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Paul Solet Interview - Writer/Director in the Horror film genre



After receiving a BA in Film and Psychology from Emerson College in 2002, and a certificate in screenwriting from the same school in 2003, Solet went to work collaborating on a feature length script with his long time mentor, Eli (Cabin Fever/ Hostel) Roth, while continuing to write and direct his own material. Solet's 2005 short, Means to an End, was awarded, "Best Short Horror Film" from the genre's number one authority, "Fangoria Magazine," receiving distribution on Fangoria's prestigious "Blood Drive 2" DVD. Means to an End also won "Best Short Film" and the "Audience Choice Award" at the 2005 Rhode Island International Horror Festival, and "Best Extreme Horror Film" at the 2005 Dragon Con International Film Festival. Solet's latest short film, Grace, has already won "Best Short Film" at the 2006 Rhode Island Horror Festival, the "Peer's Choice Award" at Dragon Con, 2006, and has recently become the first independent film to screen on Fangoria TV.Solet has received equal praise for his work as a screenwri