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Bill Sharon is a former "C" level executive who spent the first 10 years of his adult life working with adolescents in the South Bronx and East Harlem. He lectures and conducts workshops on the management of risk and writes a weekly blog on the economic, political and social issues of the day.


  • John Feeny, Ph.D., Interview

    12/02/2009 Duration: 55min

    February is Global Population Speak Out Month! John Feeney, Ph.D., writes about the fundamental drivers and historical underpinnings of the global ecological crisis. His work has appeared in publications including the BBC's Green Room, The Guardian,, and The Oil Drum. Informed by a deep ecology perspective, John explores such topics as human overpopulation and the root causes of today's environmental problems. Worthy of headlines, such topics are instead underreported in the media. John works to help change that. His current project is the Global Population Speak Out, a grassroots effort to bring new, respected voices to the problem of overpopulation, helping to weaken the taboo currently suppressing discussion of this crucial issue.For more information go to:

  • Interview with Tony Manwaring

    05/02/2009 Duration: 56min

    Discussion about the continuing financial crisis, the Obama administration and the meetings on DavosTony Manwaring is Chief Executive of Tomorrow’s Company, the UK based global not-for-profit, ’think and do’ tank concerned with the future of business, the relationship between business and society, and the changes in the conditions and nature of business success.Our research and policy work, and wider activities, including the agenda-setting business-led inquiry, Tomorrow’s Global Company: challenges and choices – we are now building on this, looking at the issues of ownership, talent, leadership and climate change, through on going dialogue facilitated through the new website, and by providing practical support to business leaders.Tony has had a series of management, marketing and communications roles in the voluntary sector with NCH (formerly National Children's Home), Diabetes UK and most recently, the disability rights charity Scope, where he was chief executive for over three years.

  • Tom Valone Interview

    01/01/2009 Duration: 52min

    Discussion of free energy with Dr. Tom ValoneDr. Thomas F. Valone is a physicist and licensed professional engineer with 30 years professional experience, is a patent examiner, research engineer, instrumentation designer and also an author, lecturer, and consultant on future energy developments. He has a Master’s in physics from the State University of New York at Buffalo, a Professional Engineer’s License in NY State, and a Ph.D. in General Engineeringfrom Kennedy-Western (Warren National) University. He is President and founder of Integrity Research Institute, formerly a physics teacher at Erie Community College and previously a Research Director for Scott Aviation-ATO, Inc. He helped design the HullCom® for naval intraship communication, a 60 Hz gaussmeter without harmonic distortion, two bioelectric therapy devices,and a dental mercury vapor ionizer-precipitator. He is editor of Future Energy, Energetic Processes Vol. I & II, Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century and a few conferen

  • Chris Martenson Interview

    18/12/2008 Duration: 01h13s

    Dr. Chris Martenson is the creator of The End of Money (live) and The Crash Course (on-line) economic seminar series, has extensive experience analyzing and communicating financial information, and publishes a weekly newsletter on the economy and finance (located at Dr. Martenson combines a scientist's attention to fact and analysis (PhD, Duke University, Pathology and Toxicology) with a solid understanding of finance and economics (MBA, Cornell, Finance) with strategic thinking. He currently operates a website devoted to spreading financial and economic awareness that is visited by over 10,000 visitors each day. The Crash Course has been viewed more than 250,000 times and is currently being made into a DVD and book. His past work has involved the development and oversight of $100M+ budgets, using portfolio decision tools to enhance governance & prioritization efforts, and investigating how neurons work. He has been published in the scientific journal Nature, consulted to

  • Paul Hesling Interview, What Needs To Go Right with Bill Sharon

    11/12/2008 Duration: 59min

    Paul Hesling, founder of discusses the current economic crisis from the perspective of the UK. In his own words:“Working as a freelance copywriter and marketeer, a chance meeting in London in 1994 opened up the veritable can of worms that is the global banking system and the corrupt and unethical practices that lie at the heart of it. This revelatory information transformed my understanding of everything I had known, or thought I knew up to that point. Working further with this contact revealed ever more information but also much deception and betrayal followed which damaged many good people. Since 2000 I have been the dog with the proverbial bone, chewing through masses of research, first in an attempt to understand just what and who it was I and others had upset so much and second, to understand and integrate all the areas which work as one to retard the empowerment of the individual. As this has become clearer, the current task at hand is to now connect with others to work towards

  • Scott Meredith Interview, Executive Director of Conscious Media Netowrk

    04/12/2008 Duration: 59min

    Scott Meredith, Executive Director of Conscious Media Network and his wife Regina have established a website repository for spritual, scientific and economic information that gets 6 million hits a month. From the video interviews conducted by Regina to the archives of written and video resources, this site is perhaps the best repository for the great thinkers of our time. Scott will take us through the process that led him and Regina to start the site and also discuss his own perceptions about what is taking place in the world today. You can access CMN at

  • Interview with Spencer Chiimbwe

    06/11/2008 Duration: 58min

    Mr. Chiimbwe is a Zambian national and the chairman of the New York Center Conflict Dialogue. He is also the Executive Director of the United African Congress, an umbrella body of organizations serving the interests of continental Africans residing in the United States. Mr. Chiimbwe has been a discussant and facilitator in various international platforms on Conflict including the 2005 Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPACC) at the United Nations. GPACC is a world wide civil society led network working on building a new international consensus on peacebuilding and the prevention of violent conflict. From 2004 to 2006, he coordinated the work of the global network of individuals and organizations working on conflict (ACTION for Conflict Transformation) headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa. While in South Africa, he coordinated initiatives that included the Ex-Combatants Forums in the Southern Region, the work of the Coalition for Peace in Africa and its partners and provided techni

  • Bill Sharon's commentary on the current economic crisis

    23/10/2008 Duration: 27min

    This show will review some of the latest views on the state of the financial system and the potential impact on the "real economy"

  • Paul Solet Interview - Writer/Director in the Horror film genre

    17/10/2008 Duration: 58min

    After receiving a BA in Film and Psychology from Emerson College in 2002, and a certificate in screenwriting from the same school in 2003, Solet went to work collaborating on a feature length script with his long time mentor, Eli (Cabin Fever/ Hostel) Roth, while continuing to write and direct his own material. Solet's 2005 short, Means to an End, was awarded, "Best Short Horror Film" from the genre's number one authority, "Fangoria Magazine," receiving distribution on Fangoria's prestigious "Blood Drive 2" DVD. Means to an End also won "Best Short Film" and the "Audience Choice Award" at the 2005 Rhode Island International Horror Festival, and "Best Extreme Horror Film" at the 2005 Dragon Con International Film Festival. Solet's latest short film, Grace, has already won "Best Short Film" at the 2006 Rhode Island Horror Festival, the "Peer's Choice Award" at Dragon Con, 2006, and has recently become the first independent film to screen on Fangoria TV.Solet has received equal praise for his work as a screenwri

  • What Needs To Go Right

    09/10/2008 Duration: 01h28s

    Social Commentary