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  • #247 YOUR TOXIC RELATIONSHIP will cost you ! A must listen

    15/05/2022 Duration: 08min

    This is for you my loves my passionate self giving you the low down on what happens when you keep opting back with an ex or repeating toxic patterns ! Please listen and book a FREE CALL today @sallykalan Instagram

  • #246 JOHNNY DEPP AMBER HEARD TRIAL -~ my thoughts

    13/05/2022 Duration: 19min

    I wasn’t going to chime in but as a trauma survivor and coach I thought I would share my own thoughts ! So many of us can relate to the situation ! Let me know what you think ? PS DM via Instagram for a free call for June intake for 1.1 coaching heal & evolve program ❤️ love you to share these episodes too guys with love

  • #245 what you must do to change the past and create a new future

    03/05/2022 Duration: 24min

    My loves change isn’t easy as we face resistance from our own minds which is what Lu most people stay stuck repeating the same patterns over & over and time waits for no one, before you know it 1, 3, 5 years have passed and hit much has changed inspite of you having the info you need ! Action is a must to mark changes ! Consistent action! These 5 musts will change your life, even just one of them will but you gotta commit to the change ! You have to imagine the life you truly want and DO different ! If you would like the opportunity to work 1.1 with me please DM your free initial 1.1 call to see if this is a good fit for you ! We go deep ! We do the work ! Please come follow me on Instagram, sallykalan and I look forward to hearing from you

  • #244 interview with my ex partner ~ cheating why I did

    25/04/2022 Duration: 27min

    Ok guys sorry about the poor sound but we didn’t want to redo it as this was authentic and to the point ! I feel so grateful to be in a place of deep peace and healed over the years that I csn even have this type of conversation and grateful rob agreed to share as it’s not easy but I hope this brings some light to what can be going on with our partners ! At the end of the day it wasn’t ok but we are all struggling in different ways and inner trauma manifests so many ways ! Please feel free to comment reach out on my Instagram and let us know if you want more duo podcasts ! Pa the audio quality will be better lol ! Ps ! If you ate interested in healing, getting over an ex , breaking toxic patterns then please Dm to book your free call about my 1.1 coaching program ! It’s a deep dive of epic healing ❤️you are not alone

  • # 243 intro interview with ex cheating

    25/04/2022 Duration: 04min

    Just a quick framework around the next episode with my ex partner ! So grateful he wanted to sit and chat please let me know your feedback $ and apologies in advance for the poor quality recording but the message is there ! I feel it’s super important for us all to be able to heal and share stories ( if we feel comfortable to do so ) because so many of us have trauma and it manifests in so many different ways ! So have a quick listen snd head to the next episode for the interview ❤️

  • #243 love isn’t enough , comparability is key

    11/04/2022 Duration: 18min

    Hello lovely humans, todays show I’m sharing the signs that you are a compatible match with your partner or for future partner ! Tell me your thoughts ? Whilst chemistry is a must being compatible predicts the success of the relationship ! Let me know how you find this podcast and tell me what you would like me to discuss on here ! Come work with me 1.1 on an epic healing journey do you never opt in to toxic again DM @sallykalan IG

  • #242 should I stay or go

    05/04/2022 Duration: 12min

    Hey my lovelies ! I have been in this situation more than once and I feel sometimes just hearing some alternative questions to ask ourself can give us clarity ! Here are 5 of done of the questions that helped me make my own decisions ! If you are wanting to uplevel your life and re write a new story then my programs are for you ! Please go to Instagram and bio and reach out to book your call ❤️with love

  • #241 my 5 step brilliant manifesting process

    23/03/2022 Duration: 11min

    Ok lovers I’m sharing with you my absolute best manifesting process !! I have seen incredible miracles occur in my life using this ! I wasn’t even aware of the process itself that I had unconsciously been using until recently reflecting on how much amazing has occurred in my life ! I hope you use it and love it ! Would you like to work with me and create loving healthy relationship or heal after a break up, end toxic cycles then please DM Instagram for details ! I’m all for life changes & seeing people transform ! Love you

  • #why you keep settling & going back & forth with ex

    21/03/2022 Duration: 15min

    My loves, listen to all of this very valuable message! If you are someone that finds themselves settling for less, opting back to your toxic ex for 5th time or willing to accept crumbs then you need to listen to why you do this & what to do ! If you are ready for bug change I got you ! My 1:1 coaching has helped 1000s people transform & heal if you want a new path & heal from this pattern then this is for you ! Book your free initial call DM Instagram free call ! Ps . I love you ! You can change your future today ! ❤️

  • #239 don’t contact your ex

    15/03/2022 Duration: 18min

    Hi lovely humans ! Sharing today why the no contact rule works & wvat I want for you so listen to the end ‘ let me know if this is helpful and please share & reach out to ask about my 1.1 coaching programs ! Healing after a break up & ending all toxic cycles ~ I’ve got you ❤️spots limited & book your initial free call to discuss where you are at & the program❤️

  • #238 My Tinder Experience

    07/03/2022 Duration: 19min

    Hey beautiful souls ! Having recently gone onto tinder I wanted to share some of my own experiences and what I’ve learned ! Let me know yours ! Love to hear .. if you have recently gone through a break up or struggling to find healthy love then my 1:1 program heal & evolve maybe what you are needing ! So far I’ve helped 100s woman transform their lives & relationships please DM FOR your initial FREE 1.1 consult ! @sallykalan on IG.. Sending you all love ❤️

  • #237 3 minute reminder ~ breathe

    17/02/2022 Duration: 03min

    In case you have forgotten too my loves ……..

  • #236 The mistake I kept making in my relationships

    16/02/2022 Duration: 12min

    Hey lovelies! This is for you if you keep going back to a toxic ex ! I share here an important message for you and to let you know I see you! I also know that you deserve someone that never lets you go and treats you like a goddess ! Nothing less ! My expertise is helping people like you get over their ex but more importantly heal toxic emotional addictions, so far I’ve helped 1000s people heal and transform their relationships ! I do this through my 1.1 coaching program heal & evolve! If you would like to onboard and heal your relationships let’s schedule a FREE call to discuss how I can help ! Dm for details @sallykalan on Instagram ❤️ ps. Nothing changes IF nothing changes

  • #235 4 musts when a new relationship starts up

    10/02/2022 Duration: 11min

    I was listening to a Mathew Hussein podcast and he was talking about the important foundations of a relationship and I totally agree with them so I thought I would share them here today my loves… let me know what you think & remember time waits for no one ! If you are ready to take your life to a whole new level my expertise is that I help people get over their ex and find the love they want ! I do this through my 1.1 coaching program and so far helped 1000s people through ! If this speaks to you dm mr for an initial free call to get you started ! @sallykalan on Instagram or website ❤️you are so worth it

  • #235 manifest love like this ❤️

    02/02/2022 Duration: 17min

    My loves let’s talk happy today ! Your life after toxic can be brilliant I know mine is ! You csn literally begin creating a life on your terms & step into the version of yourself that IS you ! Enjoy todays episode & let me know how you go ! Let’s do this ! 1.1 coaching with me available ! I am also bringing back my 90 minute 1 off intensive calls ! Please dm over on IG for details @sallykalan ! Ps. You are amazing

  • #234 STOP chasing & let go what’s meant for you will find you

    23/01/2022 Duration: 07min

    My loves this is for you if you eye hoping to snag that guy that you think is the one but it’s for anyone who is attached to outcomes ! There is an art to letting go & this message will help you ! If you would like to work with me & radically transform your life then DM so I can send you details! Clients currently slaying life & healing from the inside out! Love to have you on board ❤️sally

  • #233 why you feel so BAD in your toxic relationship

    14/01/2022 Duration: 16min

    Are you more reactive my loves or your anxiety out of control more than ever ? Living in a toxic situation over a period of time begins to change us ‘ I’m sharing today 3 reasons why you feel bad and some things you can do to help ! Truth is you can not live like this indefinitely ! Decisions will need to be made and one thing I know is having someone there for you is so important so you are supported so please ask about my 1.1 coaching as I help hundred of women each year heal & transform through my coaching ! Let me know how you find the podcast and please reach out if I can help you

  • #231 A question for you ! Must listen

    05/01/2022 Duration: 10min

    My loves going into 2022 I want you to have the greatest love ! I want you to know yourself better then ever and choose well ! This question is for you ❤️

  • #231 An inspirational message for you 2022

    01/01/2022 Duration: 06min

    My loves I have one wish for you all ! Listen to my words today ! I am here for you ❤️let’s make 2022 freaking spectacular

  • #230 2022 Is your year, channeled message you need to hear

    30/12/2021 Duration: 10min

    Last day of the year wow hey ! Thank you for all the love and support the past year lovely humans ! Please Listen to the end as this is a channeled message for you ❤️ if you want to create a new you and have a new incredible life that’s better then ever & heal I take you on that inner journey of embodying the future you Are you ready ? Please reach out and ask about my 1.1 program.. 2022 is going to be everything and more than know it! Start here

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