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  • #262 Fall in love with a persons values❤️

    29/12/2022 Duration: 08min

    Morning lovelies ! 2 days left of 2022 and. I wanted to leave you with this reminder.. know your values and build a life around them … I can not emphasis enough the importance so have a listen and share and write yours down

  • #261 signs you have a father wound

    28/11/2022 Duration: 18min

    Hello lovelies, I’m sharing today the signs you a father wound ! When we carry these wounds around they greatly influence how we feel and the choices we are making ! What is a father wound ? Do you attract emotionally unavailable men ? Are you anxious stressed out in your relationship ? Well answering all here today ‘ if you wish to work with me next year and go on a journey of waking up healing patterns finding love then DM Instagram and book your initial FREE call ! ❤️you deserve to have the best kind of love ! Tell me how you find the podcast

  • #259 this is why you can’t find love

    31/10/2022 Duration: 10min

    Hello my lovelies, This is a reminder of an earlier podcast I did because I really want you to understand how important this message is .. I want you to have the greatest love & I know why so many people don’t or struggle to find the healthy loving relationship they want so I’m Keeping it short & sweet but to the point so please listen up ok? Ps. If you want to find real healthy love if you are ready to invest in your future so that you don’t keep going around in circles them I’m here ! I offer an initial free call to discuss my coaching .. it’s over on my Instagram ❤️ you deserve the very best ❤️ OH & please tell me how you find these podcasts & come follow me on Instagram @sallykalan ❤️❤️❤️ don’t waste the best years of your life my loves, life is NOW

  • #258 why you must do this after a break up ! The wide awake chapter

    10/10/2022 Duration: 13min

    Hey beautiful people I am so passionate about seeing you find love. I know if you have a pattern of not the best type of relationships then you gotta look inwards to self examine certain beliefs ‘ I created the wide awake chapter 1.1 coaching program because I kept seeing people go from one relationship to another and experience the same outcome! When we want great things we gotta be good at them and I want yoy to be good at relationships ! Sharing here about that and that part of your life when one relationship ends to finding love again and what that really is designed for ‘ please come see me on Instagram @sallykalan and share these podcasts & book a free initial call today All on IG! It’s YOUR TIME

  • #257 3 core steps in finding healthy love

    19/09/2022 Duration: 12min

    Hey lovelies, are you someone that seems to spears attract the wrong relationship, are you tired of going around in circles as you watch all your friends settle down ? Well there are 3 things you need to do to get you on a new relationship path! Change is not easy but it’s so worth it & these 3 steps require you to do different but will completely transform your life ! I am here as your 1.1 coach so if you are ready to make HUGE changes then book a call with me

  • #256 here’s how your beliefs are creating unhappiness or happiness

    07/09/2022 Duration: 14min

    My loves sharing here scenarios of how we create beliefs around relationships & how they can be sabotaging our future with a great love ! I can help you ! If you want to work with me VIP coaching please book a free call to discuss how I can help you ! I hope you find this episode helpful because you really can have great love ! Here for you

  • #255 here’s how to have a great relationship

    22/08/2022 Duration: 13min

    My loves sharing here today why finding a good person can feel uncomfortable if we are used to the struggle in love ! I want you to listen to this if you want real love someone who is going to treat you so amazing and you wtf going to find them to be more than you could have imagined ‘ listen and book a FREE CALL link in my Instagram bio! Limited time only ❤️you deserve the best kind of love so let us get this happening


    27/07/2022 Duration: 14min

    My loves welcome back ! Here are my best tips on getting over s break up and I have an opportunity for you to find & work with me 1.1 so please head over to Instagram book that initial FREE CALL ! Let me know how you find these tips and a big hug & thank you for all the love & support you guys bring me ❤️

  • #253 you CANT HEAL in a weekend

    25/07/2022 Duration: 10min

    Hey beautiful souls I have seen a few relationship accounts growing on Instagram ( using bots and all sorts for growth ) 20k extra followers in less than a week etc and also promising to heal your relationships in a super quick time, please please do your homework lovely humans ! Have a listen here as to why you can’t heal in a weekend but how you can ! Ps you are amazing ❤️

  • #252 listen to this ! How much are you worth ?

    11/07/2022 Duration: 07min

    Love love love this quick message to you all ! We can spend years trying to convince people if our worth but they will never see it and with others they see it without us doing nothing ! Go where the love is and csn you relate ti the analogy I share ! I’m here for you ! Book a free call with me to discuss my 1.1 program ! You ring regret it as I can pretty much tell you in the first 10 minutes why you are struggling in your relationships and what you can do to change it.. follow me @sallykalan on IG booking in my bio ❤️ps I see you

  • #251 are you ready for change ? I got you

    27/06/2022 Duration: 08min

    My darlings is there ever a right time to invest in yourself ? Probably not because we hope things will just work out but often we can then spend years going around & around ! I love helping people make changes, I love seeing someone go from feeling like they will never find love to not only finding love but being in the best place of their life prior ! It’s a journey ! Please book a feee call with me today & I can share with you what my program offers ! I’m the meantime I hope you feel inspired to take action & put YOU first ! Time waits for noone ! With love ❤️

  • #250 how I can help you save years of your life

    10/06/2022 Duration: 07min

    Morning lovelies ! I have lined the path and I know how much time I wasted in my life trying to figure things out on my own until I invested in my healing ‘ with what I know now I want to save you years of your life and give you what you need to go from unhealthy to healthy love ! Book a FREE call to discuss with me how I can help you booking at my bio on Instagram @sallykalan or via website

  • #249 REMINDER to keep going forwards!

    30/05/2022 Duration: 13min

    Beautiful people ! A super quick reminder that change isn’t going to happen just because you understand why, change happens when you ACTUALLY DO different ! I’m here cheering you on for change in your life and to hook a free call with me over on Instagram in my bio if you are looking to totally makeover your relationships ! With over 12 years coaching experience & decades of life experience I know how you do it ! Let’s create the change together ❤️@sallykalan IG

  • #248 why you CANT leave a toxic relationship

    23/05/2022 Duration: 24min

    Hey my loves, this is why you can’t leave a toxic relationship ! The good news is I can help you and not only that break toxic patterns and help you get over an ex in the healthiest way. Listen all the way & reach out to book your call with me @sallykalan on IG , let me know how you found my podcast today ! With love, always here for you

  • #247 YOUR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP will cost you ! A must listen

    15/05/2022 Duration: 08min

    This is for you my loves my passionate self giving you the low down on what happens when you keep opting back with an ex or repeating toxic patterns ! Please listen and book a FREE CALL today @sallykalan Instagram

  • #246 JOHNNY DEPP AMBER HEARD TRIAL -~ my thoughts

    13/05/2022 Duration: 19min

    I wasn’t going to chime in but as a trauma survivor and coach I thought I would share my own thoughts ! So many of us can relate to the situation ! Let me know what you think ? PS DM via Instagram for a free call for June intake for 1.1 coaching heal & evolve program ❤️ love you to share these episodes too guys with love

  • #245 what you must do to change the past and create a new future

    03/05/2022 Duration: 24min

    My loves change isn’t easy as we face resistance from our own minds which is what Lu most people stay stuck repeating the same patterns over & over and time waits for no one, before you know it 1, 3, 5 years have passed and hit much has changed inspite of you having the info you need ! Action is a must to mark changes ! Consistent action! These 5 musts will change your life, even just one of them will but you gotta commit to the change ! You have to imagine the life you truly want and DO different ! If you would like the opportunity to work 1.1 with me please DM your free initial 1.1 call to see if this is a good fit for you ! We go deep ! We do the work ! Please come follow me on Instagram, sallykalan and I look forward to hearing from you

  • #244 interview with my ex partner ~ cheating why I did

    25/04/2022 Duration: 27min

    Ok guys sorry about the poor sound but we didn’t want to redo it as this was authentic and to the point ! I feel so grateful to be in a place of deep peace and healed over the years that I csn even have this type of conversation and grateful rob agreed to share as it’s not easy but I hope this brings some light to what can be going on with our partners ! At the end of the day it wasn’t ok but we are all struggling in different ways and inner trauma manifests so many ways ! Please feel free to comment reach out on my Instagram and let us know if you want more duo podcasts ! Pa the audio quality will be better lol ! Ps ! If you ate interested in healing, getting over an ex , breaking toxic patterns then please Dm to book your free call about my 1.1 coaching program ! It’s a deep dive of epic healing ❤️you are not alone

  • # 243 intro interview with ex cheating

    25/04/2022 Duration: 04min

    Just a quick framework around the next episode with my ex partner ! So grateful he wanted to sit and chat please let me know your feedback $ and apologies in advance for the poor quality recording but the message is there ! I feel it’s super important for us all to be able to heal and share stories ( if we feel comfortable to do so ) because so many of us have trauma and it manifests in so many different ways ! So have a quick listen snd head to the next episode for the interview ❤️

  • #243 love isn’t enough , comparability is key

    11/04/2022 Duration: 18min

    Hello lovely humans, todays show I’m sharing the signs that you are a compatible match with your partner or for future partner ! Tell me your thoughts ? Whilst chemistry is a must being compatible predicts the success of the relationship ! Let me know how you find this podcast and tell me what you would like me to discuss on here ! Come work with me 1.1 on an epic healing journey do you never opt in to toxic again DM @sallykalan IG

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