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Asking local Chicago Artists/Creatives/Designers, their process, what's next, and their take on their industry in the context of our city. IG: @ ccss_podcast @ zu_bhaidani


  • CCSS 052: Keefer Dunn

    CCSS 052: Keefer Dunn

    13/05/2018 Duration: 47min

    Keefer Dunn architect, adjunct professor, partner of Pigeon Studio, Buildings on Air host, and national organizer for the Architecture Lobby is our 1st-year-anniversary episode guest, listen in to find out why!

  • CCSS 051: Kyle Garcia

    CCSS 051: Kyle Garcia

    06/05/2018 Duration: 33min

    Creative director Kyle Garcia shares how projects Ear2Ground and FDC has aimed to help aspiring artists get more exposure in the city that’s ‘second to none’. Kyle shares how being raised with pride in culture and creative ability has cultivated a deeper care for community between himself and his brothers. Find out so much more about Kyle all the work he does behind the scenes with some of your favorite Chicago artists.

  • CCSS 050: Arturo Churro

    CCSS 050: Arturo Churro

    29/04/2018 Duration: 35min

    Visual artist, apparel designer, and a member of Open Format Arturo “Churro” Lopez, in trying to help brands make dope shit, speaks on the power of doing research and using his skill set in graphic design to express himself without labels. Churro has worked on many of Chicago’s favorite streetwear brands find out more on this weeks episode.

  • CCSS 049: Monica Chadha

    CCSS 049: Monica Chadha

    22/04/2018 Duration: 39min

    Monica Chadha, architect, adjunct professor, Founder and Principal of Civic Projects speaks on how she's created a hybrid design practice. Her projects aim to have a positive social impact- through comprehensive design, environmental, social and economic development- find out more on this episode.