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Hear true stories straight from the mouths of opera singers, directors, conductors, and more as they sit down to talk about life and career with host, Charles Reid on the TOL Podcast. Follow the show on facebook to stay up to date, feel free to comment there, or write to Charles directly at To learn more about Charles, visit


  • TOL Ep061 Gregory Buchalter

    29/05/2013 Duration: 01h11min
  • TOL Ep060 Jonathon Loy

    25/11/2012 Duration: 01h06min
  • TOL Ep059 Erie Mills

    25/11/2012 Duration: 01h11min
  • TOL Ep058 Mario Klein

    09/05/2012 Duration: 01h07min
  • TOL Ep057 Camila Ribero-Souza

    01/05/2012 Duration: 01h08min
  • TOL Ep056 Jonathan Estabrooks

    24/04/2012 Duration: 01h08min
  • TOL Ep055 Gary Kudo and Yanyu Guo

    21/04/2012 Duration: 01h07min
  • TOL Ep054 Chris Murray PT TWO

    26/03/2012 Duration: 01h08min
  • TOL Ep053 Chris Murray PT ONE

    26/03/2012 Duration: 01h10min
  • TOL Ep052 Joseph Trafton

    25/03/2012 Duration: 01h12min
  • TOL Ep051 Amy van Roekel PT TWO

    24/03/2012 Duration: 01h04min
  • TOL Ep050 PT ONE Amy van Roekel

    23/03/2012 Duration: 01h08min
  • TOL Ep049 Roman Hovenbitzer

    16/03/2012 Duration: 01h12min
  • TOL EP048 Rainer Zaun

    13/03/2012 Duration: 01h51s
  • TOL Ep047 Dame Felicity Palmer

    05/03/2012 Duration: 01h10min
  • TOL Ep046 Burkhard Fritz

    28/02/2012 Duration: 01h07min
  • TOL Ep045 Caryn Hartglass

    21/02/2012 Duration: 01h12min
  • TOL Ep044 Brian Davis PART TWO

    17/02/2012 Duration: 01h50s
  • TOL Ep043 Brian Davis PART ONE

    15/02/2012 Duration: 56min
  • TOL Ep042 Michaela Kaune

    08/02/2012 Duration: 01h10min
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