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  • 17. Busting 5 Myths... Soy Causes Man Boobs

    17/11/2022 Duration: 14min

    In today’s episode I debunked 5 common myths about the vegan and plant-based lifestyle. 1) People need to drink cow’s milk to have strong bones 2) It’s too expensive 3) Soy is bad for you, it will cause cancer, and you will grow man boobs 4) If we stop eating animals, they will overpopulate the world 5) Eating vegan equals being healthy Instagram: itsandralongsword Let me know what you want to hear for future episodes by filling out this short listener Feedback form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPHmJyilI1m1DSMiucCOOz4-_5S8bvYZqLBdejQSZeyCQj6g/viewform

  • 16. Being a Latina Vegan during the Holidays

    04/11/2022 Duration: 10min

    In today's episode I talk about what it's like being a Latina Vegana during the holiday season! This podcast is for anyone who is curious or open to learning more about the plant-based lifestyle. Maybe some of you are considering going vegan or want to slowly eliminate some animal products from your day to day. My goal is to share bite size information to help you develop confidence to make whatever plant-based change feels good to you. Sign up for my upcoming workshop: Planning your first Plant-based Thanksigiving. Click this link for an automatic 20% discount: www.eventbrite.com/e/454045200417/?discount=ALLTHINGSPB20 IG: SandraLLargaespada

  • 15. How do you get your Protein?

    27/10/2022 Duration: 08min

    In today’s episode I answered the question “How do you get your protein?” There’s a misconception that protein only comes from animal products. Tune in to learn what plant-based protein food sources you can choose from and start incorporating into your meals right away. Instagram: allthingsplantbasedpodcast Please fill out this quick and easy 'Listener Feedback' - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPHmJyilI1m1DSMiucCOOz4-_5S8bvYZqLBdejQSZeyCQj6g/viewform

  • 14. I’m Back Witches!

    25/10/2022 Duration: 08min

    Welcome to All things Plant-based Podcast with Sandra Largaespada. Formerly known as the Unearth By Sandra podcast. Tune in to hear my life update and why I decided to return to podcasting. I also talk about why NOW is the best time to talk about all things plant-based! Instagram: sandrallargaespada Please fill out this quick and easy 'Listener Feedback' questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPHmJyilI1m1DSMiucCOOz4-_5S8bvYZqLBdejQSZeyCQj6g/viewform

  • 13. The Rise of Cosmetics & the “No Animal Testing” Label

    06/06/2021 Duration: 14min

    Follow me on IG @sandrallargaespada / @unearthbysandra In today’s episode, I will be covering animal testing in the cosmetics industry. With social media and influencers starting their own makeup brands, we’ve all seen a rise in the makeup and cosmetics culture. Unfortunately, behind many of those brands, there are animals who are being experimented on for the sake of, not only safety, but profit. Introduction (0:00) In today’s episode (1:13) Legislation and World News (3:15) What are cosmetics? (5:38) What cosmetic tests are performed on animals (7:00) Flawed labeling system (8:09) Brands to Avoid /Cruelty-free cosmetic products (9:45) Conclusion, cruelty-free testing exists (12:11) Resources Hawaii Bill 1088 to end cosmetic testing on animals - https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2021/bills/HB1088_SD2_.HTM Humane Society of the United States - https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/cosmetics-testing-faq Peta’s Cruelty-free resource page - https://crueltyf

  • ALL THINGS PLANT-BASED with Sandra Largaespada

    01/06/2021 Duration: 37s

    Every week I will give you bite-sized episodes where I shed light on the food industry, animal-rights, misconceptions around being vegan, and all-around lifestyle tips to help you through your own plant-based journey. My goal is to clear any doubts you have had along the way. I’ll show you how your choices can make an impact so that you feel inspired to start integrating some of these lifestyle changes in a way that feels right to you. Subscribe now to keep up-to-date!

  • 12. Plant-based empaths & being vegan

    30/05/2021 Duration: 16min

    In today’s episode, I want to bring some light to the word ‘empath’ and what it means to exist as one. An empath is someone born with a natural ability to feel and understand what other people and animals are feeling and experiencing. There’s so much more to what an empath is than what I had a chance to share here. However, my goal was to bring light to the fact that not everyone that chooses to be vegan does it for the same reasons. And that’s ok. Those of us that have a spiritual and energetic tie to being vegan have a different need to fulfill than those that do it for other reasons. To my empath friends, you know what it’s like to feel others pain, worry, fear, sadness and excitement. You know what it’s like to be born wanting to be of service, wanting to help others find peace and happiness. You know on a deep level that you are here to positively contribute to humanity in a special way that only you can. You are incredible but you’re also fragile. Protect your energy and watch your gift grow.

  • 11 - Tips for a Realistic Transition to a Plant-based Diet

    31/08/2020 Duration: 09min

    Switching to a More Plant-Based Diet? 6 Tips for Making It Happen By Jessica Migala Last Updated: May 1, 2020 https://www.everydayhealth.com/diet-nutrition/switching-to-a-more-plant-based-diet-tips-for-making-it-happen/ Changing to a vegan lifestyle and diet has never been easier. Be kind with yourself, and start with subtle changes that will lead to long term permanent changes. In this episode, I will share 6 expert tips for switching from a meat diet to plant-based. IG: SandraLLargaespada Twitter: bysandraL

  • 10 - Is Honey Vegan?

    04/11/2019 Duration: 07min

    Is Honey Vegan? Resources Vegan Honey Alternatives https://www.yourdailyvegan.com/vegan-guides/is-honey-vegan/#alternatives List of Companies that don’t use animal Products www.Caringconsumer.com Factory-Farmed Bees https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/animals-used-food-factsheets/honey-factory-farmed-bees/ Contact Email: UnearthbySandra@gmail.com Twitter: BySandraL LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-largaespada-956b9485/ Instagram: SandraLLargaespada

  • 9 - Plant-based Probiotics

    08/10/2019 Duration: 08min

    Today's episode is on Plant-based Probiotics. Did you know that probiotics are living microorganisms in your food that can benefit your digestive system? If you did, awesome! Many people think of yogurt when they hear probiotic but today you'll learn about a variety of probiotic-rich vegan foods that'll help you improve your health! Resource: https://www.healthline.com/health/vegan-probiotics#-foods Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based topics you want to hear! Send me a tweet @bysandraL, a direct message on IG @unearthbysandra or shoot me an email at unearthbysandra@gmail.com. You can find all the deets in the description section of this episode. Twitter: BySandraL Instagram: UnearthbySandra

  • 8 - Vegan Birth Control

    15/01/2018 Duration: 08min

    Today’s episode is on Vegan Birth Control. Birth control is also known as contraception, typically used used for pregnancy prevention and has been around for over a century. There are a variety of methods, like the pill, the IUD’s which are Intrauterine Devices, the patch, condoms, and emergency contraceptives, and a few others. But the question is, are they Vegan? Resources https://urbanvegan.net/vegan-birth-control/ https://happyherbivore.com/2013/07/how-not-to-get-pregnant-vegan-birth-control/ https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/birth-control https://www.nichd.nih.gov/health/topics/contraception/conditioninfo/types Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based topics you want to hear! Send me a tweet @unearthbysandra, a direct message on IG or shoot me an email at unearthbysandra@gmail.com. You can find all the deets in the description section of this episode. Twitter: UnearthbySandra LinkedIn: https://www.l

  • 7 - Vegan Food Labels 101

    01/01/2018 Duration: 11min

    Today’s Topic Is: How to Read Food Labels to Avoid Eating Animal Products. This is really helpful if you’re someone who never reads food labels. You’re more than likely to find it more difficult when you're shopping around for vegan products bc you may not really know what to look for. And that’s completely ok. It all starts with taking the initiative to learn. Like you are doing now listening to me speak! Here are 5 actionable steps you can take to make informed choices at the grocery store when you’re trying to avoid animal products: 1. Does the packaging say vegan or vegetarian on it? 2. Read the Allergen Statement below the ingredients in bold. 3. Read the ingredient statement once more to check for the following items (named in the episode). 4. Contact the manufacturer. 5. Is a product vegan if it says “Manufactured on equipment that also processes milk/eggs” or “May contain traces of milk”? After listening to this, you may realiz

  • 6 - Tips For Eating Out

    26/12/2017 Duration: 11min

    If you’ve recently transitioned to vegetarian or a plant-based diet then you probably know how COMPLEX it can be when you’re eating out with your friends and family. And a lot of times it’s a bit uncomfortable when you’re the only one asking the waiter a ton of questions while everyone else is watching you...and then making you second guess, should I even follow through with this lifestyle? Well, you’re not alone! In 2014, a large group of former vegetarians and vegans were asked which aspect of the lifestyle did they find most difficult and they said they disliked that their diet made them “stick out from the crowd”. Today’ I’m going to read you an article written by Gena Hamshaw called, “Our Best Tips for Eating Out as a Vegan“, on how to order at every type of restaurant: https://food52.com/blog/15672-our-best-tips-for-eating-out-as-a-vegan?utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=Food52+Shop&affil=cj&company=Skimlin

  • 5 - Animal Bones in Sugar?

    18/12/2017 Duration: 09min

    Not all sugar is created equal. In today’s episode, I cover 5 questions: What is bone char and why is it used in sugar processing? Does the sugar have bone fragments in it? How do you know if a product has been refined through bone char? Is bone char completely avoidable? Where to find vegan sugar options? You’ll learn how and why bone char is used in sugar processing. I’ll also share a few tips on avoiding these products and provide you with a list of alternative sugar options that use more eco-friendly methods. Here’s a list of a few sugar options that DO NOT contain bone char: The Wholesome brand Trader Joe’s sugar Organic Sugar Simply Balanced - Target Simple Truth - Kroger and Ralphs Bob’s Red Mill Michigan Sugar Company Big Tree farms If you enjoyed today’s audio click subscribe and tune in next Sunday for some more plant-based food knowledge. Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based t

  • 4 - Animal Sci vs Animal Lover

    11/12/2017 Duration: 26min

    Today’s episode is a conversation with Tina Bui (IG: Tinabuilove), a long time vegan and food industry professional. Tina graduated with a degree in Animal Science. Instead of going to veterinary school she pursued a career in food research and development. She’s become a lifelong advocate of improving the wellbeing of others through plants and yoga. Having studied animal science in college, Tina shares her journey of becoming a vegan and the challenges she’s faced. Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based topics you want to hear! Send me a tweet @unearthbysandra or an email at unearthbysandra@gmail.com Twitter: UnearthbySandra LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-largaespada-956b9485/ Instagram: Slargaespada_

  • 3 - Tips by Vegan Bodybuilder

    04/12/2017 Duration: 18s

    Plant-based Lifestyle/Health/Nutrition Whether you’re considering going vegan, are slowly transitioning, or recently started your journey, you may want to listen carefully! Today’s article is called: “Seven things no one tells you before you go vegan”, written by vegan fitness Youtuber and fitness coach, Robert Webster. He first transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle 2 years ago and now has a coaching and meal planning business - you can learn more about him on: veganphysique.co.uk Youtube: Vegan Physique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVXBsJEusnU Article: https://www.google.com/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/nutrition/seven-things-no-one-tells-go-vegan/amp/ Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based topics you want to hear next. Send me a tweet, a message on LinkedIn or through Instagram! Twitter: UnearthbySandra LinkedIn: https://www.li

  • 2 - Hey Vegan Food Grads!

    27/11/2017 Duration: 08min

    The perfect episode for all the vegan food graduates and professionals who pursued a food science degree in hopes of one day improving the food system and saving the animals! Except, that’s not exactly what happens once you enter the food industry... Don’t worry because, freelance food science writer and product developer, Katie Jones tells you exactly how to navigate through work celebrations and meetings (in steakhouses) when you are the only vegan employee in your food company. Katie also shares her interview with Ken Viscidi, senior food technologist for Earth Island/Follow Your Heart through her blog post, “3 Things Vegan Food Grads Should Avoid When Entering the Food Industry”. This article is available on: http://blog.foodgrads.com/3-things-vegan-food-grads-avoid-entering-food-industry/ Thank you so much for listening! Let me know your thoughts, what you learned, or what plant-based topics you want to hear. Send me a tweet @unearthbysandra, a message throu

  • 1 - Turkey Production Unearthed

    20/11/2017 Duration: 12min

    First off, please sign the petition to help save the elephants: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/721/417/558/ In this episode, I discuss the production process of Turkey Meat. From factory farm, debeaking and toe-cutting, antibiotics and genetic engineering, transportation, and slaughterhouse. Resources 7 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving When You Don't Eat Meat http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/tips-for-surviving-thanksgiving-when-you-dont-eat-meat/ Meatless Alternatives for Thanksgiving http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/best-meatless-turkey-alternatives-for-thanksgiving/ Washington Post - Turkey's Supplied to Whitehouse Are Raised in Inhumane Conditions https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/animalia/wp/2016/11/18/turkeys-supplied-to-white-house-are-raised-in-inhumane-conditions-activist-group-says/?utm_term=.b90e0452f527 Penn's States Small-Flock Turkey Production https://extension.psu.edu/small-flock-turkey-production I didn't speak on this but it's import