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Who, or what, are The Lightning Dogs? Theyre a pack of anthropomorphic dogs from another world, trapped on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Armed with special powers and tearing through the Wasteland in their battle-ready vehicles, they combat the evil Glampires minions and keep his vampiric reach from extending to the stars! Its an animated adventure series steeped in the glory of 80s and 90s cartoons Or at least it could be. Were on a quest to see how far we can take it documenting our journey every step of the way in Lightning Dogs: The Official Pawdcast. LIGHTNINGDOGS.COM


  • An Animated Short is in Production!

    An Animated Short is in Production!

    17/04/2019 Duration: 43min

    Our documentary journey has been quiet for some time - but we're breaking that silence with earth-shattering news: we have a Lightning Dogs animated short in production!We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with The DAVE School to at long last bring our Dogs to life. The short is in the midst of production and we have a wealth of stories to tell: from the multiple scripts that led us to this one crystallized tale, to the big changes to characters, to suiting up for performance capture, and much more!Flash-forward to the present as Cap, Doug, and Producer, John La Valle give a spoiler-free, birds-eye view of how this project came together and who's involved. And then flash-back as we catch you up on what we've been up to... Because even while our podcast chronicle has grown cold, things have still been heated behind-the-scenes! #HowlNoiseFor links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See

  • Update: See Us in Durham, NC at NC Comicon - Nov 9-11 + More!

    Update: See Us in Durham, NC at NC Comicon - Nov 9-11 + More!

    16/10/2018 Duration: 04min

    Though the podcast has fallen silent, the Lightning Dogs team are still hard at work behind the scenes! We'll be back soon, but in the meantime come see us at North Carolina Comicon Bull City - in Durham November 9th-11th with a panel on the 10th. Doug and his Ghostbusters RPG crew will also be at AVL Scarefest in Ashville, NC October 19th-21st. If you're only following our podcast feed, be sure to scope us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see what we've been up to!NCCC Bull City: Scarefest:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Update: See Us in Raleigh, NC at NC Comicon - - March 17  18!

    Update: See Us in Raleigh, NC at NC Comicon - - March 17 & 18!

    05/03/2018 Duration: 05min

    Presenting our full panel schedule at NC Comicon: Oak City in Raleigh - March 17 & 18! We'll also have a booth.Saturday: 11AM - Cap Interviews Voice Actor Jen Cohn 12PM - LIGHTNING DOGS PANEL 2:30-3:15PM - Cap Hosts a Q&A with Kevin Eastman 4PM - Queer Comics - Featuring Cap, Tini Howard (Hack/Slash, Assassinistas), Sarah Gaydos (Love Is Love), Siena Fallon (Ultimate Comics), Matthew Connor (NCCC) 6PM - Ghostbusters - Featuring Cap & Doug alongside IDW's Ghostbusters' Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz, with Jeremy Tarney Sunday:12PM - Cap Hosts The Look and Sound of Online Gaming: Jen Cohn + pro Blizzard cosplayer Jackie Craft 1:30-2:15PM - Cap Hosts a Q&A with Kevin Eastman3PM - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness - Featuring Cap alongside IDW's TMNT writers Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham, with artist Ben BishopMore info:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Update: NC Comicon Oak City  More!

    Update: NC Comicon Oak City & More!

    10/02/2018 Duration: 07min

    Come visit us in Raleigh, North Carolina for NC Comicon - March 17 & 18 - and let Cap keep you up to date with the latest on what's going on with The Nerdy Show Network and their day job at Consequence of Sound.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Raising Kane

    Raising Kane

    11/12/2017 Duration: 28min

    In our last drawstream we took on the hero character who we'd drawn the most, so this time we're working on the deceptive protagonist we've drawn the least: Kane Corso. Kane is a tough cookie, and a complicated dog of discerning tastes. He know that in a world of ordinary and conventional, only the most distinctive will ever leave a truly lasting impression. But, when you're just an alien dog in a world of mutant freaks on the dead planet of your gods... it makes you think. Tune in as we trace Kane's pulp hero roots and learn about some surprising synchronicity between his breed and his backstory all while honing his visual style.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Pain Train

    The Pain Train

    27/11/2017 Duration: 40min

    All aboard the Pain Train! Vehicle designer Max Acree is back in the studio and dishing out devious plans for new rides in The Wasteland. The Lightning Dogs are coming to Earth with a pretty serious advantage when it comes to tech, so Halloween Jack and his cronies are going to have to get innovative if they want to stand a chance. We look at a variety of designs for the Skeleton Krew's preferred mode of transport for rolling up and terrorizing the peoploid populace: The Ghoul Bus, as well as The Underdog a tool designed specifically for sabotaging The Brutus. However, it's not just Jack that's kicking up dust in these freaky lands... somewhere out there chugs The Pain Train. What it is and who runs this engine of doom... well, we've got a lot of working theories.For links and more info, head to the main episode page: ‎  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Leader of the Pack

    The Leader of the Pack

    31/10/2017 Duration: 38min

    The race is on to create final character designs for all our lead cast, so we decide to kick things off with Dingo - the leader of the pack. While Tony draws and Doug and Cap make suggestions, the gang hashes out Dingo's loner styles both clean cut from Domus, and hardened by the Wasteland. We take considerable influence from Bruce Willy, debate dog communication devices, and even spend some time with our old "pal" Halloween Jack - dissecting his relationship with Glampire.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Lightning Dogs: The Movie

    Lightning Dogs: The Movie

    16/10/2017 Duration: 40min

    Many great animated series kick off with a multi-part, feature-length storyline - Ninja Turtles, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Gargoyles... the list goes on. If Lightning Dogs is truly the heir to these awesome pillars of animated action, we must do the same. How many episodes would it be? When will the Lightning Dogs meet Glampire? How much of the Wasteland do they see before destroying their way back home? In this episode we solidify the timeline for our Dogs' multi-part adventure and figure out other key plot points for our hypothetical "season 1".For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Children of the Great War

    Children of the Great War

    03/10/2017 Duration: 37min

    We're back to laying the foundation for our pitch bible - distilling our doggy dream into its purest and most bite-sized form. Something that would both spark an investor’s imagination and make them see dollar signs. In this episode we finish off character profiles for Angela, Kid, and Kane and in the process solve a timeline mystery that defines the struggles of our characters: how long was the Great War, and how old were the Lightning Dogs when it started?For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Dingo Gets His Name-O

    Dingo Gets His Name-O

    03/08/2017 Duration: 46min

    Truly knowing our core canine cast is key to us creating a compelling cartoon. We understand the Lightning Dogs on the surface, but it's time to go deeper. As we begin our pitch bible push, we've once again divvied up the dogs so Cap, Doug, and Tony can get up close and personal with crew before putting the new developments to a committee vote. In this episode we explore Dingo, Pierre, and Narisa with our fearless furry leader undergoing some of the biggest changes to his bio. But that's far from all of it! We also reveal the preferred transport of Skeleton Krew goons and explore a previously untapped well of inspiration for the 80s/ 90s mayhem of Lightning Dogs. Come see us at Megaplex in Orlando, FL – August 4th-6th!For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Horrors of Queen Lich

    The Horrors of Queen Lich

    17/07/2017 Duration: 57min

    She once was human - but sacrificed her humanity at the alter of science! Queen Lich is the boogeyman of The Wasteland - harvesting the genetic material of unsuspecting peoploids for her sinister experiments... but there's still so much we don't know about her. The team brainstorms new takes on this nemesis while Tony devises some accompanying visuals for her action-figure ready, hot-swappable visage. We pull references from some of our favorite eerie corners of pop culture and create for the queen a deeper backstory and truly unsettling cohort. But that's not all! In this episode we go deeper behind the scenes than ever before and take you into the business meeting that changed our intentions for Lightning Dogs completely.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Lightning Rig

    The Lightning Rig

    23/06/2017 Duration: 52min

    Having completed the principle design for our signature vehicle, The Lightning Rod, two of our heroes' rides remained: the large battle tram the Brutus, and the light scout vehicle, the Rover. Doug, Tony, and Cap team up once again with concept artist Max Acree to pour over an incredible batch of extremely different designs and explore uncanny real world references. But it's not only The Lightning Dogs that are getting garage time, we also break new ground on Halloween Jack's souped-up hot rod that's as twisted as he is and answer the all-important question: how many engines could you conceivably fit on a car? Get the Lightning Dogs Sketchbook!For links and more info, visit the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • HEROESCON Update

    HEROESCON Update

    15/06/2017 Duration: 03min

    The 'Dogs are heading to HeroesCon this weekend - here's everything you need to know! Find Cap, Doug, and the Lightning Dogs Sketchbook at table AA-100.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Update: May 2017

    Update: May 2017

    29/05/2017 Duration: 04min

    Every now and then you hit some bumps along the road and have to change a tire or two. Join Cap for a short update about what's been going on this past month and causing episode delays. But never fear, We've got something for you! On this episode's page or on the Nerdy Show Network YouTube you'll find a full-length video version of Paw'dcast episode 22 featuring a drawstream of Queen Lich. We hope we'll see you at HeroesCon, June 16-18 in Charlotte, NC - one of the best conventions in the US, where the biggest creators hand with up and comers and many folks get their start. If everything goes according to plan we'll have new Lightning Dogs sketchbooks in tow! Thanks for all your support, we couldn't be doing this without you amazing canine compatriots.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Team Assembles

    The Team Assembles

    01/05/2017 Duration: 47min

    Long, long ago we wrote dedicated bios for three of our hero dogs: Pierre, Angela, and Kid - only to realize that without knowing more about the world they came from there were severe limitations on how much we could truly know about their backgrounds. So we set aside the task of doing bios for the three remaining Lightning Dogs and carved out the history of their homeworld. We'd planned on getting right back to writing bios, but The Wasteland had other plans. Now, at long last, we sit down and give Dingo, Narisa, and Kane their much-deserved time in the spotlight. In this episode Doug, Tony, and Cap finish the key foundations of our core characters and give a much-needed injection of weird and whimsy back into the wasteland - including the creation of two new characters.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • The Lightning Rod

    The Lightning Rod

    17/04/2017 Duration: 37min

    In this episode we make some important decisions about our heroes’ main rides. You’ve heard us pin down the Lightning Dogs three distinct vehicles: The large, armored utility vehicle; the Brutus, the small scout; the Fido, and our all-terrain signature vehicle, the Rover - aka the Lightning Rod. The Lightning Rod is almost done, but one key detail remains: what is it like on the inside? That might sound like a simple enough question, but it becomes a real point of contention as we discuss how characters would interact in our hypothetical animated show, the best way to load in action figures, and other design choices that could drastically affect our final vehicle. Then we take the conversation to the Brutus and Fido - laying groundwork for what they do and don’t do that influences our whole design process going forward.For links and more info, head to the main episode page: ‎  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Playing Catch-Up

    Playing Catch-Up

    31/03/2017 Duration: 49min

    Doing a large scale project in your free time is hard, and in this episode we feel the burn. Join Doug and Cap for some perspective on where exactly we thought Lightning Dogs was heading at this point in the timeline. It had been a year since we'd taken the series behind closed doors and we were getting anxious. Hear us share our foolhardy plans to relaunch Lightning Dogs as an audio drama and other discussions not so much about building The Lightning Dogs’ world, but Lightning Dogs as a project. We explore new influences, discuss inter-dog relationship dynamics, and lay some significant groundwork for one of our most criminally underdeveloped main characters.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Thing Names

    Thing Names

    20/03/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    When last we talked vehicles, we were simply paving the way for the designs to come. We discussed the influences we wanted to pull from and kicked around a few early mock-ups for what kinds of cobbled together junk cars the peoploids would be cruising around in. Now, Cap, Doug, Tony, and Max are ready to zero in on the cars at the heart of our series: the Lightning Dogs’ sweet rides. And, of course, no vehicle episode would be complete without some fascinating detours into the stranger realms of car culture. We explore crystal-powered engine designs and what that technology might mean for the look and sound of the cars, ask hard-hitting questions like "does Glampire need a signature vehicle?", and build vehicle and accessory concepts backwards from a repository of "thing names" - random punny titles that would have been right at home in 80s and 90s action figure aisles.For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See

  • Salty Tales of Captain Scrap

    Salty Tales of Captain Scrap

    07/03/2017 Duration: 01h02min

    There are perhaps no tales wilder and weirder than the stories spun by sailors... And when your seaside towns are populated by barnacled peoploids, well... "weird" doesn't quite cut it. We often talk about the dangers of the oceans in the world of The Lightning Dogs, but we have yet to devote much time to the one psycho sailor with a hard enough shell to brave those savage waters: Captain Scrap. In this episode, we give our surly sea turtle pirate his due. We discuss how he fits into the post-apocalyptic ecosystem, his look, and the kind of mutant salts he might hang out with. But that's easier said than done! This troublesome terrapin has caused a quarrel - Doug, Tony, and Cap are each of a very different mind about the captain's character. Could this be the beginning of our first 'Dog fight? Plus: further questions (and answers) about Earth's remaining A.I. For links and more info, head to the main episode page:  See acast

  • Vehicular Paradigms

    Vehicular Paradigms

    20/02/2017 Duration: 01h16min

    Since the onset of Lightning Dogs, we knew that cool as hell, action figure-ready vehicles were essential for this concept to come to life. Our influences draw heavily from Road Warrior rides and the gimmick-packed cartoon tie-ins of the 80s and 90s. Vehicles couldn’t be an afterthought for Lightning Dogs - they needed to be a core component of the series; as iconic as the characters themselves Enter the resident Lightning Dogs gearhead: Max Acree - a car nerd of the highest order and designer of all our vehicles going forward. In this episode we look over the first round of concept sketches and establish the cartoons, toylines, and fascinating real world car cultures that are going to fuel our character's transportation. For links and more info, head to the main episode page: ‎  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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