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  • Dominic Grossman and Katie DeSplinter Talk about Running

    26/11/2012 Duration: 52min

    Dominic Grossman and Katie DeSplinter join TRN to talk about their experience at Liza Howard’s recent trail running camp with Team RWB, Katie’s recent win at Ozark Trail 100, How long does it take to get “race ready”, Their training schedule, Two-legged Star Wars creatures.

  • Warren Pole: Ultra Running and Work

    21/11/2012 Duration: 01h09min

    Our favorite Brit, UTMB finisher, good friend of the Mayor of Chamonix, and journalist extraordinaire: Warren Pole joins us to discuss how ultra running can teach us to be better in our professional careers... or can it? Warren drops Aristotle-like philosophy on the Nation Membership.

  • Picking running partners: a discussion with Carilyn Johnson

    16/11/2012 Duration: 58min

    Running partners can inspire motivate and help you reach your potential. Choose the wrong running partner and they may just drive you crazy. Ultra runner, Coach, Mother, and three-time member of the USA's 24-hour team and "smart aleck": Carilyn Johnson joins the nation to discuss important considerations to keep in mind when choosing who you run with.

  • Dr. Cucuzzella’s 3 tips for more efficient running

    09/11/2012 Duration: 53min

    The Trail Runner Nation's Doctor, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, is in the house and talks about 3 simple tips to think about as you are training in the coming months: don't overstride, lengthen your posture and go nip to hip!

  • Are you tough enough – with Ashley Walsh

    02/11/2012 Duration: 01h01min

    Ashley Walsh, a multi-100 mile finisher, free-lance writer, and tough chick, talks about how to become tougher, can you lose your toughness, how to train yourself to be tougher, etc.

  • PEK / Tailwind Challenge – Week 2

    02/11/2012 Duration: 05min

    [tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Lace up your shoes and jump into the 2nd week challenge of the PEK / Tailwind contest.  Listen to this short podcast announcement and then click HERE to share your story. [/tab] [tab title="Listen"] You can find us on iTunes or listen by using the player below. [/tab] [tab title="Download"] Click [...]

  • A record-breaking year for Mike Morton

    30/10/2012 Duration: 55min

    Mike Morton continues to have an amazing come back. In the last race season, not only did he win every race he entered, but he set new records as well. Mike is also an Ambassador for Team RWB and will be a coach at the upcoming trail running clinic on November 9-12, 2012 in Texas.

  • You know you’re an ultra runner if….

    24/10/2012 Duration: 57min

    Do you need to know if you're an ultra runner? Check out this link on and join us as we discuss the list of reasons you may be an ultra runner.

  • It’s all in your head – Anna Hughes

    19/10/2012 Duration: 37min

    [tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Anna Hughes, ultra runner from Germany, mother of two and full-time employee talks to us about how important mental training is to ultra running. By training your mind, it is proven, your performance will increase.  Anna discusses what has worked for her in her running career. Anna is the creator of, [...]

  • Fall Training & Training Camp with Liza Howard

    17/10/2012 Duration: 46min

    Ultra Runner and running coach, Liza Howard joins us to talk about fall training and a great training camp she is hosting in Texas on November 9-12, 2012. Team RWB is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that is helping our U.S. veterans reintegrate into civilian life through a physical activity and community. There will be many high-profile runners and coaches on staff to help you become a better trail runner. You don't have to be a veteran to attend, but if you are... it's free of charge!!!

  • Where the wild things are – Adam Bradley goes 4700 miles!

    13/10/2012 Duration: 01h06min

    Our second interview with Adam Bradley, aka Krudmeister, a record-holding long-distance treker! The last time we talked to him he had just set a world record for a self supported Pacific Crest Trail trek. This summer Adam did a self-supported, human-powered trek over 4700 miles from Reno, NV to the Bearing Sea in Alaska. This is an amazing story of endurance. We talk "Krudmeister" about his 2 1/2 month journey through some of the American Continents most beautiful country, the wildlife he encountered, and his determination to keep going day after day.

  • Triple Dose of Jimmy Dean Freeman

    05/10/2012 Duration: 58min

    [tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Jimmy Dean Freeman Runs the Lake Tahoe Marathon Super Triple   He shows up to run 3 marathons in 3 days.  How did 3 marathons  turn into 124.6 miles ?  We bring JDF in studio to tell his story and  to help tune him up  as he is  the featured  Motivational Speaker at the [...]

  • Jamie Walker Part 2- POST Race: Palm to Pines 100 mile Endurance Run

    03/10/2012 Duration: 15min

    [tabs] [tab title="Description" ] STOP: Listen to Part 1 first Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She discusses her experiences at her first 100 mile race: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run. In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review [...]

  • Jamie Walker Part 1-PRE Race: Palm to Pines 100 mile Endurance Run

    03/10/2012 Duration: 17min

    [tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She is preparing for her first 100 mile endurance run: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run.  In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review these same questions and [...]

  • Aliza Lapierre: you never know who is in your back seat

    27/09/2012 Duration: 01h13min

    We catch up to Aliza Lapierre after an amazing 2012 race season. She talks about time off, base building, cross training, listening to your body, race selection, having a coach and much more!

  • Metabolic Efficiency Training with Sunny Blende and Tim Flemming

    22/09/2012 Duration: 01h13min

    Is your body a Ferrari or an AMC Pacer? Do you want to teach your body to burn more fat for energy? Sunny Blende and Tim Fleming Endurance Performance Training Centers join us to talk about Metabolic Efficiency Training. Sunny takes the test and tries the Metabolic Efficiency Training program and tells about her remarkable successes.

  • Sock Doc: He said, she said, NSAID – and other important stuff

    19/09/2012 Duration: 01h29min

    Join us on a 90 minute run with Dr. Gangemi. He talks about NSAIDs and all things important for the health of an endurance athlete. Most importantly, we talk to him about what he is doing in this photo...

  • Warren Pole in Living Color!

    14/09/2012 Duration: 01h03min

    Our good friend, Warren Pole, joins us again to recount the 2012 North Face Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc. He describes his successful finish of this world-class event. Warren explains his revolutionary strategy: "Running with the Mayor" which aided Warren to move up 1100 places before he finished!

  • Best Long Run Advice

    06/09/2012 Duration: 01h33s

    Join TRN as they break down members responses to the websites Question of the Week, "Whats the best long run advice you have been given" Faith has a mouth full of Novocaine so we can provide a written transcript if necessary.

  • Dr. Cucuzzella is BACK!

    29/08/2012 Duration: 56min

    After a long summer of conflicting schedules, we finally connect again with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. We talk about: How many miles should your shoes last, post run ice - over rated or under utilized, NSAIDs - what are they and how should you use them and the 10% rule.

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