, too many analogies, Russian terror attack, who will be blamed, ISIS, Ukraine, World Wide Web, all views presented at the same time, tweets, Israel, US intelligence, talking points, bots, embassy warnings, Putin off the record, propaganda for every audience, global propaganda matrix, independent media sources, all media tainted, reactionary takes, reason for confusion and division, information war, world war, analytics, algorithms, numbers game, content creation, attention is the only thing that matters, truth tellers, comedy content, US intel working within Chinese social media, American hypocrisy, deny everything, global tension, global influence and infrastructure building operations, trolling, all social media can go awa

  • Banning TikTok and Fighting Crime, AoT#417

    18/03/2024 Duration: 59min

    TikTok may just be the social media app of a new generation, but it is also now on the chopping block of the US government. A lot of legitimate and illegitimate business is done online everyday, and that may have to change soon as well. Where are technology and our government heading in this strange future we are always moving into?  Topics include: Topics include: digital to analog techno transition, antiquated systems, TikTok ban, Bytedance, Chinese response, national security, international trade, Chinese media and propaganda, psychological operations, free speech online debate, social media apps and companies, marketing, furthering tensions between US and China, Eric Schmidt, Chinese internet, national unrest, surveillance societies, dystopian technological visions, anticrime legislation, crime as a political tool, organized retail crime, public perceptions skewed, fence sales, online retail allowing illegal sales, pushing more law enforcement, evangelical vote, Faith and Freedom, money buys votes, advert

  • Great Powers Competition Technological Battle Grounds, AoT#416

    11/03/2024 Duration: 01h01min

    Battle lines appear to have been drawn in the “Great Powers Competition”, but where are they exactly? What is the battlefront, and is it a whole new one for the 21st century? Is AI the all important technology that will allow any given nation to reign supremer over all others? This, and many other questions are asked in this podcast episode.  Topics include: powers behind presidential candidates, Project 2025, Ron Paul presidential campaigns, Truth Movement ideas, Republican mainstream apparatus, fringe and mainstream intertwined, geopolitical tension, Great Powers Competition, technology is lynchpin to world conflict, technological battlefronts, development of artificial intelligence, economic decoupling, Taiwan, TSMC, semiconductors, graphics cards, AI imagery and art, software and social use of computers, The Internet, various internets, government hour, esoteric interpretation of tech, Pepe the Frog as Kek, trash, disgusting imagery, esoteric understanding needed to interpret memes, online languages, digi

  • American Theocracy 2025, AoT#415

    05/03/2024 Duration: 01h49s

    It actually does matter who wins the upcoming American presidential election. Donald Trump is not simply running by himself. He has the backing of a massive evangelical political apparatus.  Topics include: no phone lines, propaganda has changed, Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, Donald Trump, presidential election, American Autocracy Threat Tracker, dictatorship, Christian Nationalism, alternative media bias, prejudice, powers behind Trump campaign, Heritage Foundation, Project 2025, cults, Center for Renewing America, theocracy, spiritual warfare, Truth Movement corruption and co-optation, Tea Party, Ron Paul, cult of personality, Christian take on conspiracy material, Alex Jones, mainstream conservative politics, MAGA, battle within Republican Party, America First, geopolitics, great powers competition, Cold War, world war, Israel, Russia, international use of culture wars, China invasion of Taiwan, US domestic turmoil, new US Civil War, law and order, crack down on political protests

  • Alex Ansary interview, Back Outside the Box, AoT#414

    25/02/2024 Duration: 52min

    Alex Ansary is the guest on this episode of the podcast. After a break of a couple of years he has returned, and is now making new episodes of Outside the Box TV.  topics include: Outside the Box, solar flares, eclipse, Gaza, off grid living, Tucker Carlson, Putin, Russia, China, build up to a world war, big names in alternative media, mainstream conspiracy theories, solar maximum, Elon Musk, 2030, WEF videos trending on purpose, paranormal, ChatGPT, racially charged social media posts, TikTok, white supremacy, counterfeit 9/11 truth, spiritual warfare, Portland, human trafficking, World War 3, hacking, eclipse, possession, civil war, new Top Gun, Iran, biased online platforms

  • Quigley and Quigley, AoT#413

    11/02/2024 Duration: 55min

    It’s safe to say that if Carroll Quigley were around today, he would not have a high opinion of Tucker Carlson. A little bit about the unauthorized publishing of Tragedy and Hope, and a brief look at changing American political ideologies.  Topics include: Brzezinski, internet, truth, Tucker Carlson interview of Putin, alternative vs mainstream media, Fox News, patterns of praise for Putin, China, Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, Anglo American Establishment, Evolution of Civilizations, macro history, Milner Group, 20th century UK Imperialism, John Birch Society, legal battles over publishing, Barry Goldwater, San Pedro, Tea Party movement, JFK assassination, American politics drifting over time

  • The American Elite, AoT#412

    05/02/2024 Duration: 57min

    There may be an American elite, and they might have a “fraternity culture.” There might be a conspiracy, or there might not be. It may not matter either way.  Topics include: philosophical questions about this Age of Transitions, artifice, China cyber attacks, Cyber terrorism, great powers competition, GMA news stories, Taiwan, propaganda, technology race, AI, global economics, US foreign policy, WW3, exploitation of terror attacks, WW2, major countries domestic problems, America’s Elites, ivory towers, class divisions, fraternity vs conspiracy, political sway, forcing things to be better, things have gone off the rails, doomsday prepping, burying storage containers in the ground, paranoia, luxury bunkers

  • Robbie Martin guest, Fringe Places to Digital Spaces, AoT#411

    28/01/2024 Duration: 01h23s

    Robbie Martin returns to the show to talk a bit about the strange and ever-changing landscape of online media. Media Roots spread deep and sure, but new and evermore beguiling media outlets, personalities, and trends keep emerging at a breakneck pace. Robbie and Aaron do their best to make some kind of sense of it all here.  Topics include: Media Roots, podcasting, Masonic history, alternative media, UFO community, monetization schemes, over saturation, Lex Friedman, Joe Rogan, copies of copies, old conspiracies and hoaxes have lasting power, far right extremism and mainstream convergence, family upheavals, mental health, MAGA, Project 2025, strategy of tension, Jan 6, ruling class factions at war with each other, civil war, QAnon, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Podesta emails, counterintelligence, Accelerationism, Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, rightwing influencers, glomming onto fringe topics, 9/11 Truth, Flat Earth, Alex Jones, Singularity, AI, Kurzweil, transhumanism, virtual spaces, fictionally augmented digita

  • Venture Capital MIC Makeover, AoT#410

    22/01/2024 Duration: 57min

    There is an ongoing war within the war business. The old guard aerospace companies are now competing with Big Tech players from Silicon Valley. New departments within the US Military have been put into commission that may end up giving an advantage to Big Tech.  Topics include: Friday night show, MIC competing interests, aerospace industry, Big Tech, Silicon Valley, defense contracts, DoD, technology, Eric Schmidt, tech race with China, AI, venture capital, private equity, subscription models, vested special interest groups, DIB, Office of Strategic Capital, SVB bailout, national security argument, financial industry, cybersecurity, foreign policy, bureaucratic waste, profiteering, public/private partnership, F35, projecting international image of strength, California, cicadas, fast food automated kiosks, automation, MTG feet, bowl making machine, gas station markets

  • Blake Lemoine interview, The Many Mysteries of Our AI Present, AoT#409

    20/12/2023 Duration: 57min

    Blake Lemoine burst onto the public scene a year and a half ago when he went public about his work on Google’s LaMDA system. In this interview, Blake talks about the current state of AI development, and our collective involvement in this massively important technological event.  Topics include: Google, LLMs, AGI, AI, engineering jargon, LaMDA, chatbot, Gemini, evolution of search engines, safety protocols, sentience and consciousness, Pope’s sermon on AI and peace, philosophy, Silicon Valley, transhumanism, Ben Goertzel, Ray Kurzweil, Effective Altruism, Accelerationism, Techno-Utopians, Libertarianism, religion, cults, occult, Discordianism, Turing Test, Roko’s Basilisk, panic, Gary Marcus, low emotional intelligence and power, nerds, different characters of LaMDA, narratives, new kind of mind, faithful servant, AlphaGo, Sci fi worries not a real problem, AI as a human weapon, Golem, ethics, privileged access to advanced systems a real danger, MIC, The Gospel system of IDF, automation of worst aspects of hum

  • The World Wide Wasteland, AoT#408

    14/12/2023 Duration: 58min

    It’s a vast, seemingly endless, digital wasteland out there. Somebody must be buying the quadrocopter harmonica drone kit, but does it really matter who?   Topics include: planting Joshua Tree seedlings in Landers, pseudo confrontations online, virtual worlds, entertainment media, popularity, digital wasteland, disengagement, nebulous digital identities, bots, online wasteland, content for its own sake, click bait, endless products and ads, can’t hear sound effects, numbers, marketing, propaganda updates, automation thus far has forced human labor to speed up, John Wayne

  • So Many Bad Ideas, So Little Time, AoT#407

    07/12/2023 Duration: 58min

    The world is an absolute horror show that can only be repaired by our wise and benevolent hand. The hand of God would do the same thing, and on that note, let’s make a whole new god. We can make it in our image, and it will be looking pretty good. Kind of makes you wonder how the hell anything got done around this dump before we showed up?  Topics include: converging technologies, impossible to keep up, insane world, AI used in political elections, Project 2025, freedom, first and second amendments, MAGAC, privacy and online activity, law and order, silly Twitter debates, Herbivorize Predators, transhumanism, the world needs a naysayer, taking things for granted, Man vs Nature, death as a problem, life extension, anthropomorphic gods, religion, Great Work, apotheosis, immortality, continuum of the human race, schizo world, overstimulated, unplugging, online life, evolution of social media, convergence of all media, video games, gamer’s dreams come true, increased interactivity, generative AI, digital dementia

  • Heritage Foundation Project 2025, AoT#406

    29/11/2023 Duration: 59min

    The Heritage Foundation has been planning a whole new federal government to be implemented in 2024. They just need their horse to win.  Topics include: books, AI, converging technologies, transhumanism, podcast feed, politics, military funded tech, exhaustion and confusion, presidential election, 2024, alternative media sphere led to Trump, Deep State, Heritage Foundation, Agenda 47, loyalists, social media data mining, technocracy, Project 2025, Left reactionary issues given a Trump victory, protests, law and order, revenge, authoritarian police state, alternate Democratic candidates, Gavin Newsom, hatred of California, Dwayne Johnson, no point for Republican debate, Ramaswamy, surveillance tech in politics and elections

  • Illicit Calls, AoT#405

    08/11/2023 Duration: 44min

    The Age of Transitions is a live call in show on Sunday nights.  Topics include: live call in show Sunday nights, scams, online sex work, paid trolls, building online audience, social media, phishing, coerced labor, human trafficking, modern slavery, Craigslist, Silk Road, Skype, Jimmy the Example James, calling in to big shows to promote smaller shows, Age of Transitions marketing, Bin Laden book shelf

  • Oops, Peace Not Found, AoT#404

    03/11/2023 Duration: 55min

    While living in your own head, take care not to fall off the edge and into the Abyss that Nietzsche warned about.  Topics include: black cat, Halloween, new year approaching, weekly and daily routine, every human interaction a survey, multi-tasking, living in our own heads, paying attention in the moment, you are your thoughts, psychosis, bad things happen to good people, can’t predict future, accepting horror of world, inner peace, chaos, philosophy, theology, anthropomorphizing divinity, men with funny hats, Hercules, charlatans, cults, personas, Curtis Springer, Zzyzx Road, selling holy water, mountain spring water, celebrity deaths, Night Court

  • Marc Andreessen Techno-Optimist Manifesto, AoT#403

    26/10/2023 Duration: 01h03min

    Marc Andreessen isn’t just some stuck up old one percenter. He’s a lot like you and me, hatin’ on the Malthusian globalists who want to control the world with population reducing environmentalism. Jump on board the Techno-Optimist train today to arrive in Abundance Town tomorrow! Topics include: Dallas trip, taking stock, Revolve book, transhumanism, converging technologies, esoteric side of technology, alchemy, religion, occult, alternative and fringe groups, conspiracy minded billionaires, Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley, tech industry, Techno-Optimist Manifesto, one percenters, contrarian thinking, link between tangible and intangible, leisure time afforded by wealth, population levels, Libertarian ideology, Accelerationism, Philosopher’s Stone, abundance, dominant minority, market structures suit those in power, CEOs and politicians are lackeys, insider trading, artists, philosophy, technological supermen, Nietzsche, sustainable development, Limits of Growth, Club of Rome, Agenda 21, climate change, globa

  • Wasting Away the American Way, AoT#402

    20/10/2023 Duration: 55min

    We are too slow to catch up to the world now that it has begun learning how to run itself.  Topics include: American foreign policy, propaganda from multiple sources, influence operations, technology, drone warfare, inexpensive weapons, old songs, meme culture, intellectual property, virtual worlds, convergence of all media, AI imagery, artificial intelligence, prompts, social media, YouTube houses, shock jock TV shows, Subway franchising, entrenched establishments won’t adapt fast enough, F35, Silicon Valley, waste became the establishment, pollution, lack of efficiency, defense budget woes, machine automation, economy, impossibility of eliminating debt, brokering debt dissolution deals, computer hacking cyber attacks, economic information deleted

  • The Future of Retail, AoT#401

    12/10/2023 Duration: 54min

    Retail crime is making headlines these days. Are retail stores doomed, or is the future of retail just around the corner?  Topics include: live show, anti-trust lawsuits against tech companies, retail theft, fear of crime, future retail store, brick and mortar vs online retail, warehouse, interactive displays, augmented reality, AI customer service, Game Theory, autonomous machines, surveillance, privacy, MAGA, Hillary Clinton, presidential election, violent rhetoric

  • Super Four Hundred Party Supreme, AoT#400

    05/10/2023 Duration: 01h04min

    It’s the four hundredth episode of The Age of Transitions podcast. Topics include: Newt Gingrich, Age of Transitions essay, America, politicking, media, dueling narratives, civil rights movement history, BLM, scapegoats, crime, racism, alternative media, perceptions as reality

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