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Maid of Steel is a podcast discussing the CW show Supergirl. John and Karen talk about the show each week, give some background information about the characters, and share listener feedback. If youd like to join in the fun, you can do so by calling 304-837-2278 or visit


  • MOS 108 - S5E16 - Alex In Wonderland

    MOS 108 - S5E16 - Alex In Wonderland

    25/03/2020 Duration: 02h28s

    The citizens of National City have found a new solution to dealing with pain and trauma. The answer to solving their problems is to lose themselves in the virtual world.  According to Obsidian North virtual reality is perfect for dealing with stress and working out your problems. Maybe even make your wildest dreams come true. What if you were to get lost? What if you couldn’t find the way out?  What if what started as virtual reality is reality to you now? Alex is in pain from the loss of Jeremiah. She was so close to her father they could finish each other’s sentences. He depended on her for many things. She was expected to help her mother and look out for her little sister. Jeremiah often treated Alex like an equal. Often forgetting that she was just a child herself. Alex screams that she has lost him so many times she does not feel compelled to accompany Kara to Midvale to bury their father and comfort their mother.  She also pushes Kelly away. She is making it clear that she just wants to be left alone wi

  • MOS 107 - S5E15 - Reality Bytes

    MOS 107 - S5E15 - Reality Bytes

    18/03/2020 Duration: 01h47min

    Someone wants Dreamer to take off her cape. He says we don’t need a Superhero like her. He is targeting members of the transgendered community to get her attention. Across town at Obsidian North Kelly detects a problem with the technology. This new virtual reality is so immersive it connects to your biometrics. If you get too stressed a red button appears that should eject you from the scenario. When it fails Kelly must pull the patrons out with adrenaline. She must report this bug to Andrea. Yvette is not going to let Nia spend another Friday night on the couch. She invites her to come along to a club where she is meeting her new boyfriend. She met him through Upswipz, the hottest dating app in National City. Unfortunately for Yvette this date is a sham. He is just using her to get to Dreamer. Nia is understandably enraged and has very little patience with the Police sluggish response to the situation. This is Dreamers community, therefore this is personal. Alex is still struggling with her new Martian weapo

  • MOS 106 - S5E14 - The Bodyguard

    MOS 106 - S5E14 - The Bodyguard

    11/03/2020 Duration: 01h47min

    With the launch of Obsidian North’s next generation of VR you will be able to see, taste, and touch your wildest dreams. The important thing is to not forget the real world around you. Losing touch with reality can have actual inescapable consequences. Alex has moved from being under Lex Luthor’s control. Her sister Kara is not as lucky. Lex wants to break into Leviathan’s inner circle. He believes the key to doing that is to protect their latest asset Andrea Rojas and therefore Supergirl is assigned to be her bodyguard. Meanwhile animal trials have completed in the non nocere project. Even the most aggressive animals are rendered docile and friendly. Lex had promised to help Lena with the project and he has really come through. He arranged human subjects at the local prison to take non nocere to the next level. While there we see Steve again. He praises Lena as a hero for taking the violent tendencies out of his fellow inmates. Lena’s project only targets one region of the brain. The unforeseen consequence i

  • MOS 105 - S5E13 - Its A Super Life

    MOS 105 - S5E13 - It's A Super Life

    28/02/2020 Duration: 01h50min

    What if you could change the outcome of one of your greatest regrets?  Would you do it? What if Kara could go back and tell Lena the truth before Lex had a chance to?  Well when the fifth dimensional imp Mxyzptlk is involved literally anything could happen. Get your bucket of popcorn and pull up a chair as we are snapped in an out of alternative realities. What a creative way to take us through 100 high flying adventures with Supergirl while also exploring one of her greatest regrets.  Each time she told the truth things just kept getting worse and worse. Culminating in a Lena Luthor that was a sort of dictator over National City. There was also a scenario where telling the truth cost Kara her life. It was heartbreaking to see Alex existing without her. Proof of what we always say the sisters are the heart of the show. In this landmark episode we are able to revisit some of the exciting moments that shaped our storyline over the last five years. The moments that have influenced our characters and made them wh

  • MOS 104 - S5E12 - Back From The Future Part Two

    MOS 104 - S5E12 - Back From The Future Part Two

    20/02/2020 Duration: 01h54min

    "Back From The Future Part Two" brings us back to Winn and his father's dark cloud over his son's life.  With Supergirl's help Winn finds the way to bring closure to his father's story and redeem the name of Toyman.  Also, Alex stumbles into Brainy's meddling into things at the DEO and the Luthor siblings move things more in their direction of non nocere and the defeat of Leviathan.  Or so they think...  This week we present a quatro of duo's...   Supergirl and Winn find Toyman's Closure It's karaoke night at Al's and Winn, who we learn is Computer Lad in the Legion, has put down 42 pot stickers already - hey, they don't have these in the 31st Century, don't hate - William comes through the door, because Kara couldn't not invite him after Game Night (duhhhhhhhhh).  They duo on the band Toto's "Africa," which hopefully shall never be spoken of again.  A 9-1-1 comes to Alex about a situation at the DEO so she, J'onn, and Winn go to check it out.  Leaving Kara and William.  Together.  (Insert head 

  • MOS 103 - S5E11 - Back From The Future Part One

    MOS 103 - S5E11 - Back From The Future Part One

    29/01/2020 Duration: 02h50s

    "Back From The Future Part One" brings us up to speed on the last two years of Winn Schott's life in the future and reveals the hero that he has become amongst the Legion. We also get further insight into how things are shaping up in this post-Crisis Earth Prime and how Lex Luthor is bent on finding out all he can about Leviathan. And we turn the heat up on Kara and William. Sigh. Picking up from last week's photo of Winn being in Lex's hands, Brainy calculates the details of derailing a prison bus transport and frees "Winn?" from the authorities. Lex sits down with the new fugitive, who we learn is a doppelganger for our beloved Winn from another Earth. (Me smelleth plot contrivance) Lex exposits to us viewers that (I'm going to refer to him as...) ToyWinn is trying to get revenge for his father getting his patent stolen and therefore his suicide. Lex also coaches him that he's being amateur about it and that whatever he does he needs to think bigger and he points him to National City's Toy Fair where ToyWin

  • MOS 102 - S5E10 - The Bottle Episode

    MOS 102 - S5E10 - The Bottle Episode

    22/01/2020 Duration: 01h44min

    Lex Luthor is the Man of Tomorrow and he is controlling everything today. He is the head of the DEO and many think he is a hero. Only a select few know the truth. Not many could have their memories restored by J’onn J’onzz. He warned that restoring everyone’s memories would cause irreparable damage.   We discover that Lena knows everything because Lex made a deal with the monitor to preserve her memories. Lillian feels like she knows what is going on based on what her son tells her, but you see herein lies the power. Lex can edit the story. He can tell his mother only what he wishes her to know. Lex is always holding the cards trying to keep the advantage for himself.   Brainy is really trying to be a good boyfriend for Nia. He is learning the art of making her feel special without smothering her. At a smoothie stand he is faced with someone he didn’t expect. It’s another Brainiac. Back at the DEO there is even more including a female version who thinks she is the director. It turns out that to avoid the anti

  • MOS 101 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4-5 GSM Roundtable

    MOS 101 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4-5 GSM Roundtable

    19/01/2020 Duration: 01h11min

    Loss is hard. How do you even begin to mourn an entire universe? Our Paragons must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and find a way out. They are trapped in the Vanishing Point with a super villain. On a positive note Lex Luthor has a brilliant, albeit dangerous mind. Maybe his scheming can help them escape. Then there's the question of their loving speedster Barry Allen. Where has he run off to? Barry has entered the speed force. He believes that could be the key to breaking free. The question still remains. Where is there to go? The antimatter has consumed the entire world and not just one world but all of them. Without an infusion of additional power our scarlet speedster will continue to keep getting ejected out of the speed force back to the darkness of the Vanishing Point. They need more help. Oliver Queen was not named as a Paragon. He is something else. He has been on this road of transformation since the billionaire playboy got stuck on an island. He did not want to return to Earth when Con

  • MOS 100 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4-5 Feedback

    MOS 100 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 4-5 Feedback

    19/01/2020 Duration: 01h41min

    We have heard from the Paragons of Podcasting. Now it is time to hear from you. The Heroes of historical facts of Supergirl’s past episodes. The Superfriends that keep the conversation going all week long. Silver Vox and Green Butterfly appreciate you so much. There will always be a seat at the table for you. We are counting on you to help us identify the changes caused by this crisis for many episodes to come.

  • MOS 99 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 1-3 Feedback

    MOS 99 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 1-3 Feedback

    08/01/2020 Duration: 01h50min

    There is just nothing left. The Paragons stand alone in the darkness. They are on the Vanishing Point and there is nothing left. There is no family, no friends, and no Earth. How can a universe that stretched infinitely be reduced to nothing? How can they bring all they love back from crisis? How can they do anything now that Lex Luthor has vanquished Superman? Lex could never be the Paragon of Truth. Paragon of evil masterminds for sure but not truth. We must help Kara remain hopeful she is our Paragon of Hope after all. Luckily we have all of you. Silver Vox the Paragon of Letting Every Voice Be Heard, saved all your letters and brought them here. We will find out what plot points you love and what plot points could have been better. Green Butterfly, the Paragon of Optimism, cannot wait to discuss your thoughts about how we are going to get out of this mess. Will there be only one world or will we return to a universe of infinite possibilities? Will all the lives of our super friends be restored or will we

  • MOS 98 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 1-3

    MOS 98 - S5E9 - Crisis On Infinite Earths Parts 1-3

    18/12/2019 Duration: 01h37min

    In the beginning there was only darkness. Things changed and the emptiness was filled. Many worlds were born. There were countless variations and endless possibilities. On these Earth's protectors began to rise. People who would look after all those citizens taking steps to fulfill their various destinies. Thus the age of heroes was born.  On Earth 38 the DEO is in a state of frantic action. Brainy says there are  signs of a worldwide earthquake. J’onn begins to brief the team about what the Monitor has told him. There is a wave of antimatter headed their way.  This wave carries with it the power to wipe out entire Earths from existence. The next cosmic location to be effected is Argo City. Kara must find a way to warn Clark. J’onn begins to head up an evacuation plan. They are going to need a portal. As director of the DEO Alex must make hard choices. She must go apologize and put her trust in Lena Luthor to save the innocent residents of Earth 38.  Like his Father before him little Johnathan Kent has to be

  • MOS 97 - S5E8 - The Wrath Of Rama Khan

    MOS 97 - S5E8 - The Wrath Of Rama Khan

    04/12/2019 Duration: 01h41min

    Rama Khan is a god.  He orchestrated some of the most enormous tragedies in history. Noah’s flood, the volcano in Pompeii, even the demise of the dinosaurs can all be traced back to him. Now he wants to cleanse the World. Take out mankind for the crime of existing. In his eyes humans are simply abusing the Earth and squandering it’s resources.  The council is not happy with Rama Khan’s recent performance. Perhaps they will put someone else in charge. Will the next Elder in charge condemn Earth 38 to a worse fate? Lena Luthor also wants to change the World.  She doesn’t have dreams of fire and destruction. Her plan is one where the whole World will bend to her will. She calls it Operation Non Nocere “ Do no Harm “.  Lena is going to exploit Malefic’s powers and Kara’s trust to mind control the entire population! Supergirl is not willing to give up hope that Lena can be saved and put back on the right path. Kara pleads with Lena to not allow her mistake to plunge Lena down a path of darkness.  The director of t

  • MOS 96 - S5E7 - Tremors

    MOS 96 - S5E7 - Tremors

    20/11/2019 Duration: 01h54min

    "Tremors" brings us a lot of relationships that have very shaky foundations get shaken - not stirred - up to find out what's really at the heart of the matter. We had everything from shrieking hysteria to submission and forgiveness. If you weren't emotionally ready, this episode might have earthquaked you right off of your couch! Lena Shoots, She Scores!!!!!! The uber creepy Leviathan lady, that we find out is "Margot," arrives in Lena's penthouse to collect the medallion that was so hotly contested in last week's episode. Lena has a force field, duhhhhhhh, and so Margot retreats. Hope is there, duhhhhhhhhh, and inquires of Lena why she continues to provoke Leviathan over something that has no inherit value anymore. Lena replies that not only does it have sentimental value it will work toward her plan to find what she needs to put Project Non Nocere (Do No Harm) into place. She will keep putting herself in danger and Supergirl will save her! At a ceremony in a local park, sure enough, Rama Kahn introduces him

  • MOS 95 - S5E6 - Confidence Women

    MOS 95 - S5E6 - Confidence Women

    13/11/2019 Duration: 01h27min

    Leviathan lurks in the shadows. It makes perfect sense that they would help create a shadow assassin. Power always comes with a price. Lena Luthor has led a life filled with betrayal. Her best friend at boarding school betrayed her. Her own brother and now Kara has betrayed her. I am confident there will be a price to pay for the secrets and lies. Years ago two young girls met with similar family dynamics. They were rich girls whose families were ignoring them. The girls bonded over their loneliness and their shared love of the movie Titanic. They stayed in touch through the years. When Lex orchestrated a grand plan to kill Superman Lena calls on her friend Andrea for help. Deep in the jungle of Costa Rica Lena and Andrea follow clues laid out in a legend. They are on the hunt for an artifact that will give them power over shadows. Andrea loses her footing and falls in a hole. Lena goes for some rope to rescue her. In her absence Andrea begins to explore. She is first upon this mysterious Medallion of Acrata.

  • MOS 94 - S5E5 - Dangerous Liaisons

    MOS 94 - S5E5 - Dangerous Liaisons

    06/11/2019 Duration: 01h30min

    If you can dream it, then you can do it! With Obsidian virtual reality contact lenses your imagination is the limit. Join nine million of your closest friends in an adventure with no limits. We have learned that here in National City seeing can be deceiving. Losing your grip on reality can be dangerous. What if someone takes control of your virtual world? What if someone turns your dream into a nightmare? William is still tirelessly investigating Andrea. Kara wants to help. He is very resistant. This is a dangerous business and he is afraid to get Kara wrapped up in it. He doesn’t realize the Girl of Steel can handle herself. Strength alone will not save her. They are not dealing with just physical harm here. William speaks of the emotional and personal cost he has had to pay to chase down this story. William’s best friend Russ is gone and Andrea Rojas has something to do with it. Together William and Kara will get to the bottom of this story. Alex is interrogating Breath Taker with the help of a truth seeker

  • MOS 93 - S5E4 - In Plain Sight

    MOS 93 - S5E4 - In Plain Sight

    30/10/2019 Duration: 01h37min

    They say seeing is believing. Sometimes what you see is deceiving. Malefic is hiding in the City. He could be anywhere. He could be anyone. James is driving Kelly out of town. Will putting distance between them be enough to keep Kelly safe from the malicious Martian? What other secrets are hiding in plain sight? The rest of the team is Downtown trying to deceive Malefic wearing different faces. Those image inducers are no match for this crafty Martian. Surely the transmatter portal that Brainy brought will banish Malefic back to the Phantom Zone. How was he able to phase right through it? It was calibrated by a twelfth level intellect! Brainy is distracted. In the days since the break up with Nia he has been analyzing what went wrong. Tiny boxes didn’t make for a good boyfriend and neither did one hundred percent poetic partner. Alex calls Lena to help brainy with calibrations on the portal. Not only does she help with the technology but Lena comes bearing relationship insight as well. She explains it to him

  • MOS 92 -S5E3 - Blurred Lines

    MOS 92 -S5E3 - Blurred Lines

    23/10/2019 Duration: 01h32min

    Sometimes a decision is not completely wrong or completely right. What if laws are broken while trying to get justice for others? What if you commit a cardinal sin to relieve suffering? What if you tell a lie to spare a loved one's feelings? One lie becomes two and before you know it the lines are blurred. Lena has very good intentions. She wants to manipulate the human brain to express all of our best traits. She wants a race filled with hope, empathy, and love. Lena claims she doesn’t want to control people. She is not looking to produce a City full of Zombies all bent to her will. How does Lena hope to accomplish this goal? She is seeking to take advantage of Kara’s super powers. A friend that is feeling guilty for hurting you is easy to take advantage of. Lena needs Lex’s help. His journals are at Fort Summit filled with information she needs to reach her goal. Surely retrieving them will not be hard for the Girl of Steel. Dr. Niles Jarrod was found dead in a Nightclub. This seems like it should be a top

  • MOS 91 S5E2 Stranger Beside Me

    MOS 91 S5E2 Stranger Beside Me

    16/10/2019 Duration: 01h27min

    What do you know about the people you spend your day with? Do you know what would make them exclaim “This Is the best day ever!”? All these little facts about you are the building blocks that construct the person that you are. What if someone tried to manipulate those core elements of your personality? What if you were erased? Now you are a blank slate. You are as pure as the moment you were born, but now you are at the mercy of the person punching the keys. It is them that will dictate how you act now. They dictate what will happen next. Lena has the best of intentions. She wants to build a do no harm protocol. That sounds really great. People would no longer cause chaos or destruction to themselves or their community. It would certainly make the jobs of the Police, the Military and Superheroes easier. What about free will? Lena thinks she can solve the City’s problems by wiping the slate clean. She has used some of Andrea’s Obsidian North technology to accomplish this goal. I fear that someone else will man

  • MOS 90 - S5E1 - Event Horizon

    MOS 90 - S5E1 - Event Horizon

    09/10/2019 Duration: 01h21min

    Technology helps us every day. I am using it right now to communicate with you. When will it go too far? Are we losing our connection with reality? Will we soon reach an event horizon? How much further can we push before we reach the point of no return? Telling the truth is hard. Kara lied about her identity to her best friend. She kept making excuses for putting off telling Lena the truth. She had good reasons to justify it to herself. The consequence of waiting is that someone else may reveal the truth for you. Kara delayed so long that Lena heard the truth from Lex. Leave it to the Villian to reveal secrets and stir up trouble. A distress call from the Museum interrupted Kara and Lena’s lunch. The truth will have to wait again. There is an unknown entity in National City. She is a shapeshifter masquerading as a harmless child. Why is she zooming away in the pod that brought Superman to earth? After the battle in the Museum J’onn is left with a muddled mind. As for Supergirl she suffered the claws of a preh

  • MOS 89 - Season 5 Trailer and SDCC News

    MOS 89 - Season 5 Trailer and SDCC News

    27/07/2019 Duration: 01h28min
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